Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is surely a Plusworthy phone

So amidst huge noise and fanfare, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were finally launched on 7th Oct at 7 PM in India. There was unprecedented rush at leading Apple stores with people standing in queues for hours to lay their hands on the latest and supposedly the best iPhone till date. While some were lucky to get it the same day, others were bit disappointed for not getting it on that very day. I was lucky to get my iPhone 7 plus on 8th Oct morning. And was I glad ?



I was using iPhone 6 Plus for last two years which was space grey in color.  I ordered a Silver color for iPhone 7 plus and frankly the first look of the front was just the same. For a while it was difficult to even imagine that this is a new model from Apple. It is only when you flip it to the backside that you see what this is. First is the absence of Antenna lines. The phone is totally clean from the rear side and the most notable difference is the camera, a big camera with two lenses. The top looks the same with no variation; the sides are also similar as in iPhone 6s Plus but there is a huge change at the bottom. There is NO headphone jack and both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come with stereo speakers.  Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes in Rose Gold, Gold, silver and newly launched Black & super shiny Jet Black. The thickness is just the same and even the weight feels the same. 




Jack of none

Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not come with the headphone jack. This means you cannot use your existing 3.5 mm headphones. But don’t get disheartened as Apple ships these phones with a lightening to 3.5 mm adapter and hence you can connect your old headphones easily with it. The sound quality has improved now with stereo speakers and is also loud enough to be heard in a room. However it takes some time to get used to this as I still find out old iPhone 6 Plus’ ring tone better than this new one. The headphones with this adaptor sound great however there was some hissing sound when the noise reduction was enabled. I have disabled the noise reduction from the headset and now these headphones are sounding much better. Apple is also launching bluetooth wireless headphones called Airpods by the end of this month. 




Apple uses the same 4.7” and 5.5” Retina display in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as was used in 6s series. However the brightness is now increased from max 500 cd/m2 to 625 cd/m2. And seriously this phone comes with some brightness. It’s not possible to keep it with more than 50% brightness as it feels and looks very bright. Viewing in bright sunlight is also quite possible now which was a challenge earlier in my iPhone 6 Plus. But Apple has now made this display slightly towards the warmer side (yellowish) and as a professional photographer I am a bit disappointed with this change. 


 Done and dusted  

Both the models are now splash, dust and water resistant. I have used my iPhone 6 Plus for two years during Pushkar fair in Rajasthan which is extremely dusty. Further, have seen the lens of the same 6 Plus catching moisture in Goa. The new iPhone 7 series will now have no such issue. But that does not mean that you should swim with this phone in your hand 😉

 Processor, Battery and Capacity

The iPhone 7 series comes in the capacity of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. They have discontinued the 64GB model. Apple never discloses the size and specifications of the battery used however both iPhone 7 and 7 plus gets boost in its battery performance. Although I have only used my 7 plus for one day only and hence its battery is yet to be optimized, but still I can very clearly make out that this is definitely far better than my earlier iPhone 6 Plus. And this phone is fast and pretty fast. The iOS 10 works beautifully on iPhone 7 plus and the performance till now is pretty impressive. The iPhone 7 series uses 64-bit A10 processor, which makes its performance way better than its predecessors. 


The biggest improvement of all. This changes the way a smart phone will be perceived from here on. The iPhone 7 series uses the same 12MP camera but that is it. Every thing else changes in this new model. iPhone 7 plus comes with dual wide angle and telephoto cameras at aperture f/1.8 and f/2.8 respectively.  The 7 Plus also comes with 2X optical zoom and digital zoom upto 10X. I tried clicking pictures in various zoom combinations and the result is simply impressive. Not too much distortion happens even when we are using the digital zooms. Both the models come with optical image stabilization. The camera on iPhone 7 plus is a game changer. And for those who want to know, it can capture 4K video @ 30f fps and 1080p video @ 60 fps and comes with 2X optical zoom and 6X digital zoom in video mode as well. 



There are phones and then there are iPhones. With iPhone 7 plus, Apple has once again raised the bar in the premium smart phone category. Yes this phone looks almost like iPhone 6s Plus but what it’s capable of doing is to be seen and experienced. It has bridged the gap between the camera and camcorder by this powerful smart phone. If you can afford it there is not doubt you shouldn’t buy it.


Prem is back….almost !!

