Tips on how to manage your daily routine during lockdown

It is rather a difficult and testing time for our Country. We understand how overwhelming it gets to hear about increasing cases, deaths and other negative news from the time we wake up in the morning till the night, especially when there is a lockdown going on.

But a positive mindset is the only key to pass through these unnerving times. You all must be thinking that how does anyone keep a positive mindset amidst these catastrophic situations? Well, it’s not easy but following a proper and disciplined routine is a major factor that helps us in having a positive outlook throughout the day.

Here are some tips on how to start and end your day during the lockdown –

  • Wake up with a smile and try to avoid using your phone for an hour (especially the news apps). Instead, take a 5-10 minutes’ walk in your balcony or terrace and try connecting with the mother nature; it will definitely make you feel peaceful and rejuvenated. Meditation and gardening work like therapies too.
  • Try doing yoga, aerobics or any other indoor exercise that you love. It helps you in keeping fit and helps to start your day with energy, focus and optimism. Doing breathing exercises are a necessity these days to keep your lungs healthy. Don’t forget to plug in your speakers/earphones for listen to some music while doing these exercises. Listening to music always makes the worries go away even if for a while.
  • Make your own breakfast. Cooking food is definitely therapeutic and what’s better than cooking the most important meal of the day by yourself. Don’t forget to have romance with your chai or coffee.
  • Take bath, finish your daily chores and get to work. If you are a working professional its always beneficial to start your working hours as early as possible so that you can complete your tasks before the new tasks or team’s tasks starts to come in. If you are not working anywhere, it’s best to read some positive books for a while and then do whatever you love. Some books that we suggest are – Ikigai, chasing your life dreams, Man’s search for meaning among others.
  • Have your lunch on time and don’t forget to have a nutritious lunch. Post lunch relax for a while, tune into Netflix, take a power nap or utilize this time to help and support others in whatever way you can. You can also educate your maids, drivers and other support systems by sharing with them more knowledge about Covid and giving them well-being tips. A small helping hand definitely goes a long way. After chilling for a while, its best to get back to work and try to end your working day by 6 P.M.
  • Once your working hours are over, it’s the best idea to give your family and friends some time (virtually and not physically please). Call your friends and talk with them. Sharing a few laughs never harmed anyone. Spend time with your parents, kids, spouses and try to do a group activity together. Maybe play an indoor game (our favorite is scrabble or ludo) or just cook dinner together. You can also do group exercises to build a fitter body. Don’t forget to connect with friends or family who are directly affected. Call them to know about their well being and try to pass on positive and hopeful vibes to them.
  • Eat dinner together and try talking only positive things on the dinner table. A small 10 minutes’ post dinner walk on your terrace will definitely help you get a goodnight sleep.
  • Take steam, listen to some soothing music and dream away!


We really hope these tips help you in getting through these difficult times with positivity, wisdom and good health. Let’s pray collectively for the world to heal as soon as possible.

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