How To Manage Stress in COVID Times | Jaipur Beat

As we watch events around the outbreak of Coronavirus unfold, it is not unnatural to feel increasing stress and panic. Facing nonstop news, updated health statistics, and endless social media posts might feel overwhelming.

To help you all, Jaipur Beat spoke to the Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Raghav Shah, to look at ways of managing stress in this chaos and keeping ourselves positive. We have also added Dr. Raghav’s contact at the end of this blog. Here are some tips to help you manage stress:

1. Keep fixed worry times– Don’t let in COVID news all day. Get the facts and consume only the essential news or information. Don’t get addicted to news reports.

2. Be optimistic– Find the positive side of everything and believe that this too shall pass.

3. Learn acceptance– Do your best but gracefully accept if things go wrong and make them your learning experience.

4. Sharing– Spend time with your loved ones and share your feelings with each other. Talking to people you trust can always help.

5. Don’t let stress affect your routine– Regular sleep, exercise, hygiene & a healthy diet is a must, as it’s said ‘health is wealth’.

6. Time management– Plan your next day today. Make a to-do list and fight procrastination.

7. Work & leisure balance– Balance work with hobbies, passions, and your side interests.

8. Limited use of screens & the internet– Resist the urge to click on attention-grabbing headlines or social media platforms. Set a time limit for the usage of screens.

9. Reach out for help– Don’t hesitate in seeking professional help especially if you are feeling sad, hopeless, and feeling like harming yourself.

It is normal to feel sad, stressed, or scared during a crisis. We are together in this. Take a pause, breathe, and be kind to yourself & others.

Contact: +91 982926629
Instagram: @raghavshah18

If your family or friend is suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, it’s advisable to take professional help.

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