Rajshri Production’s last movie Vivaah was released in 2006. So when I heard they are coming up with another movie, I was anxiously waiting for it. A lot has changed in the last nine years. The audience, the way movies were made and also the tastes. I was wondering whether the audience today would appreciate movie with Rajshri brand that are generally clean, done decently and talks about values and relationship. But I forgot….they also have PREM !!


The movie is based on some royalty in a place called Preetamgarh where Salman Khan, as Vijay Singh is heir to be. Neil Mukesh (Ajay Singh) is his step brother who wants to kill him and Swara Bhaskar (Chandrika) and Aashika Bhatia (Radhika) are step sisters who are living in a huge villa type rented house. Anupam Kher is the old trusted Diwaan Sb. We also have Armaan Kohli with his flashy shades as CEO of estate and some dumb cleavage showing lady as secretary.


And there is Sonam Kapoor as the Princess Maithelii of Devgarh who believes in flaunting her shades while taking lunch indoor. She also runs one NGO, uses a chopper to reach rescue site and also ends up giving fake smile to fake relief victims while trying to wear a saree at the calamity area.

prem ratan 1

Now enters the second Salman Khan as Prem Dilwale from Ayodhya. He runs small Ramlila company and reminds you of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in his entry. He gives all his income to the charity run by Princess Maithelii.


Being born and brought up in Rajasthan and having experienced and studied Rajasthani Royalty to the core, it was impossible to relate character of Vijay Singh as true royal or even Princess Maithelee. These are all made up characters unlike the character of Fawad Khan in the movie ‘Khoobsurat’, they failed to impress. Anyways the movie moves ahead and the lead character Prem starts to spill his magic in the lives of others. He brings love, removes hatred and also adds romance where it matters. He shaves his moustache, he ensure people play football in a royal ceremony and he dances and dances. And like all of the Rajshri movies all is well that ends well.


Salman Khan looks fresh, lean and perfect for the role. When he speaks Gujrati you can’t help but remember Hum Dil De chuke. When he dances it reminds you of Bajrangi. But he looks very powerful as the Prince. Sonam looks very pretty and plays her part well. She is quite weak in emotional scenes. Anupam Kher is wasted. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks good as a royal and is a surprise package. Swara Bhaskar gets few scenes to showcase how good she is. Armaan Kohli as the villain is bad, in fact very bad.

Some of the songs are good. The camera work with large sets and gamut of colour pleases the eyes. The movie although is not a typical Rajshri movie with huge families, their musical functions etc but manages to talk about the trust and love in a relationship. The family values etc. Watch it for Salman and his cheesy dialogues, watch it for some clean entertainment and watch it for the new Rajshri style of film making and finally watch it because it’s a festive season.

Rating : 3.5/5


iPhone 6 is to be “watched”

There are launches and then there is launch of an iPhone. Undoubtedly the biggest launch in the industry, the invites of this launch scheduled for 9th September were sent well in advance. What was surprising was that the invites were sent to leading fashionistas and fashion bloggers putting the speculation rife that Apple’s watch will be unveiled in this event. Exactly at 10.30 IST, the event started and although Apple announced that live video streaming will be available for the event on their website the video streaming stopped after few minutes into the launch. However the live updates were available for all to see and digest. Tim Cook took the stage and after a nostalgic trip the iPhone 6 was launched.

iPhone 6

Today we are pleased to announce the biggest announcement in iPhone is how Tim Cook started the session and the launch. Jaipur Beat was following the launch of these Apple products with bated breath. This is our take on the new products from Apple.

Size : The size of iPhone 6 is 5.44″ * 2.64″ and 6 Plus is 6.22″ * 3.02″. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus weighs 129 grams and 172 grams respectively. Despite big size these iPhones surely are leaner and maybe meaner.


Shape: The new iPhone comes with continuous seamless design with a combination of anodized aluminium, stainless steel and glass. So no sharp edges in the corner, this one comes with curves on the side. Apart from the new shape, these iPhone are one of the thinnest iPhones ever. At 6.9 mm, iPhone 6 is the thinnest iPhone currently. Even the iPhone plus is thinner than iPhone 5s despite its big size and display. The biggest change is the shift of power button which moves to the right side of the phone from the conventional right hand top. The volume buttons are also flat as compared to round in iPhone 5S.

