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Wonder Years, A pre-school and daycare for your special one in Jaipur

In today’s world, with rigid work routine and nuclear families, raising kids the right way is becoming all the more difficult. You’re expected to prove yourself at work while at the same time you have to attend to the little one. It’s almost impossible to get out of work early and finding the right crèche to care for the child can make anyone go haywire.

We’re sure that you must have scrolled through a hundred pre-schools, day care centers and nurseries by now. But it’s time to sit back because Jaipur has got something very amazing for all the new parents – Wonder Years Pre School & Daycare. Wonder Years is a home away from home dedicated to making the initial years of your child wonderful. Here are the reasons why Wonder Years is just the right place for your little VIP.

Reggio Emilia Philosophy of Teaching

Wonder Years follows Reggio Emilia inspired, emergent curriculum founded on a child’s curiosity. It is an experiential approach to learning and discovery of ideas. All round development is envisioned with an emphasis on social, cognitive, personal, physical and emotional well-being. The collaborators work together to create a stimulating environment where an idea is explored via discussions and hands-on experiences.

Wonder Years 5

Learning Environment 

Wonder Years is not your conventional pre-school, it is a journey of joy and learning. The school is designed like a train with different junctures for different learnings. The individually designed areas offer a stimulating environment for holistic growth. A system of fluid traffic through the day is followed – the unrestricted and varied environment keeps the child excited to learn. There are different areas dedicated to stipulated lessons like Shakespeare’s Studio which is music and movement room where theatrical storytelling, music, drama, etc. are the focus. Other such areas are Creative Cove which fosters creative freedom and imagination, Building Blocks which is a space for logical, scientific and numerical development, Yogi Beans which focuses on gross motor skills and physical development. The school also has a beautiful outdoor play.

Wonder Years 3

Day Care

The daycare is designed to attend to the child’s psychological, physical, social and cognitive needs. The daycare is indeed an extended family home where children interact with each other and learn how to engage in free play, bond and share. The facility ensures the safety of the kids while engaging in various fun learning activities to teach them life skills. The facility runs from Monday – Saturday between 9 am to 6 pm.

Wonder Years 6Wonder Years 2

After School Activity Workshop

In sync with the school’s aim of holistic development, a number of after-school workshops are conducted at Wonder Years. Extra-curricular teach children how to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments. These are important life skills, improving confidence and employability and helping the child to be social. Wonder Years offer Skating, Dance, Music, Art and craft, Theatre, Personality grooming, Book reading, Public speaking, Tabletop cooking, Indoor games, Yoga, Martial arts, Organic gardening, DIY workshops, etc.

Wonder Years 8Wonder Years 1

The school focuses on creative and experiential learning by stimulating sensitivity of the children to raise leaders of tomorrow.


Location: The Wonder Years Preschool, D-247 Amrapali Marg, Hanuman Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
Contact: +91 9672974963, 0141 2358823

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Remembering Rajmata Gayatri Devi

Our tribute to an ethereal beauty and a fearless mind: Rajmata Gayatri Devi on her birth anniversary !

773A5420 copy

She was both beautiful and a brave soul. She was a believer, dreamer, trendsetter and above all an epitome of grace. The woman etched in our memories as the lady in French chiffon sarees with strings of pearls. She was one of the most beautiful women in the world with unmatched style and progressive attitude. Do you know that she shot her first tiger at the age of 12? She refused to follow the Purdah system prevailing in Rajasthan. At the time when the girls’ education was not given much importance, she took the lead and started the most prestigious girls’ school in Jaipur. On her death anniversary, Jaipur Beat presents to you, an enlightening interview with Ms. Dharmendar Kanwar, the celebrated writer who has authored two books on HH Gayatri Devi – ‘Enduring Grace’ and ‘The Last Queen of Jaipur’, a person who knew Rajmata like no one did.

  • You have worked closely with Maharani Gayatri Devi, what was so unique about her?

Rajmata Sahiba was a very special person in the sense that despite being from the royal family, she was grounded, very down to earth and easily accessible. Anybody could meet and talk to her – that is not true of a lot of royalty and that in a way made her stand out.


  • Tell us her vision about Jaipur at that time.

Where Jaipur was concerned, she felt very strongly about preserving the character of the city. She used to say this very often that whatever she is, it is because of Jaipur. For her, the heritage of the city was very significant and to preserve that she was ready to go to great lengths-she even sat on dharna thrice and wrote letters to the concerned authorities so that they pay attention to people’s problems. She was also concerned about the environment as she had offered her land for a park. Gayatri Deviji believed that open spaces are very vital.

