A mixed bag of events to look forward to in Jaipur this January!


The New Year is already here with all its might and the month of January is always a super- busy one for Jaipurites with all the shows, events and festivals going on in the city.

So, if you’re planning to travel to Jaipur in this period, now is the time to check out what all the events you are going to attend. Here are a few shows, festivals, events and exhibitions happening in Jaipur that your heart might trip over this month.


  1. Décor India Show- The hub for interior décor and design and a paradise for those who love to embellish their houses, Décor India Show is one of its kind décor shopping show held every year in January.

Dates- 3rd-7th January’ 2019

Venue- JECC, Sitapura47396533_2295767123992350_3530585193167454208_o


  1. Stone Mart- Explore a unique way of decorating your home with antique art, sculptures, stone artefacts and much more at the Stone Mart where you can marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship of alluring pieces of art carved out of stone.

Date- 31st January- 3rd February’ 2019

Venue- JECC, Sitapura



Lifestyle Exhibitions:

A premium set of products awaits you at these beautiful lifestyle exhibitions where you can find all kinds of fashion, lifestyle and living related products such as fashion jewellery, home décor items, organic products, Indian and Western wear and much more.

  1. Sumayaa Lifestyle Exhibition

Date: 4th-5th January’ 2019

Venue: Anuvibha Kendra, Malviya Nagar


  1. Jhalak Exhibition

Date: 4th-5th January’ 2019

Venue: Hotel Holiday Inn


  1. Lagan Mandap

Date: 10th-11th January’ 2019

Venue: SMS Convention Centre


  1. Shimmer Wedding and Beauty Expo

Date: 11th-12th January’ 2019

Venue: Birla Auditorium



  1. Lohri- ‘Tis the season for rewari, moongfali and gajak again against the holy fire!

The much-loved festival celebrated before Makar sakranti is all about enjoying the spirit of togetherness and the taste of the season’s delights with family.


  1. Sankranti and Kite Festival– One of the biggest festivals of the year, Sankranti is the heartthrob of the city. It never fails to remind us of our childhood days when we used to wake up early in the morning and get to the roof of the house. The rest was just about scores and score of kites flying in the sky and us, trying for our own to survive. The evenings used to set off with lighting the chandelier kites and letting them go!

But guess what? This childhood feels never really ended and we still do it!


  1. Jaipur International Film Festival– The International Film Festival running in its 11th Edition this year has showcased some masterpieces by young and aspiring actors, directors and artists as much as the well known, ever so appreciated ones. There will be screenings of 227 films in all including 49 feature films, 129 short fiction films and Bollywood movies ‘Soorma’ and ‘Three Storeys’.

Date: 18th-22nd January’ 2019

Venue- Golcha and Gems Cinema


  1. Jaipur Literature Festival

Now this is literally the most colossal event of the year! There isn’t one Jaipurite who doesn’t know about this and it is literally the pageant of the year for readers, writers, artists and literature lovers. In fact, it is not just the greatest literary show of Jaipur or India, but the greatest one of the World! From National to International celebrities from the field of literature, writing, publishing and media take part as delegates, speakers, participants and attendees in Jaipur Literature Festival. It serves itself as a sumptuous feast of ideas!

Date: 24th-28th January’ 2019

Venue: The Diggi Palace



  1. Royal Rajasthan Rally 2019

For those passionate and hunger driven people for speed, Thar Motorsports brings to you Royal Rajasthan Royal 2019 wherein you can race cars bikes and SUV’s. Thar Motorsport aims at giving you rides that provide you with a room to release that stress and find serenity within yourself.

Date: 4th January’ 2019


2. Travelling Trunks 

For all those shoppers who shop till they drop, here’s an eccentric and whimsical event that drives 50 hand-picked favourites from across the nation to the beautiful Pink City. From the pop-ups of apparels, accessories and home decor to exclusive workshops, exotic foods and never-ending live music; ‘Travelling Trunks’ has it all and much much more!

Date- 11th-12th January’ 2019

Venue: Clarks Amer, Jaipur


3. Authentic Rajasthani Food Fest

That fragrance of daal baati churma with hot and spicy tapore and kadi, served with gate ki sabji and raabdi!. Every Rajasthani’s mouth is definitely watery by now!

Green Lagoon brings to you the Authentic Rajasthani Food Festival, where everything is about food and drinks. Get your taste buds ready for legit tasty dishes and rest assured all of the visitors will enjoy the much-liked delicacies of Rajasthan.

Date:  1st January 2019 – 15th January 2019

Venue: Green Lagoon


4. Gaana Crossblade Music Festival 2019 – Jaipur

Gaana Crossblade Music Festival brings you the bigger, better and the best Punjabi music from across the world. Expect big fat Punjabi music celebration in an uber cool atmosphere with vibes from nostalgia. Crossblade 2019 is heading towards the Pink City. Get a taste of India’s biggest Punjabi music festival in your city!

Date- 19th-20th January’ 2019

Venue- Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre



5. Jaipur Music Stage

Discover “a world of music” at the Jaipur Music Stage, a powerful and liberating force, inspiring an intense musical discovery.

Date: 27th January’ 2019

Venue: ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival


6. Punchliners: Standup Comedy Show in Jaipur

They say comedy is a tragedy that happens to people. Laugh your hearts out at the lit and light-hearted jokes by your favourite comedians because Punchliners are coming to Jaipur!

Don’t miss the vibe!

Date: 27th January’ 2019




Wish you all a Happy new year! 🙂

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