8 Street Food Places To Try In Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

We know Jaipurites love it and so do we! A mere thought of hot-crispy Aloo Tikkis and tangy Gol Gappe make our mouths water. A sight of Pao Bhaji loaded with Amul butter gives our taste buds a new high, an Icy cold Chuski quench our thirst in one go.

Guys are you getting foodgasm already?!


Arre Vaishali walon sunte ho!!…. this time, your favorite Jaipur Beat decided to walk down the streets of Vaishali Nagar, to try out the finger-licking street food and give you its first-hand experience.

  • Utterly-Butterly Pav Bhaji


Pav bhajiDSC_0018.copy

If there is one food item, that we would recommend to our readers, it would definitely be trying Bhaji Pav on the streets of Vaishali Nagar. Priced at a nominal price of Rs. 50 and with the perfect mix of masalas, butter and flavors; Pav Bhaji is definitely our eternal favorite for mid-day hunger pangs!

  • Gol Gappe


They say love comes in all shapes and sizes, but for all the girls out there we bet it always looks like a Gol Gappa. Loaded with the Pani Puri stalls, Vaishali Nagar is a heaven for all the Pani-Puri lovers. Pani of the Puri is available in flavors like – Jeera, Lehsun, Pudina, Hajma, and Regular. Also, guys when it comes to Pani Puri it’s always from the Thele wale Bhaiya; who eats Puchkas in a fancy restaurant! Come on ! Does hygienic Pani Puri even exists !!

  • Delicious Dabeli

DSC_0036.copy (1)



Gujjus and Mumbaikars favorite, Dabeli nowadays is ruling the streets of Jaipurites. Loaded with the Aloo masala, Anar dana and Peanuts on top, Dabeli in Vaishali Nagar is must for your ‘Choti-Wali-Hunger‘. Priced at Rs. 20, Dabeli is even easy on your pocket. 

  • Smoking Hot Paneer Tikkas And Soya Chaap

DSC_0044.copyDSC_0048.copy (1)

Marinated in the goodness of curd and masalas, the BBQ Paneer tikkas are must for all. Full of protein, these juicy and delicious tikkas in Vaishali Nagar cost approx. Rs. 60 for a full plate. The smoked capsicum and onions also add to the heavenly taste of these Paneer Tikkas.

  • Burgers At Burger Buggy


The unique concept of Food trucks is finally here in our very own Vaishali Nagar. The burgers at Burger Buggy comes in 2 sizes and priced at a decent price range. Whether you want an extra-cheese or some extra cabbage, they can customise your burger as per your taste.

  • Icy Chuski


Kala Jamun ho ya Kala Khatta aur ya ho Gulab, our humble Chuski comes in more flavors than your branded ice-creams. With colorful flavors added to the shaved ice, a Chuski a day will definitely make your day!

  • Cool Maushambi Juice



Garmi ka Mausam ho aur Juice ki Baat na ki, Aisa Kaise ho Sakta hai! Icy-cold Sweet Lemon juice is must if you want to beat the Jaipur heat. Power-packed with Vitamin C, the Mausami Juice in Vaishali Nagar is must for good health and taste.

  • Hatke Matka Kulfi

DSC_0099.copy (1).jpg

Your visit to the streets of Vaishali Nagar is incomplete unless you have slurped down the super yummy Matka Kulfi. Loaded with the goodness of ‘Kesar-Pista‘, Matka kulfi is definite must-have for people of all age groups.

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