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The weekends are meant to be savored, and we believe if you are not in a mood to sit on a couch, you must hit the road and indulge in something that has always been at the top of your to-do list?

And if Sand Dunes adventure is on your bucket list, then Jaipur Beat’s recent experience will excite you even without going to Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, or Pushkar. Surprised? You ought to be as we are all set to uncover a secret place for you to witness sand dunes and that too not far from Jaipur. When we stumbled across the picturesque dunes just 45 km away from Jaipur, we couldn’t resist sharing the experience with you all. Visiting this place was indeed worth experiencing. Quickly check out this blog to know more about this one of its kind experience!

A drive to the place in itself was an experience – a few kilometers on Jaipur Agra road (NH 11). The beauty of your journey starts once you leave the highway and drive along the serene but rugged pastures of the countryside. This route is ideal if you enjoy nature and love the idea of finding a flower field that excites you.

Stay –

For the dunes sunset experience, we needed a place to stay overnight. In this rural part of Rajasthan, through an online search, we could find the Heritage hotel Dhulagarh. The hotel is an oasis nestled amidst peaceful and calm surroundings, away from the city’s hustle. The hotel staff was kind enough to have answered all the queries on the call related to the route to reach the destination, nearby places to visit, etc. Hence, we booked our stay after talking to them. 

The hotel has Maharani Suite, Maharaja suites, and royal suites for guests to stay. Rooms are clean and are tastefully designed to give a supreme Heritage Stay experience. They have a proper restaurant & bar. The calmness of staying here is unparalleled. Open vistas, fort view, and the rose plantation left us mesmerized. If you are not disturbed by the frequent visits of parrots, owls, and peacocks, you will love this place.

Perfect for travelers craving royal yet serene surroundings amidst nature. Watching historic Dhula fort while sitting on your balcony is a soul-stirring experience.


While your stay, get ready to tantalize your tastebuds as they serve fantastic tasty meals. Their wholesome thali in lunch was nothing less than a treat to the soul. They do serve veg & non-veg and offer different menus each day. Beware because the humble chapatis that are served with so much warmth will force you to end up eating more than required.


Dhulagarh experience provides luxury & comfort close to nature while offering a breath of fresh air for recreation and connecting you back to nature. Things to do near by-

 >Sand Dunes: Sunset view and dune bashing were some of the best experiences that we had. These dunes were also the filming location of Jodha Akhbar.

>Carpet making

>Stepwell visit

>Experience Village life from close corners

>Lush flower fields 

We would strongly recommend a 4*4 wheel drive for dune bashing. 

Need we give more compelling reasons to plan your weekend? 

Caution– Avoid night drives in the countryside. The roads are narrow and presently under construction. One must keep asking the hotel staff for the updated road conditions.

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