She also protested against the chopping of an old tree on Queen’s road. That is the kind of love she had for Jaipur and everything related to the city.


  • What was her vision about girl child education?

Even though she was a Maharani and had enough royal duties and activities to fulfil, yet she focused on the education of girls. She wanted the girls of Jaipur and the state to be well educated so that they could stand on their own and be independent. This, predominantly, is the reason that she started Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School in Jaipur.

  • How was your experience when you were writing the book “The Last Queen of Jaipur”?

It was the second book that I wrote on her, making it an absolutely great experience for me. It gave me a chance to spend a lot of time with her. She had been close to leaders like Rajgopalacharya ji, Sarojini Naidu and many others, so she herself was a part of history and for me, it was wonderful to have learned all about it through Rajmata sahib herself.

773A5417 copy

  • She was very bold and way ahead of her time. Do you agree?

Yes certainly! She was known for her larger than life personality. She drove her own car, played sports associated with men and dressed as she wanted – that was her life. And people were really shocked to see her that way in those times.

  • Tell us something about her style and the way she carried herself.

Everybody knows her inimitable style! The way she carried herself , her trademark chiffon sarees and her string of pearls –  she really had great aura and her personality was really outstanding.

773A5426 copy

  • Share your personal experience with her. Do you remember anything unique about her, that you would like to share with us?

She was always very firm about what she believed in – be it eradicating purdah system, educating girls or protecting our heritage. She was a very strong woman and somebody you would admire for her outstanding qualities. She was special.


Jaipur Beat in Conversation with Dharmendar Kanwar

773A5405 copy

Dharmendar was closely associated with Rajmata Gayatri Devi as her media advisor and is the Managing Trustee of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Benevolent Trust, a charitable Trust started by late Rajmata Gayatri Devi. She is also the Convenor of Jaipur Chapter of INTACH and the author of the Times of India Jaipur Food Guide since 2012.

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Let’s Celebrate International Museum Day In A Full Swing In Jaipur

Jaipur is a city full of art, culture, rich heritage and history. There are great monuments and heritage properties that are worth visiting and museums form an integral part of it. Today on International Museum Day, let us take a sneak peek into the museums of Jaipur that have preserved the city’s history and culture.

  1. Albert Hall

Albert Hall also known as the State Museum of Rajasthan is the oldest museum of Rajasthan that was built in the year 1876 when Prince of Wales visited Jaipur. This museum has a variety of rare artefacts, pottery, paintings, weapons, textiles, etc. which are at display. If planning to visit it today, the entry is free of cost.


  1. City Palace Museum

Built by Sawai Jai Singh II, the City Palace Museum is located in the heart of the Pink City. It has unique collection of dresses, ornaments, paintings, weapons that depict the style of Rajputs, Islamic and Europeans. Moreover, it holds two silver jars that have been recorded to be the largest and biggest silver objects in the Guinness Book of World Records.  


  1. Jaipur Wax Museum

A new feather in the cap of Museums has been added recently in Jaipur. Strategically located in the premises of Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur Wax Museum attracts tourists and localites because of the wax statues crafted of the personalities that have inspired the society. If made your plans to visit it today, a quiz activity is awaiting your arrival.


  1. Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing

Visitors whilst going atop the Amber Fort have added another gem in their bucket list viz. Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing. You will find unique block printed textiles alongside varied images, tools and other objects that reflect this ancient tradition.


  1. Museums of Gems and Jewellery

Opened in the year 2017, Museums of Gems and Jewellery provides an insight to the blooming industry of gems and jewellery. Apart from this, it also has various other artefacts out of which, you can buy some of them.

Museum of Gem and Jewellery

6. Sanjay Museum

Right opposite to Jal Mahal lies another beautiful museum viz. Sanjay Museum. It has various unique artefacts, paintings, manuscripts, royal letters and many more rare collections to be seen.

Sanjay Museum.jpg

7. Gyan Museum

Gyan Museum is a house to over 1000 precious pieces which includes textiles, paintings, antique jewellery, vintage spectacles, rare inscriptions and object d’art from around the world, dating back to over 3,000 years. Visit it to know it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.33.11 PM

Jaipur is a home to many museums, which one are you going to visit today?

