5 Reasons To Binge On Bhutta This Monsoon In Jaipur

The pleasure of eating bhutta in rains is unmatchable and unimaginable for those who have not yet accomplished this honourable deed. In fact we believe that such people do not exist. A true Indian always craves for bhutta during monsoon. However, in case we are wrong and you’re an exception, here’s a list of reasons why you should rush to the nearest vegetable vendor or bhuttawalah to eat it.

  1. Healthy

There’s not only one health benefit of eating corn but many. These include, prevention from cancer due to excessive antioxidants, controlling diabetes due to richness in fibre that keeps blood sugar levels normal, controlling hypertension, increasing energy, aiding digestion and controlling cholesterol level due to richness in Vitamin C. These benefits should be convincing enough. But wait, we have more valid reasons!!!


  1. Good for pregnancy

For all those who are preggers, bhutta is tremendously advantageous for you. Corn is rich in fibre that alleviates problems like constipation, which is very common in pregnancy. It reduces the risk of birth defects such as Spina Bifida since it is rich in folate too.


  1. Hot

Another reason to binge on bhutta is that nothing is better than the feeling you get after having hot food in a cold weather. It will keep you cosy. Apart from that, since it is served hot, it reduces the chances of getting infection when eating out.


  1. Tasty

As simple as that! Corn is amazingly tasty, especially when you roast it, smother it beautifully with butter and add a pinch of salt and red chilli powder along with some lemon juice.

(We bet you imagined it and are hungry now).


  1. Making fun-filled memories

You can spend time with your friends while eating bhutta and drinking chai, its perfect companion. What is better than some tittle tattle with your loved ones in a nice weather while savouring upon some snacks? It is fun especially when you’re at places like Jal Mahal or find vendors while driving uphill to Nahargarh.


So go grab a bhutta, if you haven’t already!

Do not forget to share your monsoon bhutta pictures and mention your favourite bhutta point with us in the comment section. We would absolutely love to hear from you. 🙂


Content credit: Neha Mantri

Edited by Team Jaipur Beat


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