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Planning a New Year’s Eve

Plans for New Year Eve The New Year is coming and the thought of its arrival has left people with different moods everywhere.  Some people argue that there’s no such thing as the perfect New Year’s Eve, others party with hundreds of their closest friends, all sloshed and wearing funny hats! Some are happy and […]


Green Beat..

The Greener Side…. Jaipur, with its green parks is becoming greener day by day… Many new gardens and parks have been added to the existing map of the city. Central Park rules the list. Central park, situated in the heart of the city is serving as an excellent place for the citizens to grab ample […]


WaKe Up!!!

WaKe Up!!! Winters bring with it a sudden ‘change’ in terms of the mood. Chilly weather in Jaipur has turned the old saying of “Early to bed Early to rise” upside down to “Early to bed Late to rise”. The laziness has taking over everyone’s life. Warm quilts make us fall in love with them; we just want to stick to the […]