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5 Dining Places In Jaipur To Celebrate Family Bond

What we love is family outing any day any time. Right? Jaipurites love to spend quality time together with their families and if given a chance we simply love family dinners a lot. The bond we share with our closed ones and the willingness to celebrate each occasion with family is something we are never tired of. We are sure like us you also look forward to these small get together with your family. Whenever there is an option to dine out with family we usually are confused where to head to in Pink city to cherish these moments. So, today on International Day of Families, if you are looking for a perfect family-friendly restaurant, here we go-

1.       The Forresta Kitchen & Bar

Whenever we go out for family dinner, The Forresta, is the first choice. The place is serene and the forest ambience with outdoor seating options is always preferred by the senior members of the family. The running mist liners reduces the intensity of the heat and allows you to enjoy outdoors even in summers.  The Forresta is loved by each and every member of the family right from children to adults for its wide array of cuisine that it offers. Their alfresco bar is the favourite choice for social drinkers.


Bani Park, Near Moti Mahal Cinema

2.       Handi Vaishali

A traditional Rajasthani touch interior along with classy décor where the fragrance of Handi Meat endures you in is none other than Handi Vaishali. Yes, we are talking about new Handi Vaishali. Soothing indoor and fresh outdoor seating area makes it for a special family time. The place is favourite amongst the families that have different food preferences (veg and non veg both).

Handi Vaishali.jpg

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

3.       Laxmi Misthan Bhandar

Ask your father or grandfather, their first choice still is LMB. If LMB’s special dahi Bada or Rajasthani thali is your grand father’s favourite, the Chinese and other continental offerings are for the younger ones to satiate their taste buds.


Restaurant .jpg

Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

4.       Fort Jaipur

Boasting of being the largest restaurant of Rajasthan, Fort takes us back to the royal days as the restaurant is inspired by the historic Rajasthani architecture. The place feels like a fantasy with its grandeur and there is a lot to feed on but only Vegetarian delights. We are sure, no member of the family will ever say No for going to this place.

fort jaipur.jpeg

JLN Marg, Jaipur

5.       RJ 14

Weekend or weekday, we have always experienced long queues outside RJ 14. For its lovely ambience and our favourite Hara Bhara Kebab, standing in a queue is always worth it.


Ajmer Road

So, let’s not wait and celebrate the bond of togetherness on International Day of Families by exploring various options where we can dine in tonight.

Happy International Day of Families! 🙂

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Celebrate A Special Bond With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Some things are especially associated with the mothers and she is the ideal person to refer to in all such cases. But do you know, today’s mothers are as fast forward as their children, running shoulder to shoulder with everyone in the society. Here are a few things which the mothers are spreading their arms onto. For once you won’t agree but it is actually happening.

  1. Business Tactics

Fathers have a right to business know-how but your mother is no less. Being a successful homemaker, she knows where to invest and spend.

jaipur beat mothers day-01

  1. Learning To Ride A Bicycle Or Driving A Car

There are many who think women do not know how to drive a car or have a bad hand over the steering wheels. Thus, many of you might have learnt driving from your fathers. But with the changing times when women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men, they are helping their kids learn driving or even riding a bicycle.

jaipur beat mothers day-03

  1. Outstation Trip With Your Mother

Have you ever been with your mother on a trip? You think you require your father by your side all the time you are on a trip. We don’t think the same. With some strong solo and independent mothers, they too can take you on an outstation trip.

jaipur beat mothers day-02

  1. Repair and Maintenance

Electricity shutdown or problem in the internet connections, you don’t have to run to your father. Mothers are feasible and very savvy with these small repairs and maintenance in the house as they are very careful observes to whoever comes at your place.

jaipur beat mothers day-05

  1. Financial Assistance

Seeing the trends of today, some mothers are like fathers. They are independent enough to pay your bills, cheques. Your mothers are your wallet. Whatever you demand, they know what is right for you and what is not 😉

jaipur beat mothers day-08

  1. Social Media Savvy

Mothers are the best selfie partners but are they efficient enough on their social platforms? Yes, they are. If the present generations have social media at their fingertips our mothers are no less. If you don’t agree, find them, they are there on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp.

jaipur beat mothers day-04

  1. Gadgets Savvy

From iPhone to macs, from PS4s to virtual TVs they are fast coping with the changing technologies.

jaipur beat mothers day-06

  1. Cheers To A Beer With Your Mother

A beer is strong like the character of our mother in all aspect. Have you ever shared a pint of beer with mother? If yes, you know she can become one of your best beer buddies 😉

jaipur beat mothers day-07

Hum sab khushnasib hai kyunki humare paas ‘maa hai, maa’. Here’s wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who inspire and motivate us 🙂


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5 Things That Will Change The Face Of JLN Marg If Metro Gets Constructed

Metro which has given a new life and looks to the city of Jaipur is on the go to make the life of riders more comfortable. After the successful completion of Phase 1 of the Jaipur Metro, it is ready to move on with its Phase 2. Most popular and travelled road Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg is one of the leading contenders for the Phase 2. JLN Marg is also famous among the VIPs as it serves the perfect neat, clean and well-kept route for the Presidents, Vice Presidents and other important dignitaries of the country and other nation’s dignitaries.