Iphone thinDisplay : The new iPhone comes with the screen size of 4.7″ (iPhone 6) and 5.5″ (iPhone 6 Plus) multi touch display with IPS technology. Gone are the days when we used to say small is beautiful and handy. These iPhones are big and maybe bulky at times. So after all the size does matter 😉 Both of these come with the standard Retina display. iPhone 6 has a resolution of 1334 * 750 at 326 pixels per inch. That’s a serious resolution to have on a phone but iPhone 6 plus is really a plus when it comes to display. It comes with 1920 * 1080 at 401 pixels per inch. That’s full 1080p HD resolution in your pocket at 5.5″. The iPhone 6 comes with a new landscape view on home screen itself.

home screen

Processor : Both the iPhones come with Apple designed A8 chip. This chip has upto 25% faster processing power and upto 50% faster graphics power than its predecessor. The A8 chip is built on second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture. Its incredible power is enhanced by an M8 motion coprocessor that efficiently measures your activity from advanced sensors, including a new barometer.

Camera : As we all know, iPhone is one of the major reasons why every person is turning into a photographer these days. Now the 8MP iSight Camera with f/2.2 aperture has a new sensor with Focus Pixels and new video features, like 1080p HD at 60 fps, slo-mo at 240 fps, and time-lapse video mode.

iPhone 6 review Jaipur Beat

iOS 8 :  iOS 8 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. With incredible new  features designed to make the most of a larger display, iOS 8 is smooth and makes every moment feel bigger and better.


Apple Pay : Dear Wallet, your days are numbered because Apple Pay intends to replace you. Now paying in stores happens with just one touch !  The Near Field Communication antenna in iPhone 6 allows you to pay by just holding your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.

Apple Pay


 Battery : With increased battery life, iPhone 6 lets you do more, for longer than ever. iPhone 6 will offer almost the same battery life as iPhone 5s however iPhone 6 Plus will come with bigger battery to compliment its size.


Looking at all the above things, are you tempted to buy iPhone 6 ? If you are already an Apple freak this is a must buy, and if you are not, we are sure you will become one after using this 😉 🙂


iOS 7 from Apple : A seven star performer

When Apple decided to launch its iOS 7 few months back, it was the biggest overhaul of its iOS since the launch of iPhone in 2007. A lot was said about this new OS that was supposed to be the next big thing from Apple. Yesterday at 10.30 PM IST, iOS 7 was available for public download. Team Jaipur Beat decided to install it on their iPhone 5 and iPad. It was clearly obvious that we are heading for a long night looking at the over enthusiastic response for this OS. Apple servers were heard to have faced delays due to excessive download traffic.


Upgrading the OS is a very simple process. Please ensure to take a complete backup of your phone before attempting to upgrade the OS. On your iPhone go to settings > General > software update. You should have a data connection on your phone. The OS will search for the upgrade and will suggest you OS 7.0. Click on download and install option. Its recommended that you use wifi connection to download the OS. The iOS7 for iPhone 5 was 752 MB. It took us around 2.30 hours to install the OS on iPhone and around 2 hours on iPad.


One look at the new OS and you are already in love with it. It bright, its vibrant and its happy. Yes you can sense a happy and cheerful OS offering all the right positive looks. The icons undergoes a change, so do their colours. Gone are the days of yellow looking pictures or grey calendars. The notifications are of florescent red colour, some thing that was a bit too much for me. Over all the graphics of this new OS ensures that you take notice of this new OS.


All the controls such as wifi, bluetooth etc are now available on single click. Just slide the screen up from the bottom of the screen and you will get all the control from one locations. This feature surely is inspired by Android.  The torch option surely eliminates the need for third party apps.


The camera undergoes a massive change. It gives you an option of taking videos, photo, square photo and a Panoramic shot just by flipping from left to right. You can switch on the HDR and also flip between front and back camera by press of a button.


The most revolutionary feature on the camera is pre-set filters. These are not just pre-set filters that can be applied on a clicked picture, these actually allow you to live-view how will the picture look after clicking. Must saw these are pretty smart filters and enhances the photographic experience on iPhone.


Quitting an application is now simpler. Just double click the home button and you will find the list of open apps. Just drag the app you want to quite upwards and its done. The process is fast and simple.


Like Android, you also get an option of Dynamic and Stills as wallpaper. The dynamic are animated wallpapers.


