Shopping Extravaganza at India International Mega Trade Fair | Jaipur Beat 

The Pink city of Jaipur never ceases to attract Jaipurites with its variety of exhibitions and events. This time, India International Mega Trade Fair & Furniture Show has brought you an exposition of handicrafts, furniture, wooden products, jute products, traditional Jamdani sarees, Designer suits, and accessories from more than 12 Indian states and 9 countries including Dubai, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. 

Jaipur Beat dropped in to catch a glimpse of the commendable expo and returned with bags full of stuff.

The exhaustive exhibition spread over three floors is showcasing a terrific array of 25,000 unique products for you to choose from. With intricately handcrafted merchandise, you’ll find for yourself a variety of furniture & interior items, handloom & handicraft products, viz walls hangings, dry fruits, sarees & suits, handloom bed sheets, handcrafted dolls, 5 D paintings, beauty & cosmetics and many unique electronic and appliances like body massagers, picnic tables, shawls, phiran, carpets, handbags, and the list goes on.

India International Trade Fair is full of unique products with even more fascinating stories behind each product. Some of the products at IIMTF are so unique that are difficult to find in Jaipur. We suggest you visit the exhibition for some beautiful handicrafts to add to your collection and to look at the complexity of the work that these artisans yield.

The Gas O Grill product with no oil cooking, Picnic Tables, handloom bed sheets, authentic Kerala wafers, and handcrafted dolls caught our attention.

The fair had a great footfall with a lot of people shopping passionately, as IIMTF is in Jaipur for the very first time. So you know where to head to if you have a long list of authentic items to shop for and have a good time.

REMEMBER The Fair is on till 1st May 2022

Let’s get shopping

India International Mega Trade Fair 

22 April-01 May 2022

11 pm- 9 pm

The India International Mega Trade Fair is the flagship fair of G. S. Marketing Associates. Over the last several years, this fair has become a much-awaited event in the annual fair calendar of many companies and Government organizations in India and abroad. The fair has literally set the benchmark for successful Fairs.


Stay tuned to their Social Media handle for regular updates




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