If we get the metro rolling on the JLN Marg, here are the 5 things that will bring change into a life of a normal Jaipurite.

  1. Jawahar Circle Ab Door Nahi

Jawahar Circle

You won’t have any reason to be lazy to get up, drive to the Jawahar Circle for a refreshing morning walk.  You simply have to catch the metro from your nearest station and move on for a morning train ride.

  1. WTP Ka Ek Naya Nazariya


WTP, a drastic development to the historic city of Jaipur gets clicked from every angle. Once the metro starts, you will get a new angle to click this giant blue building, and nothing wrong if you can capture the sight of this beauty in the backdrop to your selfie.

  1. Ae Bhai Zare Dekh Ke Chalo, Par Ab Dekhne Ki Zaroorat Nahi 


Traffic is one of the growing reasons for people’s irritation. Red lights are meant to be followed but what if a right going bike or car stops in the extreme left and cuts your way to run ahead of you to go right. Blood really boils during such instance especially when you come tired after the day’s work. One problem which the metro might solve is no stopping at the red lights and jump the congested traffic during office hours. You will be saved from the most difficult Rajasthan University’s crossing.

  1. Saras Parlor – Tumko Na Bhool Payengey Hum


Saras Parlour, a place which is associated with lots of Jaipurites. Most of us have spent our childhood nights at Saras Parlour standing in long queues for garam doodh and jalebi in winters and softy ice creams during summer nights. But so sad, if the metro takes its way on JLN Marg we have to cease the exit to the Saras Parlour.

  1. Babuji Dheere Chalna  


The JLN Marg has butter like smoothness because of its VIP importance. Seeing this, people usually take off like a plane and are caught red-handed by the smart yet clever police. But as the metro starts, you need not worry about the speed limit as it has its own pace.

What if it actually happens? We will definitely miss the wide view that we get while moving through this road 😦


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6 Workshops In Jaipur To Revive Your Summer Vacations

With a twist in the weather, comes some exciting element in the city as well. The summer vacations are about to start and students can’t hold up their excitement already. The city is also waiting for their vacations to start on a full fledge because they have got really fun and engaging workshops this season. You need not worry about it because Jaipur Beat has sorted plans for you.

  • Mosaic Art Workshop

A one-of-its-kind workshop where kids will be taught the art of mosaic art viz. the art of creating an image by assembling various small parts of coloured tiles, pebbles and other material. The material will be provided at the workshop, all you have to do is register yourself for this exciting event.

Date: 13th May

Venue: Café F-32

Time: 9:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

Mosaic Art Workshop

  • Creative Drama Workshop

Do you have the zeal to learn some excellent drama skills right in your city? Breathing Space- The Drama Company is organizing a Creative Drama Workshop wherein you will get a good exposure from the field of theater.

Date: 24th May- 13th June

Venue: M.G.D. Girls’ School

Time: 8:30 a.m. onwards

Creative Drama

  • Feather Painting Workshop

Paint for your mother as this time Aditi Agarwal is hosting a Mother’s day special feather painting workshop. Learn the art of painting with her on the nature’s most delicate canvas viz. feather.

Date: 13th May

Venue: O2- The Plant Café

Time: 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Feather painting workshop

  • Rajasthan Rural Arts Programme Camp

Did not get a chance to explore folk music in Jaipur? Here is your lucky chance to learn this soothing music from the workshop organized by Virasat foundation. Join now.

Date: 19th-25th May

Venue: G-15, Krishna Niwas, Krishna Marg, C-Scheme

RRAP by Virasat Foundation

  • Summer Jewellery Workshop

Have a keen interest in jewellery but not sure whether to go ahead with it in your career or not? This summer explore your hidden love for jewellery with this one-month long workshop where you will get to learn to cut fine gemstones and make 2 finger rings for your size.

Date: 21st May- 15th June

Venue: Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery Jaipur

Time: 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Summer jewellery Workshop

  •  Ink- An Introduction To Creative Writing

Have a flair for creative writing? TOSS is bringing a one-month long workshop where you can excel your writing skills for your blogs and improve on various types of writing styles and formats in a fun and interactive environment.

