Beat The Jaipur Heat With The ‘Thanda-Thanda, Cool-Cool’ Ganne Ka Rus

With the temperatures soaring high, Jaipurites have started to face the harsh summer heat. But need not worry, with the numerous ‘thela-wallahs’ selling the chilling sugarcane juice in every nook and corner, we bet you will find the Jaipur summers quite a lot less hotter.


The addition of tangy chat masala, cool lemon and fresh mint leaves, makes this summer-cooler even more refreshing and healthy too.


Whether you like the plain version or with the addition of zingy mint leaves,  yummy sugarcane juice is a power-packed with numerous health benefits including liver strengthening, ensuring proper kidney functioning and remedy for treating jaundice.

The excellent diuretic properties of sugarcane juice, can quench your dehydration in just one go! Luckily, for the Jaipurites this summer, elixir is available throughout the streets of the Pink City in small kiosks and thelas and Jaipur Beat visited a few of them.

You can spot one kiosk on the streets of Raja Park.

hari Ji juice Wala raja Park



Small kiosks on Moti Doongri Road.

Shekhawati Juice Centre- MD Road

MD Road1


Also, near the prominent Indira Bazar.

Indira Bazaar

At Ganpati Plaza.

Ganpati Plaza

One is situated in Jawahar Nagar- Sector 2.

Jawahar nagar Sector 2

At Mama Ki Hotel.

Mama Ki Hotel



A single glass costing only around Rs.10-15, it is definitely a delicious drink for this small amount of money.  And especially in this summer weather, say cheers to the super yummy ‘Ganne ka Ras‘ as it does not just keep your thirst under control but also offers a pocket-friendly alternative for beating the heat in this Jaipur summers.

MD road


Happy summers ! 🙂

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