5 Chocolaty Places In Jaipur To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

When Modiji is in Jaipur and everyone simply gets the privilege to enjoy the weekend with their loved ones as all the shops, schools have been shut down, what better way to relax and celebrate World Chocolate Day. So, in order to help all you chocolate lovers end their cravings, Jaipur Beat brings to you the chocolatiest hangouts and places to buy chocolates in the city!!

  1. Nibs Cafe & Chocolateria
    With its branches in C-Scheme, Raja Park & Bani Park, Nibs undoubtedly is the most favored place for all the chocolate lovers. With everyone going crazy about their variety of chocolate treats not to mention their amazing and everyone’s favorite white hot chocolate, this place feels like heaven.


  1. The Chocolate Room
    Located in the Food Court at World Trade Park, this small chocolate cafe is definitely another place where you satiate your chocolate cravings. With a complete menu filled with variety of chocolate desserts like crepes, waffles and some amazing chocolate drinks, you can definitely have some melting moments here.

The Chocolate Room.jpg

  1. Chocolate Boutique
    If you are going to a birthday party or Saturday dinner, how about carrying a bouquet of chocolates rather than a usual bouquet of flowers. And to get that, let us show you the way to the best place from where you can buy such a present. Chocolate boutique is famous in the city for its delicious chocolaty choices that it has to offer. Do not forget to get your loved ones, one of these tonight 😉


  1. Brown Sugar
    With outlets spread across the city, this cafe not only offers a few good chocolate treats but is also a place where you can have a good mini meal. Chocolates and your favorite lasagna, what more shall you ask for?


  1. Melting Moments
    This small kiosk located at crystal palm, will definitely make you realize that all good things come in small packages. From delicious chocolates to amazing desserts this place offers you all you want to celebrate World Chocolate Day.


Now that the list is ready it’s time to make your decision 😉

Happy World Chocolate Day!

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