Taking Rajasthan’s Sustainable Journey to the modern luxury world!

The fashion & lifestyle industry is known for creating trends, and currently, it’s all about ethical and sustainable fashion. And, when you think of it, Rajasthan is one of the few places which has a rich artisanal heritage. In an endeavor to bring Rajasthan’s traditional art & craft to modern luxury, Oorjaa was envisioned by a team of individuals who travelled and closely witnessed the cultural heritage & handicrafts of Rajasthan & beyond. 

Standing with ‘Vocal for Local’, the journey of Oorjaa started 2 months ago to empower the people who are nurturing the traditional crafts, historic handicrafts, and various traditional art forms. Today, the brand rooted in Rajasthan’s capital is making waves all across the country, not only with its versatile products but also with its message for the Soul of Rajasthan.

Being a handmade and sustainable brand, Oorjaa works with rural artisans in remotes with the aim to improve rural livelihood & support handmade art. They are bringing the traditional skills and techniques into the modern luxury lifestyle through their shopping portal.

The website www.oorjaashopping.com, presents soulfully curated products and collections. All the items are close to our culture and heritage, which also highlight the traditional artforms that are on the verge of dying. The range of handmade products varies from sarees, dresses, men’s block print shirts, home decor, Jaipuri quilts, blue pottery, woodcraft, and other lifestyle products that are sustainably sourced from the traditional craftspeople of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s handicraft is irreplaceable, and we love to see homegrown brands promoting our age-old art & craft. So if you wish to bring home authentic handmade art & craft along with spreading Oorjaa to the local artisans’ lives, make sure you check Oorjaa.

Product Range:
Home Decor

In a quest to celebrate the centuries-old rooted tradition of naturally dyeing Indigo fabric, Oorjaa introduces their new collection Neel Gagan (नील गगन) which is inspired by the hues of mesmeric Badal Mahal, JODHPUR and BUNDI! We just love how these modern patterns on these natural shades of indigo appear when fused with traditional block prints in today’s contemporary silhouettes.

Neel Gagan is the vibe that’ll transport you into the season’s bright, fresh zone. Give your fashion and decor the dynamic (oorjaa) energy you’re looking for.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oorjaashopping/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Oorjaaonlineshop

Website: www.oorjaashopping.com

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