All new images for the still wallpaper. Although I am already missing my blue jeans as an option.


The mailbox gets a new look. The icon is changed, the layout is now different and so are the fonts used. Its also extremely fast to download and send mails. Very impressive performance.


The compass also gets a new and serious look. Its quite effective in usage and calibrating it is piece of cake.

So over all finally it was worth a wait for almost three hours to download and install the iOS 7 on our devices. The OS is simply WOW. Its fast, brisk and looks very stable and offers what is missing in any other OS currently available ie Finesse

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Not so deewani….Yeh Jawaani

This is supposed to be one of the biggest release of the year. Coming from Karan Johar’s Dharma production starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and directed by Ayan Mukherji (Wake up Sid fame), it can’t get bigger than this.

The movie was released in all the leading multiplexes of Jaipur and we were told that the weekend shows are almost sold out on the online booking for this movie. Team Jaipur Beat decided to watch this movie on the very first day before the opinions about the movies start to flow around. In fact no online review was read by us till we watched this movie. Jaipur Beat forms its own opinion you see 🙂

The movie starts with a very advertisement campaign style sequence showing how professional Fed Ex are in delivering the couriers, probably a marriage card. The flashback of 8 years tells us that Bunny (Ranbir), Avi

k(Aditya Roy Kapoor) and Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) are close friends. They decide to take a adventurous trekking holiday at Manali. Naina (Deepika) is a studious kind of a girl who wears specs, who has never taken holiday in her life, never kissed some one, didn’t have an affair, never touched alcohol and so on…. So Naina joins them on this life changing holiday and care free boy Bunny, who loves speed, wants to keep moving meets this girl on a holiday. They spend time together, get to know each other and yes, fall in love with each other. No, I am not telling you the story of DDLJ again, but this is 2013 and we are still living with DDLJ hangover. The guy had intention to leave abroad to pursue his life and career and he actually does that leaving every one behind.


We are shown beautiful Europe and US in between where Bunny is busy doing travel shows. 8 years later, its yeh-jawani-hai-deewani_1365160991back to beautiful lake city of Udaipur where the royal wedding of Aditi is taking place and every one meets every one once again. Naina and Bunny meet again, the old flames are ignited and apart from the Rajshri inspired song and dance sequences , their love seems to blossom. The royal wedding setup at Oberoi’s Udai Vilas looks so similar to the end scene of Band Baja Baraat that was shot at Jodhpur. The song and dance sequence remind  us of Rajshri’s Hum Saath Saath Hai. Bunny again decides to leave for Paris leaving crying Naina and ever drinking and sulking Avi behind.

Will he come back or will continue to pursue his dreams ? I will leave this for you to know as it will spoil fun of watching the movie for you.

Overall a movie that promised so much, had potential to deliver so much, overall fails to deliver it all. Ayan Mukherji’s debut film Wake up Sid was so much full of emotions and character. Unfortunately the same is not seen in Yeh Jawaani. The characters are weak. Why Bunny (Ranbir) continued to move ahead in life and suddenly decides to drop it all and come back to be an emotional son and lover, was too sudden a transformation. What was the problem in Avi’s life that he continued to crib and drink like a tanker was never actually shown. Naina’s character never actually depicted that she was madly in love with Bunny. In fact the expressions between the lovers were so weak that even when Bunny was proposing to Naina, it looked like a meek and forced act.


The acting is good in parts and quite average in between. Some how we expected more from Ranbir after Rockstar and Barfi and I feel he disappointed us. Deepika looked ravishing and as beautiful as we expect her to be. She played a role of a subdued lover, and if its intentional then its alright, else I would say she failed to replicate the pain of a lover, as she’s supposed to be in the movie. To me the highlight of the movie was Kalki Koechlin, as fearless Aditi she plays the role with aplomb. And she looks so natural even during emotional scenes. Adtiya Roy Kapoor looks really good till he is not required to speak. As an ever drinking guy, he did a good job overall. Special mention to Farookh Sheikh, in a small role as Bunny’s father, he showed what a wonderful actor he is. In fact the scene between father and son reminds us so much of Wake up Sid, even the background music was similar. Madhuri as Mohini for the ghaghra song looked beautiful and of course dance brilliantly.

