Jaipur- Where every corner is an Artist’s paradise!

“Where the spirit does not work with hands, there is no art.”

The above line was quoted by the great artist Leonardo da Vinci and today in honour of his birthday we are celebrating the World Art Day. Jaipur is one of those cities in the world that are best known for soaking in the culture and finding inspiration in the arts. Through its various art forms, the city speaks to how well-preserved and significant it is from a historical and cultural perspective. Jaipur strikes a perfect balance in between the old and new, masterpiece and modern from its architectural wondrous monuments to the street galleries which are central for the various traditional art forms.

Jaipur has been a major center for motifs, be it in blue pottery, jewellery, and walls of Amer Fort or the City Palace. That is why Jaipur is a commercial hub of art & crafts and is dear to the artists.

Jaipur’s main attractions are its varied artforms which one can find in every corner. No matter where you go while in the city, there’s always something artistic to see and experience. One should save a day to explore the city that houses an impressive collection of artwork and antiquities on the streets to the museums.

Jaipur is best explored by foot without any specific agenda in mind and to really get a feel for the city’s artistic scene, let’s take a walk with Jaipur Beat:

  1. Glasswork-

One of the most striking parts of Jaipur is its Mirror Palace or Sheesh Mahal. Meant for the queen’s stay, this place is carved with glass paintings and beautiful flowers. Also, with the thousands of attached mosaic mirrors, the interior of Sheesh Mahal appears to be glittering like shiny stars. Glasswork of Amer’s Sheesh Mahal has stunned many tourists.



  1. Blue Pottery-

Blue pottery is yet another masterpiece of art that is made with Multani Mitti. The blue pottery is decorated with birds, animals and leaf motifs, making Jaipur the biggest center of its manufacturing.

blue pottery


  1. Marble Carving-

It is believed that Sawai Man Singh II summoned the sculptors to Jaipur for their skill of marble sculptors and statues. This ingenious art makes a perfect home décor items.

  1. Rugs & Carpets-

Another form of art is handmade rugs and carpets which were introduced in the state back in the 17thcentury. Artisans use the finest quality of woolen fibers including the rich colour, patterns & designs that attracts tourists the most.

  1. Tie & Dye-

When it comes to fashion the first thing that comes to our mind is Jaipuri Bandhej. A fabric goes through a very tedious process by tying tightly in different ways and then dyed by hand. One can find this unique art only in Jaipur!

Tie & dye .jpg

  1. Block Printing-

Block printing is also a famous handmade art form that uses wooden patterns of specific designs. The process of hand block printing includes artisans to soak carved wooden blocks in different colors and then paste them on the fabric thus creating some magical wonder on the piece of cloth. Bagru or Sanganeri prints brings you an exquisite collection of floral prints and designs made in vegetable colour, which is the specialty of Rajasthan block printing.

Block print .jpg

  1. Jewellery-

Jewellery making is a long tradition that includes art forms Meenakari, Jadau & Kundan Meena. It is a connoisseur’s hub of precious gems & stones.

Geeta Shyam (4)

  1. Lacquer-

Rajasthan is quite famous for Lac bangles which are made with lacquer. Lac bangles are made with bold colours and artistic designs which are generally worn at the times of festivals or special occasions. We have a dedicated market for the lacquered jewellery 


  1. Gotta Patti-

It is an embroidery work with colourful artistic designs which is famous in Jaipur for Rajasthani women and has spread across India.

Lac bangles with Gottapatti

  1. Puppets-

Rajasthan is famous for unique storytelling, Puppet show which is now world famous as a popular form of folk art.

Puppets .jpg

  1. Silver Jewellery-

Apart from gold jewellery, Rajasthan is also known for producing marvelous silver jewellery. Tourists visiting Jaipur take back home chunks of silver patterns and artistic designs from the city’s popular silverware and jewellery hubs.


  1. Paintings-

Jaipur artists use natural colours, powders of precious metals like gold & silver and also of semi-precious stones while making miniature paintings. For the colours never fades with the age.

  1. Leather Art- When it comes to sheer variety, beauty and brilliance, Jaipur’s leather art are unbeatable be it leather bags or Jaipuri jootis. Mojaris are an essential part of our traditional wear and often tourists prefer to buy them because of their unique & colourful designs.

Leather Art .jpg

Jootis .jpg

You could spend forever here and find artistic and cultural treasures every day.

Happy World Art Day!

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