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Forhex Fair 2012

Big news for the art and craft lovers!! The much appreciated and much awaited Forhex Fair is back in the Pink City  with a whole world of craft, handicraft and textile. The fair is scheduled to start from August10 to 12, 2012 at the B.M. Birla Auditorium, Jaipur- Rajasthan. The Forhex Fair is an indigenous initiative […]


Get quirky on this Rakhi

Siblings fight, tease and irritate each other to death, while giving parents a little fright with their bickering. But, all of us would agree that no one knows us better than a sibling. And, even after knowing everything silly about us, they love us. Indian’s love of festivities celebrates this sibling love in form of […]


Gift Ideas for brothers!

With brothers becoming more and more selective and choosy these days, deciding a Rakhi gift for them has become a difficult task for sisters. However, by putting in a little thought and consideration about your brother’s choice, one may decide a perfect Rakhi gift for brothers.   1. For Trendy Brothers:  For brothers who love […]


Gardening during Monsoon

Monsoon is the best season for planting, and also for preparing the existing plants for taking in the full pleasure of nourishment. Planting trees at this time reduces much of your labour on their establishment and maintenance. All sizes of trees and shrubs can be planted during the rainy season if you give careful attention […]


The magic of tie-and-dye

What do you imagine when you hear the words “tie and dye”? -A women clad in embellished tie-and-dye saree with ornaments adorning her beauty, or -A college girl adding a tie-and-dye scarf to take a break from her Plain-Jane look? Well, you are not alone. “Tie-and-dye” is an inseparable part of Rajasthani culture. It has […]


Serving water to the thirsty!

It is said that the best charity is giving food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. The latter is especially true in the hot summer months, when a parched throat can make life feel miserable, and nothing is more welcome than a glass of cool water. All over Jaipur, there are many people who […]