Princess Diya Kumari Foundation launches ‘THE PDKF STORE’ online | Jaipur Beat

Imagine exquisite products and clothes reflecting Rajasthan, its culture, and heritage crafts! Imagine all this made by the hands of local craftswomen! Imagine all this available to you in a click!

Seems surreal, right? But Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Society (PDKF), a non-government organization founded by Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur is making this for real.

Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF) has launched the ‘The PDKF Store’ online via its website. Shoppers can now purchase their products on the website The PDKF Store is a contemporary adaptation of Rajasthani crafts. It aims to showcase the work of the talented women artisans trained by the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation to a global audience. Creating trendy with traditional, the store’s collection is a contemporary adaptation of long-established Rajasthani patterns. It has been designed by the daughter of Princess Diya Kumari, Princess Gauravi Kumari, and French designer, Claire Deroo. The PDKF Store outlet will open soon at City Palace, Jaipur.

Princess Gauravi Kumari and designer, Claire Deroo

On the occasion, Princess Gauravi Kumari said that the PDKF Store through its work aims to give talented women artisans, the resources, skills, and knowledge to help them pave their way to economic and overall empowerment. The PDKF store will not only enhance the brand of PDKF but also engage and help more women in Rajasthan as well as the women across the country by expanding the reach of the Foundation. The collection of the store ranges from garments to accessories to homeware. It features a beautiful amalgamation of the old techniques with modern designs.

The collection uses ancient techniques handed down from artisan to artisan over the centuries to create modern designs. Gotapatti embroidery and fine needlework, along with Rajasthan’s famous block printing, are all taught to the foundation’s women artisans at its centres. The store has available products for men, women as well as kids. It also has homeware and accessories. Women can buy a wide variety of products like – block-printed and embellished dresses, embroidered t-shirts as well as block-printed tops, skirts, kaftan, gowns, shorts, and shirts. For kids, there are pajama sets, bloomers, kurtas as well as Gota Patti toys available. In accessories, one can choose from bucket hats, scrunchies, hair bows, headbands, and hand-embellished basket bags. Similarly, men can choose from block-printed shirts and embroidered t-shirts. Apart from this in Homeware, one can find table mats, coasters, and cushion covers.

Hand embellished basket bags
Jodhpur Dress

About PDKF

Princess Diya Kumari Foundation has been working for over 7 years for the empowerment of disadvantaged women and girls in the rural areas of Rajasthan. PDKF works in 5 centres across Rajasthan and the core program areas are skill building & livelihoods, girls’ education, financial & digital literacy, and health & hygiene.

The objective of the PDKF Store is to promote and enhance the skills of the women artisans at PDKF. This initiative will provide their competence with an international platform and pave ways for their economic and overall empowerment.

Women artisans of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

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