Things we are Missing this Gangaur

Gangaur is one of the most colorful and auspicious festivals that is widely celebrated in every part of Rajasthan. Every year all the married and unmarried women dress up in colorful Rajasthani attires to worship the idols of Isar Maharaj & Gangaur Mata (Shiv ji and parvati ji). Traditionally the festival celebrates spring, harvest & marital fidelity, however this year it will not be the same. The reason being the outbreak of Coronavirus. Everyone will be praying in their home and there will be no grand celebration in the City Palace of Jaipur.


The Gangaur procession

On the day of Gangaur Pink City gets to see a royal Gangaur procession, which starts from City Palace, finds its way through the Pink City and ends at Talkatora. Over the years, many festivals and fairs have changed in nature however; the procession of Gangaur has still retained its traditional charm. But sadly, we won’t be seeing it this year as the streets will be dead silent.




Folk dances and music

The pomp and pageantry of the traditional grand procession have elephants, old palanquins, chariots, bullock carts and most importantly folk performances are all part of it throughout the procession. The major attractions of this festival are the cultural performances of local artists performing the traditional dance to the melodious tunes of shehnai and drums.

Folk Dance29432991_1810803418942332_4373915976085798912_o29497151_1810803615608979_4954285732744134656_o

National and international tourists

It is not new that tourists from around the world travel to Jaipur just to see the splendid palaces and the old Pink City, but they also love to be a part of the lively celebration of Gangaur and to witness the charm of the grand procession. The streets are seen teeming with both foreign nationals and domestic tourists rejoicing the festivities. But, not this year as the streets will be empty under the vigilance of city police.


The colourfully dressed women and men

The 18-day festival is observed by both married & unmarried women where they fast, women dress up in red bandhani sarees and turban clad men worship the clay idols of Isar & Parvati. Gangaur is preceded by Sinjara, a day when women dress up, pamper themselves and put beautiful designs made by Heena on their hands. The women celebrate Sinjara by adorning themselves with beautiful jewellery and clothing. This year too they’ll adorn themselves with all solah-shringaar but would not get to flaunt in front of each other as they will worship the idols within their homes.




Last but not the least, sweet Ghewar

Well, this one’s a bummer!

Alongside the beautiful procession, folk performances and women dressing up this festival brings along a gastronomical delight which is Ghewar. Today is Gangaur and it would be an injustice if we don’t talk about the luscious Ghewar. This Rajasthani festival Dessert is always a chart-topper and every single person loves to savor this traditional dessert.


So, to sum it up, this year we won’t be able to witness the colorful festival being celebrated in the Pink City, the way it should be. But it is all the more important to stay safe then celebrating!

Though we are not going to celebrate with the same pomp and show this year but we can relive those memories through these pictures.

Until next year when we will again mark the fanfare and fiesta with gusto, Jaipur Beat wishes everyone a Happy Gangaur!

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