Impact of Social Media In Everyday Life

“The great thing about social media is that it gave voice to the voiceless.”

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and, Snapchat; selfies, videos, memes and streaks; a day without them is not even a day. Think about those times when your internet just stopped working because of poor connectivity, remember how frustrating it was? Can you recall how restless you got when you couldn’t find your phone the other day? And do you remember your last outing when you did not post anything online about it? You probably can’t.

We live in an era where whatever we do, wherever we go, we almost put everything on social media. I remember being at a café with my friends and they did not let me even touch my food because they wanted to post a snap story! Duh!

But I also remember that introvert from my class, striding alone through the corridors and one day someone came up to him and said “man you are really funny, want to hang out?” And I was like funny? I’ve never even seen him talking let alone cracking jokes, but then it wasn’t about what he said, it was about what was on his Facebook wall, and it really was funny. And from that day onwards, I’ve seen that formerly loner kid alone again. The two of those boys hang out together mostly laughing at something on their phones.

Social media in our generation has become a necessity; so on the occasion of World Social Media Day, we had a look at different platforms and activities and went around asking people in Jaipur about what will happen if they are left without social media. Here is what we got:

  • No more Snapchat stories

Be it a birthday party, be it a wedding or be it a trip with our friends, there is an urge to post multiple stories about it on Snapchat. And the latest trend is streaks, first thing to do after waking up in the morning: to send a snap to multiple people on Snapchat, and so is the last thing of a day to do.


“I’m used to Snapchat . I like to update stories and tell people what I’ve been doing all day, see their stories and know what they have been doing all day. It’s good because when you are apart from your friends at least you can see them and be happy. Like I was unable to go to my friend’s birthday yesterday, but I could see the stories and be happy because I could see him happy and enjoying himself. I like to share the moments that I will cherish all my life. “

Says Anushka, an aspiring writer who is known to her friends for posting too many snaps.

  • No more hash tags for Intagrams = no more fame

Instagram is the latest hub for sharing of memes. A lot of youngsters have become famous on Instagram because of the accounts they use for promoting their works. With the right choice of hash tags you attract a lot of followers, more followers you have, more famous you are and more recognition you get for your work.


“For me, Instagram is the only platform where I can share my photographs and get feedback so easily. Also, I look at the accounts of other photographers and I get my motivation from them, they inspire me, without Instagram it is going to be way too difficult for me to showcase my work and get motivated and inspired to be better.”

Says Anupam, a photographer with two separate accounts on Instagram, one for personal updates and one for his videos and photographs.

  • No more instant information flow

Anything happening anywhere, Twitter is the first to let us know. With this micro blogging sites, whatever happens in one corner of the world, travel across the entire globe in a matter of a few hours. Twitter has literally turned the world into a global village with such fast travelling information.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 5.44.41 PM

“I have to keep track for the trending and breaking news. Twitter is my Savior.” 

Says Anshul, who works for a social media agency.

  • No WhatsApp = exam notes?

WhatsApp has made communication easier than ever, with unlimited flow of messages, you are free to talk to anyone anywhere at a minimal price.

With our exams the next morning the class chat group is flooded with messages asking for notes. And within a few minutes, we have in our cell phones whatever we were supposed to study the entire semester.


“Without WhatsApp it will be very difficult to have notes for me. My friends and I will have to go to each other and get our notes photo copied. It will be very time consuming, and with an exam the next morning, I can’t really afford wasting so much of time.

Says Muskaan, an undergraduate student.”

  • No more birthday reminders.

Remember that day when you almost forgot to wish one of your friends on her birthday? But thanks to Facebook you had a notification on your cell phone in the morning, and when you called her in a sleepy voice, she was just pleased to hear from you.


“I have a good memory otherwise, but I often forget my friend’s birthday. And the first thing I do is check my phone when I wake up and Facebook saves the day. I call them up, and tell them that I was waiting to wish you and just fell asleep. And they mostly believe.”

Says someone who forgets to wish their friends. Oh we can’t name them, can we?

Above is just a glimpse of our lives without social media, imagine no YouTube no Blogs, no vlogs. Unimaginable, right? So let’s be just grateful to Social Media for making everything more accessible and making our lives so much easier.

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