Watch Yeh Jawaani for its beautiful cinematography, for its wonderful locale of Manali, Europe and of course Udaipur. Watch it for some melodious music such as Kabira, Subhanallah and of course Balam Pichkari. Watch it for handsome Ranbir and mesmerizing Deepika. Expecting too much of a story, emotions and soul from it, would be expecting too much…..

Rating 3.5/ 5

Gaurav Hajela for Jaipur Beat

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Indian Cinema : 100 years and marching on

Growing up in Lucknow at an age of around 5 years, the influence of the hindi movies was some thing even I as a kid was unable to avoid. Those were the days when Rajesh Khanna was ruling the screen. kakaThe safari suit was such an essential in the wardrobe starting from the Sethji to his driver all were donning one. The barbers were ruing the time as long hair were the need of the hour and no one was visiting them.

As I grew up nothing changed much. Our generation identified another god who was nicknamed Angry Young man. That an average looking actor can generate so much passion and excitement was some thing Amitabh Bachchan showed to the world. AmitHis way of talking, tying a knot of his shirt, his tight fitting pants all became a revolution. A labourer can be seen saying to his boss “Main aaj bhi pheike hue paise nahin uthaata” Such was the following of AB that every second kid born during those days was named Vijay and favourite job option was that of Police Inspector. People identified AB as a common man and started behaving like one. His dance steps, although never exceptional, were rage and every wedding would play his songs. The first few buttons of shirt were actually treated as an accessory as no one really seemed to use them, thanks to Amitabh in Deewar.

AB ruled the silver screen for a massive time. His accident during the shooting of Coolie was a national tragedy, agneepath_amitabh_bachchan_600x450the country stopped. There were huge number of prayers, yagyas and what not. The country declared unofficial mourning. It was nothing short of a miracle that he survived. The movie, which originally was supposed to let him die, changed its end and he was kept alive. The public pressure can change the way a movie is made in India.

It was not only the superstars that defined the way movies were perceived in our country. Every movie would have its own fan following. People would get the advance booking done by standing hours in the queue just to see the first show. The show maybe the same but the reasons for the audience were different. Whereas the front row would be there to witness Mumtaz, the upper class would be there to appreciate Rajesh Khanna and his designer kurtas. Same hall, same screen and different applications. The mood in which the crowd exits the hall can actually define the fate of the movie. That Indians are expressive cannot be proved better than relating them with Hindi movies.

rishiAs time progressed the magic of Bachchan started to fade. The void was effectively filled by the first chocolate hero of India, Rishi Kapoor. He showed Indians what love is and how a gora chitta guy can be equally handsome. His choices of pullovers ensured that Monte Carlo, the pullover brand, can get repeated business. Rishi’s were the happy-go-lucky movies with some amazing music my R D Burman. The guy actually set the trend for the SRK’s, Hritik’s and his own son Ranbir of later years. Suddenly having mustache was treated as crime, a fact that was changed after the arrival of Jackie Shroff in Hero.

From a slim and lean Dev Sb to muscle factory Sunil Shetty, hindi movies showered love to them all. DevDEVA-4.TIF Anand showed the world in how many angles a body can be bent while doing a simple thing like walking. His shaking the head while speaking was a trend that was followed by many heroes, successfully and unsuccessfully . Probably Dev Anand was the first star that Hindi cinema saw. His movies were all super hits and from Madhubala to Richa Sharma he was one lucky guy to play hero to them all and also launching few new ones such as Tina Munim etc in between.

What started as support role for leading actor, the character of heroine in movies also saw sea change. Meena Kumari’s role in Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam, where she is shown drinking, changed the way actresses were perceived in Indian movies. Gorgeous Madhubala who started with small role in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, went on to perform in grand Mughal-e-Azam. Nutan and Waheeda Rahman were treated as thinking actresses and gave some powerful performances in Bandini, Guide etc. But it was Mother India, with Nargis in the lead role, that set the trend of

madhubala3heroine centric roles. The trend continues with current movies such as Kahaani and Fashion. The eastman colour movies ensured that more glamor was needed when it comes to Indian actress and hence dream girl was born. Extremely beautiful Hema Malini got a movie and was tagged Dreamgirl forever since then. And then arrived the turning point in Indian movies. Success was no longer rated with looks and talent but also who would have a deeper cleavage. The Zeenat Amans and Parveen Bobbys re-wrote the rules for actresses. Both of them used their bodies to their advantage, in fact Satyam Shivam Sunderam, coming from R K Films, was purely based with sex as one of the USP. Zeenat Aman left nothing for the imagination by exposing to a level not seen in Indian movies. The audience were not complaining and movie got its money back.