Date: 20th May- 18th June

Venue: The Open Space Society, Adarsh Nagar

Time: 4:00 p.m. onwards


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5 Not To Be Missed Moments At Albert Hall, Jaipur

Our Pink City is a heaven for the history lovers. Surrounded by forts & monuments, a visit to Jaipur opens a gateway to the cultural and archaeological history of our rich Rajputana culture. Albert Hall Museum is definitely one such center, created with an intent to impart knowledge of civilizations, inspiring artisans, and preserving & developing traditional Indian art forms.
Come let’s explore the eye-catching Albert Hall through the lenses of your favourite Jaipur Beat

1.       Eye-catching Facade


Standing tall in the midst of Ram Niwas gardens, the front face of the Albert Hall is every spectator’s delight. The exterior consisting of domes and archways that add to the beauty of the majestic museum. Rightly personifying the flamboyance of the city, Albert Hall is located right opposite to the New Gate and in the middle of busy streets of Jaipur.

2.       Amusing History


Named after Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. The museum was designed by Colonel Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob in 1876 to greet the Prince of Wales on his visit to India. The Albert Hall later was converted as a museum of Industrial Arts in the 1880s by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II.

3.       Captivating Artifacts


The museum is full of rare and tastefully decorated collection of various displayed object, arms, carpets. The main attractions of the museum includes the Persian carpets, coins of different eras, costumes & jewellery of ancient warriors and an Egyptian mummy. In fact, the mummy is the most popular of all the items in the museum, with one of only six in the nation. Placed in a hall with a high ceiling and a sunroof, the Egyptian mummy draws large crowds.

4.       Indo-Mughal Architecture


Albert Hall Museum inspired by the Hindu-Mughal architectural style is nothing less than impressive! Full of tombs and archways the interior and exterior of the palace is full of beautiful paintings and art forms.
Nowadays, the exterior of the museum is quite popular amongst the couples for the pre-wedding photo shoots too.

5.       Night Tourism


Supporting the initiative of night tourism, the Albert Hall is now open even during the late evening hours. The spectators can also enjoy the mesmerizing light show wherein the museum is covered in vivid colours which rightly adds to the charm and magic of the Albert Hall Museum.

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7 Places To Eat When You Are At The World Trade Park, Jaipur

This place looks no less than an English house, or a cathedral from inside? We are sure that every Jaipurite has been to this building. To some, especially the photographers this is usually depicted as the beginning of development in Jaipur or you can call westernization of this small fabled city. Any guess about the place we are talking about?

Entrance ChandeliersFood Court Chandeliers

With large and old chandeliers to olden Greek styled wall paintings, we take you to the World Trade Park. World Trade Park or WTP in its short form, houses more than 500 brands. Well, this time we won’t be talking about the shopping brands.


We know when you come down to shop, you not only look for clothing brands but if it is taking you really long, there must be something to fill your stomach. We take you straight to the third floor – the food court. We know what food is to the Jaipurites. So not to trouble you much, here are a few food joints in the food court to kill your hunger pangs, giving you a chance to eat out in the scorching summer heat.

  1. Kebabs and Curries Company

Offering array of kebabs and variety of curries, this is one of the best picks, especially for the non-vegetarians.

Kebabs & Curries

  1. Fat Lulu’s

If you think pizza is the right option to get you going strong during the shopping hours, come down to Fat Lulu’s to pick one.

Fat Lulu's

  1. Barcelos

A Portuguese origin company, Barcelos is famous for its flamed, grilled Peri Peri menu. If you have ever passed by it, this place offers a cafeteria like ambiance with an unusual decor.


  1. Fruit Serum

Holding a small kiosk on the food street in WTP, Fruit Serum offers multiple flavours for juices and shakes to keep to hydrated and bear the burning heat.

Fruit Serum

  1. Keventers

Keventers, a milkshake franchise which took over a bloom in last few years. It has some really amazing and filling milkshakes to offer. Isn’t it looks like a revival of operation flood?


  1. Inchin

You must be looking around and witnessing that there is no Mainland China or Yo! China after the Indo – Chinese controversy, but we have this small joint in WTP’s food street to fill your Chinese desires.

Untitled design (14)

  1. The Yellow Chilli

If are opting for a full lunch like diet, the Yellow Chilli  has dishes from India’s Northwestern frontier.

The Yellow Chilli



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