Go Eco-Friendly With These New Additions In Jaipur Market

We only have one planet and we all should do our part to ensure that our environment has to be protected and respected.

With fast-paced life, we have unknowingly abused our nature and its environment. Plastic pollution has become one of the serious issues in today’s time and it’s high time that we should start realizing the value of our ancient tradition and lifestyles our ancestors followed with the core focus on nature conservation. The earlier days when there was no clue of plastic, only clay and ceramic pottery utensils were being used.


With few Indian states already banning plastic and imposing a strict penalty and fine to the users of plastic, we the Jaipurites need to gear up before the steps from the government come in.

On this World Nature Conservation Day, we would be glad to share some amazing products, which can be used in the daily activities and gives us an option to remove plastic from our everyday life. Here we go-

Thanda Thanda with uber Cool Matkas

Matkas or earthen pots were used in every Indian household since time immemorial, especially during summers. Matkas provided us with cool water without the use of electricity. Isn’t it cool! And if you have got bored with these regular plain mutkas, bring home a newly designed one.


Say No to Plastic Bottles

Nowadays, plastic water bottles have become an integral part of our life. Knowing the fact, that keeping water in plastic bottles leads to diseases like cancer we cannot get rid of. But here is the substitute for plastic water bottles. Go to the nearby potter and get a new and latest supplement for it – clay bottles. Yes, you hear it right! Go get them and trust us they are cheaper and healthier than your steel bottles also – just Rs.140 -160.


Choose to cook a healthy way

If you have been a fitness and health freak and not at all believe in serving in plastic containers or even cook in the plastic or steel utensils, clay utensils are the way to go! They are not only heat resistant but also safe for modern day cooking in microwaves.


Flaunt it

A high tea or a dinner party, going eco-friendly is the new trend all around. Why not be the first to begin? How nice would it look that you serve your guests in the kulhad or these clay glass? Even though water will first taste slightly different but will definitely quench your thirsty throat.


Water shortage, plastic pollution are some of the leading problem threatening not only our health but also every aspect of our environment. What about serving your guests in these mitti ki thaal? It is classy, biodegradable as well as eco-friendly.


As we get down to conserve our mother nature, let’s choose this safe, long-lasting and unique way for a healthy living.

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