Motherhood & The Pandemic | Mother’s Day 2021 | Jaipur Beat

To the power of a Never Give Up spirit of a Mother

It all began last year in 2020 when the world began to crumble around us with new unprecedented challenges. The person who was most affected by the drastic changes in routine and yet remained calm is – a mother. 

How is it so that many mothers could stand strong and continued to move forward without complaining and played all their roles like a pro? The answer to this question could never be more visible to us – all that she is concerned about or, we must say, she has been and is continuing to be focused on is her family’s well-being. Guess no one’s surprised as this is a part of a mother’s DNA! She’d never let you see the struggle and her emotional wreck through her smiling face.  

There are Mothers who run businesses. There are Mothers who are frontline workers. There are Mothers who are housewives. There are so many types of Mothers. But you know what was all common in them during the pandemic?
There was no breather for them!

It has been a roller coaster journey for them balancing their family in the uncertainties of the world. From dealing with the hassles of online school classes to keeping their kids’ spirits as strong as possible, taking care of the family’s health to teaching kids about hygiene, mothers haven’t stopped ever.

She has been dealing with the child’s stress & fears, as the pandemic changed their life. Establishing a healthy routine, she reinforces the importance of hygiene. She has been monitoring her child’s screen usage and ensuring new activities to keep them entertained. She has been cooking their favourite meals yet trying to maintain a healthy diet.
Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the burden of mothers, mentally and physically. We salute the spirit of motherhood and thank all the mothers for being a constant source of hope and compassion.

We’d like all of you, reading this, to give your moms a warm hug and tell them how blessed you are to have her in your life. Tell her that this time will pass and trust that everything will be okay, but her care, her concern and all the efforts to keep you safe, healthy, and happy will always remain in your heart.
Right from today, if you haven’t done so far, express your love and gratitude towards her and promise to make this journey easier for her by simple acts of support, physically and emotionally.
More power to a mother’s irrepressible spirit and strength. Happy Mother’s Day, every day!

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