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After a few months into the lockdown, people reported craving food more than ever. As restaurants & cafes were shut down, the foodie in us longed for hygienic and delicious meals. Especially when you are in a city like Jaipur which provides culinary delights for every palate, you tend to crave a little more 😉 

This was the time when home cooks seized the opportunity and it led to a rising number of home chefs across the country. 

Today, we at Jaipur Beat are going to share one such inspiring tale, a story of an 87-year-old grandmother, Mrs. Gurdeep Soni. She is of the age when most people seek to enjoy their lives or pursue some leisurely hobbies, but she decided to chase her passion for cooking.  After all, it’s better than never, right?

Dadi’s Entrepreneurial Journey- How It Started? 

A few months ago, when the Corona was at its peak, and Dadi saw the world crumbling down as her dear ones got infected with Covid & death news of her loved ones started pouring in, she felt disheartened more than ever. She was demotivated and clueless about the purpose of life. 

One fine day, a group of friends visited them for lunch, where Dadi’s Chole Bhature won everyone’s heart. Such that, even after they requested Dadi to send them chole bhature. That is when Dadi Gurdeep Soni, decided to turn her passion for cooking into a food venture. She proposed the idea to the family and kick-started her journey of being a Home Chef.          

Meanwhile, her son Timmi Soni who was part of a Whatsapp Group consisting of food lovers, where the members talked about food, shared food pictures, and of course enjoy each other’s dishes. He started sharing it on that Whatsapp group. In no time, orders started pouring in and Dadi got a distraction from the entire Covid situation. She got excited & interested as people started loving the taste, and then they decided to expand it from one dish & group. Slowly with the assistance of her family, they all together started to curate a menu and gave a name to this venture as “Dadi’s Kitchen Tales”.  

Her son says “It has given a new lease to her life, as she is excited throughout the day for the orders. I keep updating her on the number of views on her reel, which brings a smile to her face.”

Dadi inspires all of us to live with awesomeness. Isn’t it?

Dadi’s Kitchen Tales is based in Tilak Nagar, now serves Punjabi and North Indian food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 

Location: Tilak Nagar

Contact: +91 9828015867

Delivery: Across Jaipur

Instagram Handle:

If you know someone in the Pink City who has inspired you, DM us at @jaipurbeat, so we can share more hope & happiness.

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