The woman who leads the Nirbhaya Squad is an inspiration to many out there. She is one such capable woman who has not only empowered herself but is empowering many women physically and mentally with her strong leadership.
‘Nirbhaya Squad’ is an extremely wonderful initiative of Jaipur Police. The squad is deployed in the city to curb the incidents of molestation of women and girl children.
The high-spirited leader with her task force is known for her grit and determination in ensuring the safety of women in all areas like school, colleges, cinema hall, market, etc.

The presence of the Nirbhaya Squad members had instilled a sense of security among girls.
As a leader, Suneeta Meena is committed to developing and devising new strategies to ward off threats to women and girls in Jaipur.
She is an inspiration for many and we are extremely proud of her.

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