Inside Story Of Every FIFA Lover In Jaipur

Sports have taken over our country with a blow in the last few years and have been and will always be an integral part of our school curriculum. Jaipur has given India some real sportsmen – Apurvi Chandela, Rajyevardhan Rathore are to name a few. Jaipur has as much craze for football as it has for cricket or maybe even more.

After an exciting and thrilling win of the Indian football team in the International Cup 2018 in Mumbai against Kenya, now it’s time to take up to the FIFA World Cup 2018. India has climbed a step and is soon to make its debut in the World Cup.


Likewise Olympics, FIFA also happens once in four years and the fans are treated with a month full of excitement, aggression and passion for the most followed game on planet earth – football. All the football fans have chosen their respective teams and are prepped up in full swing.

Cricket might happen in the afternoon and late evenings but FIFA is for the night. All the futta lovers are ready with their monthly stock of entertainment and fun beginning from tonight in Russia. Here’s what every football lover is prepping up for during this one month of a mega cup.

  1. Though it becomes tough to manage work and FIFA together, but a fan always finds a way 😉 For this, you don’t need to bunk your office as the matches usually happen at night.

Football on tv

2. Get a good nap during the day so that you can watch your favourite team play at night.


  1. To stay awake after a tired day at work is slightly difficult but when you have some midnight munchies by your side, no one can make you fall asleep 😉


  1. The best way to enjoy the matches is when you have your friends by your side. The excitement and energy double up when your friends from your opponent team join you.

Match with Friends

  1. A jersey of your favourite team or your favourite player simply adds a cherry on top to the whole match!

Fake FIFA football jerseys fill the rack

The Yellow Door, Idiot Box and WTF Café are some places to name which will have live screening for you to enjoy 64 matches of 32 teams all 32 days who are playing for 1 trophy. It might be your team, so what’s your DOOSRI COUNTRY?

P.S. All images are taken from Google.


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