srkromance-27Coming from small town and starting with a negative role, Shahrukh Khan showed that he has enough courage to take on the established stars of Hindi Cinema. His negative roles in Darr and Baazigar got him instant success despite his “stammer in a dialogue delivery” and it was Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayege that changed his fortune forever, a shaking of the head dialogue delivery to blame probably. A romantic movie set in the conservative family script went on to become one of the biggest hits of Hindi cinema. Two another Khans : Aamir and Salman were also making huge success at box office. While Aamir took the tag of thinking actor and was catering to class, Salman-KhanSalman Bhai was the messiah of the masses. His hairstyle in Tere Naam was the hair style of the nation. People, irrespective of their looks, size and shape went ahead and got that hair style. So much for blind following a star.

And then came a guy who redefined the art of acting and went way beyond romance, good looks and action and came out with movies which touched the souls and entertained us in a fresh way. This guy is none other than Ranbir Kapoor who made a mark with movies such as Wake up SiD , Rocket Singh etc and in a very subtle way showed the youngsters the right way to pursue life and career. But this was not it. The real blast was made when “Janardhan Jakhar” turns into the big, bad Rockstar Jordan in the Imtiaz Ali movie Rockstar which changed our perception about music, passion and even that thing called ‘love’. That eating smosa with chatni is not an acceptable act for a guy who has a broken heart what so aptly reflected by Ranbir.


The movie was crafted like one long song of passionate romance, pain, tragedy, music, and no where in recent times has music been integrated so well with all the songs sung by Mohit Chauhan. Despite sad end, the movie was a roaring success. Next was Barfi where he plays a deaf and dumb boy and falls in love with an autistic girl played beautifully by Priyanka Chopra and took away many hearts as well as national awards.

The lead names changed, the implementation changed from Mughal-E-Azam to Sholay to DDLJ and now Rockstar but ceased to change the way Indians idolised the Hindi cinema. We were crazy and continue to be crazy for movies. Despite seeing a drop in business during the VCR and VCD days, the cinema halls continue to strive in our country. The old auditoriums are now replaced with state-of-the-art multiplexes inside fancy malls and watching movie is now “shopotainment” rather than just entertainment. The Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika and Katrina continue to entertain us. The good movies are still made and we Indians continue to get solace, comfort, motivation ,connections and what not from those.

Can we now have the next 100 years please??

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Movie Review : Race 2


Do you all remember how Race had your adrenalin pumping as each twist made you gawk before you even had a chance to think?

Well, Race 2 might lose the race against your mind this time but the director duo of Abbas-Mustan has a lot more on mind. Let’s start with the main plot.

A rare remnant from Race, the suave Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan), hunts the hot spots of Istanbul in zest of revenge for the murder of his beloved Sonia (Bipasha Basu in a cameo) as he gets entwined with the fortunes of Armaan Malik (John Abraham), a former street fighter-turned-billionaire crime lord. Armaan and his sister, Elena (Deepika Padukone), are adept at tricking folks out of suitcases of cash, while Armaan’s girlfriend Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez), a flirty pickpocket, sets her eyes on Ranveer with an agenda of her own.

The girls Deepika and Jacqueline try hard to pump up the steam with their beautifully-sculpted bodies which add to this tightly woven story of betrayal and survival.



However, these two gorgeous damsels need to do more if they want to be taken seriously by their fans as well as Bollywood.

As for the heroes, Saif looks like he decided to play a smirky avatar of Agent Vinod. No kidding. A definite special mention has to be made of the chilling on-the-foot-then-car-and-boat chase sequence through the crowded streets of Istanbul where Saif hunts down his beloved’s killer.

The brawny John Abraham replacing the relatively scrawny Akshay Khanna of the original Race ensures that the sequel has a distinctly higher beefcake though he slips down a little when it comes to acting and expressions.


The comic combo of the fruit-chomping Anil Kapoor with his new ditsy secretary Ameesha Patel, as a character refers to them as ‘Fruit & Nut’ will tickle your funny bone with their vulgar one-liners from time to time.

