Molly Moo-Now In Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

We never hesitate to appreciate and showcase our love to the food joints that serve us delicious and literally jaw-dropping food. But these days our demands for Ice Creams and desserts have risen and to satiate the sugary pleasures, we are always there to welcome new Ice Cream Café or dessert parlour in the city. Jaipur Beat believes it is our responsibility to let Jaipurites know about such relishing and worth money-spending franchises in town.

So this month, after receiving immense love from the people in C-scheme in a very short span of time, Molly Moo, an ice-cream parlour has opened its new franchise in Vaishali Nagar.

Molly Moo- outdoor ambience.JPG

The ambience of the ice-cream parlour is elementary yet appealing. The outside fence gives the feel of entering into an actual dairy farm. The simple wooden furniture and not so crafty lights make it subtle and simple. There are two separate seating areas indoor and outdoor for those who simply wish to sit in an open space and enjoy the weather.

Molly Moo-ambience.JPG

The ice-cream parlour received a great response from the people of the town on its first day. “We expect an even more high number of walk-ins in future”, said one of the brothers who own the place, Mr Ashish Sangwan. This is what made the Jaipur Beat team rush to the place and do a tasting session for its audience.

Asked on how is the parlour different from other parlours in Jaipur, Mr Ashish replied, “We have an extremely wide range of flavours, some of which are not available anywhere in Jaipur”. Molly Moo has a set of extremely fresh, eggless and natural ice-creams. The unparalleled quality would make you scream in joy. They are genuinely extremely toothsome and delightful. From ice-creams, sorbets to parfaits and waffles, and ice-cream rolls, they have it all in store for their customers.

Molly Moo-waffle.JPG

Molly Moo- candy bar

Molly moo ice-cream

If you visit the place, do try our favourite Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey, Red Wine Cheese Cake, Pineapple, and Lemon Cheesecake and the Jamun sorbet.  And we bet that the single scoop of delicious ice-cream will make you feel good instantly! Speaking of their heavenly taste, do not forget to try their signature Belgian Waffles! 

The best part, however, is that they have low sugar and protein ice-creams too. It is because of this, now you can drool over ice-creams and at the same time stay healthy.

Molly Moo- different flavours

Furthermore, Jaipur Beat asked Mr Ashish why he preferred joining the Molly Moo venture instead of any other older established and successful venture. To which he said, “It is because I fell in love with ice-creams since the inception of the brand”.

The location is undeniably easy to find. Not only has that, the fact that it is situated in a decent locality, makes it even greater. The desserts here are assuredly amazing and worth a try.

Address—Molly Moo Ice Cream Café

180, Amrapali Marg

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Picture Credit– Kratika Jain

Content Credit– Neha Mantri

Edited by team Jaipur Beat

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