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Isn’t it ironic that the state which is claimed to have scarcity of water, is also the state that has the most mesmerizing and picturesque lakes that take your breath away every time you visit them? Primarily known as the desert land of India, Rajasthan surprises its visitors with various hues that lay embedded in its vast landscape. The charming views of the shimmering lakes in Rajasthan instill you with a sense of calm while taking you to an alternative world of stillness and magic.  These water bodies are not just beautiful and pristine to look at but are also the carriers of our state’s history, tradition, and ever-evolving culture. So, if you are a big fan of water bodies and are looking to explore the best of them, here we at Jaipur Beat, have compiled a list of the most magical lakes in Rajasthan to visit on your trip to Rajasthan!

Pichola Lake, Udaipur

The crown jewel of Udaipur, Pichola Lake is an artificial lake that is surrounded by magnificent palaces, temples, ghats, and elevated hills. Home to four islands namely, Jag Niwas, Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, and Arsi Vilas, this lake is the source of beauty as well as water irrigation purposes in Udaipur. Pichola lake is one of the reasons why Udaipur is known as the city of lakes adorning India. For bird watchers, Lake Pichola is an interesting territory to watch many species of birds that include tufted ducks, coots, egrets, terns, cormorants, and kingfishers. Take a boat ride on it and you will traverse through the vignettes that dot the bewitching landscape of Udaipur.

Mansagar, Jaipur

Jal Mahal, Mansagar Lake, Jaipur is one of the most eloquent lakes present in Rajasthan. Surrounded by the Nahargarh hills in Jaipur, this lake was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh I, to prevent a famine that hit the region during 1610 AD. What will strike the tourist about this lake is the very presence of a royal palace amid its shimmering waters. Aptly called as the “Jal Mahal”, this is one of the lake palaces of Rajasthan that has added a whiff to the state’s tourism. This palace is accessible only via boat which adds to its quintessential royal experience. This lake has been a thriving home to diverse winged wonders including a large flamingo population. Amidst the chaos of the city, Jal Mahal is a serene spot where you can steal a few moments of peace and tranquility.

Amer, Maota, Jaipur

Below the humongous Amer Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site lies the Maota Lake, enveloping the pink city in its breathtaking allure. Maota offers an unparalleled view of cloud-capped Aravalli hills, greenery, the picturesque lake against the backdrop of magnificent Amer Fort.

Fatehsagar Lake , Udaipur

One of the most romantic cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur also houses shimmering lakes. Considered as the pride of Udaipur, The Fatehsagar Lake is an experience to remember. Overlooked by mountains from three sides, this lake is famous for its boating and many other adventure sports. One may opt to drive along the bank while enjoying the scenic beauty of the lakeside. A morning or an evening walk at the Fateh Sagar is something to remember. You can also witness magical sunsets from here while enjoying the splendid views of the serene lake.

Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

Flaying constant war with the inimical natural elements, The Great Indian Thar Desert of Jaisalmer offers a breath-taking spectacle to behold through its Gadisar Lake. Gadisar is an artificial lake edged by historic temples and shrines. Today, many people visit Gadisar Lake worldwide to capture photos of the sandstone temples, shrines, and monuments or to unwind in the serenity of a picturesque lake in the oasis of the Thar Desert. The tranquil beauty of the surrounding is an amazing experience. 

Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur

Located in Jodhpur, Kaylana Lake covers an area of 8 km. There are three top reasons why you should see Kaylana. One, it is a popular picnic spot; very relaxing and romantic. Two, you can go boating in it since it is a huge lake, and three, stay a little late in the day and see the most spectacular sunset. One can never get enough of the sunset, when the sky turns from blissful blue, golden orange, deep purple until the stars finally appear. For those who love bird watching, Kaylana Lake offers a perfect sanctuary to spot and photograph the beloved creatures.

Anasagar Lake, Ajmer

As soon as you enter the city of Ajmer, the Anasagar lake is probably one of the most visible attractions. It is located in the city center and is one of the best spots to view a stunning sunset and watch migratory birds. The lake is surrounded by lush green gardens called the Daulat Bagh Gardens. You can take a peaceful stroll around these gardens. All in all, the entire locality is filled with picture-perfect spots.

Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

Owing to its mythical origins as well as cultural relevance, The Pushkar Lake inspires awe while being one of the most sacred pilgrimages destinations of India. This lake is more than just a beautiful water body since it personifies the religion, culture, and spiritual values of Rajasthan. There are approximately 500 temples and 52 bathing ghats encircling the lake. With the Aravalli Hills in the background, the lake offers a breath-taking view of the splendid landscape.

Sukh Sagar, Bundi

Rajasthan’s hidden gem Bundi is not yet highly placed on the tourist itineraries and thus the place is still able to preserve its charismatic charm. Sukh Sagar Lake is a wonderful destination in Bundi located amid Aravalli hills, to get relaxed for some time by enjoying the lush greenery amidst the lake. Rudyard Kipling’s the Mowgli man who stayed here got inspired to write Kim in Bundi while he was staying at Sukh Mahal situated at Jait Sagar Lake.

Rajasamand Lake, Rajasamand

One of the largest artificial lakes of the medieval period, Rajasamand Lake is not only mesmerizing but is a true marvel that speaks the story of the creativity of Rajasthan’s civilization to modernization and reflects the incredible history and culture of Mewar. Be amazed at the beautiful Rajsamand lake and its embankment, which is adorned with carved arches and cenotaphs.

So, what are you waiting for? You have the list of the most charming spots, the weather is perfect and all you need to do is pack your bags and head over to these amazing lakes.

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