The music is infectious especially; Party on My Mind and Lat Lag gayi which make your feet tap with Atif Aslam’s Be Inteha as a soothing romantic number while Allah Duhai Hai fails to impress.


Race 2 is a must watch for Saif and his polished dialogue deliveries and smart one-liners, Abraham, for his dashing scheming businessman look, action sequences and lots of glamour that cater to the classes and the masses and of course for all the three ravishing ladies who also know how to act.

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MTV Coke Studio takes Jaipur by storm

MTV Coke Studio arrived at Jaipur under the musical festival for Jaipur Literature Festival. The performing artists on 26th Jan were Shilpa Rao and Papon. Shilpa has performed with Shankar Mahadevan and is currently singing jingles for advertisements and Bollywood films. Shilpa Rao has performed for Karsh Kale in Season 2 of Coke Studio @ MTV. Papon has been part of both the seasons on Coke studio @ MTV. Papon also has super-hit songs from the India film industry – Jiye Kyun from Dum Maro Dum, and Kyun from Barfi.

Presenting MTV Coke Studio in pictures :

IMG_6719 IMG_6725 IMG_6760 IMG_6782 IMG_6788 IMG_6813 IMG_6858 IMG_6868 IMG_6901 IMG_6933 IMG_6969 IMG_7006

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Android Tablet Review : Qube Pro

Qube Pro : A Pro in making

Although there are various sizes of tablets available in the market, the closest a Tablet to match a Laptop is 9” or above. 9” tablet due to its size and convenience, give user a choice of skipping the usage of Laptop. Qube Pro, fits the bill of an occasional as well as a serious Tablet with its 9.7” screen. One looks at Qube Pro and realizes it’s a serious machine we are referring to.


Design and Build

Qube Pro is a solid looking Tablet with black front and grey rear. All the buttons including the power button are available on the sides of the tablet whereas the speakers and rear camera is at the back.


The design of Qube Pro is user friendly and convenient to use in either landscape or portrait mode.  The rear touches directly to the surface and hence we suggest using the tablet always with a cover.

Feature and Performance

Once you power on Qube Pro you are welcomed with a bright green logo of Qube followed by Android’s logo. The Pro comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream sandwich preloaded. The OS is optimized for Tablet and comes with all the goodies required for a routine user. The tablet comes with two speakers that are quite decent. However, watching a movie based on those would not be advised. The Pro comes with following ports on the left panel: headphone, USB,  Mini SD card slot, HDMI and DC input 5V-2A. The top left comes with home and back button that is also possible through the Android touch screen based commands.

pro4-800x500The booting process is very fast. The apps loading are also quick however it tends to get a bit slow when lots of app are open in the RAM. The Boxchip A10 @ 1.5 Ghz is quite handful for the apps and OS. The Qube Pro comes with 8000MAH/3.7V battery. The life of the battery depends on the application usage however it leaves much to be desired when it come to multimedia and high end graphic usage. That is largely due to the fact that screen size takes a lot out of the battery.

The Tablet comes with external 3G USB dongle support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communication and Internet connectivity.

Display and Screen

I am using an Apple iPad for my personal use. I have also used Samsung Tab for some time. Must say that Qube Pro comes with one of the best Capacitive Multi-touch screen with precise and quick response.  The resolution is 1366 * 768 with 16: 9 aspect ratios. The quality of graphics is quite acceptable looking at the price point this is sold at. The limitations are there when we are playing high graphic intensive games. There you crave for more.


Apps and Camera

The good thing about Qube Pro is that it comes with essential apps preloaded for Indian users. Some of them are TOI for news, Just Dial for local search based on GPS, ESPN cricinfo for cricket news and updates etc. The Tablet is ready to use once you take it out of the box. Social Media tools such as Google + and Facebook are also preloaded.

The Tablet comes with dual camera that serves the purpose of Chat, Skype etc.


Having used numerous Tablets both at high end and low end, I must say that Qube Pro surprised me with its performance and value for money feature. The Tablet just delivers what we expect from it. The price point is so aggressive that you end up buying a bigger Tablet, which eventually helps when the usage increases. Except for not so good battery performance, Qube Pro delivers more than you expect it to.

Points: 4.5/5

For more details visit the website http://qubetab.com/  or contact +91 -141- 5116105