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As India is battling with the second wave of COVID-19, it is heartwarming to see how people have stood in solidarity to help each other. One of them is by providing basic necessity, food. Either it’s home chefs, tiffin centres, or restaurants, numerous people are coming to the aid of those impacted by the pandemic to ensure that they get their daily intake of nutritious meals.

Jaipur Beat has verified and listed food services in the city that might help you or your loved ones.

1. Initiative by Anju Devi Memorial Trust a CSR Unit of Seven Skyes Caterers

Offering lunch and dinner packets for free in the city except in the outskirts, Seven Skyes Caterers are helping selflessly the needy people.

Contact: +91 9024972800, +91 8955405893

2. Aaika Homemade

Providing nutritious home-cooked meals at nominal rates for COVID impacted families, Aaika Homemade takes care of your daily requirement of nutrients. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with free delivery up to 5kms from Swarn Path, Mansarovar.


Aastha Jain: +91 9680800505

Akshay Jain: +91 7023311112

3. Tina Food Point

Helping families of COVID positive patients or people in isolation in Jaipur, Tina Food Point offers home-cooked vegetarian meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a takeaway service, but they provide delivery for bulk orders.

Contact: +91 6378075997

4. Tiffin Tales by Spiced Up

Tiffin Tales by Spiced Up delivers home food, packed safely to your doorstep in these difficult times. Along with customization, they offer home-style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Contact: +91 9929993005, +91 7760587681

5. Relish by Simran

Relish by Simran is providing healthy & hygienic food for those living alone, quarantined, or isolated. They are accepting orders placed a day prior. Their meals are specially designed & nominally priced for those who are COVID positive.

Contact: +91 7490042296

6. Chef’s Boutique

Run by a professional chef, Chefs Boutique provides homemade meal boxes for COVID patients, prepared and packed using safety protocols. They deliver within an 8km radius from their base in Sodala. For lunch, you can order by 10 am and for dinner, order by 3 pm.

Contact: +91 7737763999

7. Yum Tum Refreshments

Founded by a daughter-mother duo, Yum Tum Refreshments delivers lunch and dinner in the city to those affected by COVID-19. These can be customized as per requirements and the order should be placed 2 hours before.

Contact: +91 7073999346, +91 7073999348

8. Fingerlicious by Kirti

Started by Kirti Agarwal, Fingerlicious by Kirti provides home-cooked meals on prior order across Jaipur. They also have special thalis for those who live alone or don’t know how to cook.

Contact: +91 7737793798

9. Food experiences with Seema

A home chef, Seema Sethi is providing meals at no cost to senior citizens and those who have a financial crisis. She thought of this as she has seen her near ones suffering through this crisis. However, for those who can afford and are affected by the pandemic, Seema also provides chargeable meals.

Contact: +91 9829942225

10. Home Food by Jaspreet

Jaspreet offers home-cooked meals to anyone suffering from COVID or quarantined at home, with full safety across the Pink City.

Contact: +91 7487038700

11. Kitchen By Paridhi

A home kitchen run by Paridhi Rajgarhia is providing healthy and nutritious meals to those suffering from COVID-19 and their families. Paridhi believes that serving people in help is the need of the hour. She also makes sure that the food is prepared with fresh ingredients for the health of her customers.

Contact: 9660004111

12. Meals on Wheels

A food joint in Raja Park is offering vegetarian and non-vegetarian food at nominal rates for those affected by COVID-19. They deliver in Raja Park and nearby places within a radius of 2-3kms.

Contact: +91 9828859509

13. Nehal Arora

Providing food without any charge, Nehal Arora has encouraged people to come together and do whatever they can to support COVID patients/families and frontline workers. She delivers in Durgapura but is expanding slowly with the help of third-party delivery services.

Contact: Whatsapp on +91 9314130033

14. Abhyutthanam Society

A non-government organisation is serving wholesome food in various parts of the city. For lunch, you can order before 9:30 am and for dinner by 5 pm.

15. CoAid, an initiative by Princess Diya Kumari Foundation

CoAid, the women of PDKF aim to help and support those in need during these difficult times, starting with the distribution of free meal boxes to the family members and attendants of COVID-19 patients admitted for treatment at the RUHS hospital in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur.

16. Chubby Cheese

A restaurant in C-Scheme is providing free meals (lunch & dinner) to those who cannot afford them within a radius of 8kms. They also offer special Covid meals at reasonable rates. You have to order at least 2 hours in advance.­

Contact: +91 8369427380

17. Ruchies Kitchen

Ruchies Kitchen is providing home cooked meals to COVID patients and their families in Jagatpura & nearby areas for only Rs 100.

Contact: +91 9460070424

18. Ekam Yoga in association with Seven Skyes Caterers

If you have tested positive and you are quarantined at home, Ekam Yoga is delivering healthy food packets at your doorstep, prepared in the utmost hygienic environment for free.

Contact: +91 7014045129

19. Jain Khana Khajana

Delivering only in Mansarovar Patrakar Colony, Jain Khana Khajana provides lunch and dinner along with a monthly package deal.

Contact: +91 7737973236, +91 9829910463

20. Ravi & Sapna Jain

Ravi & Sapna are providing pure Satvik food for no cost for the COVID patients and their families. With the aim to help those who actually need it, they will be providing this service till 31st May.

Contact: +91 9314505447, +91 9587868870

21. Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Raja Park

The Gurudwara in Raja Park is providing free langar arrangements for corona patients and their families. The delivery will be done only to areas within a radius of 5kms from the Gurudwara.
Booking Time
For lunch: By 10 am
For dinner: By 4 pm
The lunch will be delivered by 1 pm and dinner by 7:30 pm.

Baljeet Singh: +91 9887295744
Harvinder Singh: +91 9314445838
Jasmeet Singh: +91 9314507175

22. Bhatia Biradari Prabandh Samiti, Bhatia Bhawan

With the financial support of the society, Bhatia Bhawan is offering food to those affected by corona or those who are in need. Their food service is available Adarsh ​​Nagar, Jawahar Nagar & Raja Park.

For Gurunanakpura, Ajay Bhatia: +91 9829008866
For Adarsh ​​Nagar, Amit Bhatia: + 91 9314525295
For Ramgali, Nitin Bhatia: +91 9414222666
For Sindhi Colony, Nitin Bhatia: + 91 9351433000
For Jawahar Nagar, Dinesh Bhatia: + 91 9314954620
To Raja Park, Ashish Bhatia: + 91 7727864127

For any other area: +91 9116663093

Together, we can fight COVID. Stay in, stay safe and help people around you. Also, DM us on @jaipurbeat with any more food services around Jaipur you know, so we can help it reach more people.

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