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5 Things Not To Be Missed During the Rajasthan Festival

Being in Jaipur during the end of the month of March brings to you to celebrate with us the Foundation Day of this majestic Land of Kings. Exactly 69 years ago on March 30, 1949 Rajasthan was united to become a republic state of India. Being the largest in terms of area in the country, Rajasthan differs from east to west and north to south.

If you are in Jaipur, these 5 things are not to be missed during the ongoing Rajasthan Festival.

  1. Children’s Film Festival

CFFTo start with the youngest, Rajasthan Festival has something to connect to every age group. There are a few films like Bhago Bhoot, Gili Gili Atta, etc. screened for children on 29th and 30th March to enjoy and learn at Inox Cinema Hall, Crystal Palm, Jaipur.

  1. Police Tattoo Show

OpeningArmed men have always attracted people and so does their work. With the opening ceremony which starts today from 5:30 pm at JDA Polo Ground, the Police Tattoo Show are ought to leave you spellbound with their acts. Do not miss the Motor Bike Show by ‘Seema Bhawani’ Women Cammando team of BSF.

  1. The Trio’s Mega Concert

Shankar-Ehsaan-LoyShankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa- the greatest trio of music industry often called as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy will leave you breathless against the mesmerizing backdrop of Albert Hall on the 29th of March 7:00 pm onwards.

  1. Grand Closing Ceremony

vidhan-sabhaCelebrations can go on without any reason but to start something new the previous have to finish successfully. With more to come in the next few months, the grand closing ceremony which will take place at Janpath on 30th March from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm adding much grandeur to the evening with divisional tableaux of folk performances and much more.

  1. Lit Up Jaipur

Amer -JBHow can one forget the beauty of this captivating city. With lights on at all the forts, museums, government buildings, the fabled city enhances its beauty even more from every corner when lit up. If you are least interested in attending any of the events taking place, do not forget to drive through the streets of Jaipur during this time of the year. It beholds a totally different feeling and a sight not worth missing 😉

Children Film Festival In JAipur

Making your Celebration simpler: Christmas & New Year’s in Jaipur


As 2013 nears its close and as we head close to the last week, and indeed the most happening and most celebrated one, of December and this year, the excitement is palpable. Everybody we know is busy making plans and hunting the best party destination in the Pink City. We thought we could help and make your search a little simpler.

Christmas Celebrations 2013

For starters you must know that every hang-out, hotel and restaurant has something planned for Christmas and New Year’s. There is a Christmas carnival and bash and un-ending number of events planned for kids, families, singles and couples at The Fern Hotel, on December 24th, December 25th in the morning and in the afternoon. There will be Christmas carols, candy floss, face painters, a gala Christmas-special buffet dinner and lunch and much more! It is going to be thrilling for your kids, nieces or nephews as well; they are going to love you for it! Oh, and they have a Christmas special Turkey Station on the Christmas eve; now that’s something new 🙂

Christmas-180x300The Hotel Park Inn in Bani Park has organised a rooftop Christmas-theme party for the Christmas eve, December 24th, in the late evening. It is strictly for couples; now that seems interesting 😉 A celebrity DJ of the town would be playing foot-tapping music, not to mention the unlimited drinks and a delectable dinner.


As the New Year comes close are we all not looking back at the year and rating it in our head? The Facebook yearbook that features your highlights of the ending year, which you updated about, sums it perfectly. Anyhow, arrive the New Year’s evening and we are all set for the last and definitely not the least happening event of the year. If a classic pre-planned party is your idea, then The Lalit has two great parties to offer, for two very different kinds of audiences! The one at their Central Courtyard is all about soothing ghazals and stirring Qawwalis this New Year’s Eve with the performances by Nizami Bandhu who take you into the beautiful tradition of Sufism. The other one is of course where you have to buckle up your party shoes with DJ Kartech playing Bollywood and pop tracks. Teenagers, young adults or adults, if your idea of welcoming New Year’s is in a big group of friends and if something less expensive would be something more suitable 😉 then we have good ideas for you too.


You could guzzle up the drinks and devour the gourmet food amidst a romantic and welcoming ambiance at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar. Here you pay for what you order; nothing more and nothing less!

Alsisar HAveli jb

For some New Year’s has appeal when you are away from most of the city and its hustle-bustle. If that’s so, we would strongly recommend the heritage Alsisar Hotel on the Sansar Chand road in Jaipur. One of the up-town royal places, where you would find a selective few of the city. The good part of all these places is the chance to over-stay and it would always be welcome 😉 What we mean is that one could book suites for the night if they choose.


Before we wish you a happy week, here are a few smart things we want you to know and keep in mind! One, there are some interesting online shopping sites like Groupon that have awesome discounts and party deals on offer, to some of the posh places of Jaipur! Two, prepare for you and your friends’/family’s safety well in advance. When you are going to drive back home, let your sober friend drive. If it is an all girls’ gang you are in, arrange for a chauffeur or book yourselves a cab for the late night. It might sound very banal right now, but it would do you a lot of good to be cautious. Only if we could prove it with statistics!

Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year’s Jaipur! We want you to bid farewell to the ending year singing and dancing, make resolutions for the coming one and tell us all the New Year gossip of the Pink City!!

Children Film Festival In JAipur

Children Film Festival Starting From Today!

First time in Jaipur-

Children Film Society of India is organizing  ‘Summer Bonanza’

In a world that is cluttered with violent content for children, Children Film Society of India  is bringing cinema to your city that is humane and non-violent, and yet delightful and fun!

For four days, city kids can enjoy watching award winning children films at Pink Square mall.

Starting from today, this four day event is free for kids.

Some of the films to be showcased are-



Hayat is a 12 year old girl who lives with her family in a village in Iran. She is looking forward to give an exam in the    village school and is preparing hard for it. The night before the exams, her father falls ill and has to be hospitalized. Hayat is distraught at having to babysit her infant sister on the most important day of her life. But she is not a girl to give up that easily. With some well-wishers helping her along the way Hayat, whose name means life, makes a desperate attempt to give her exam. Would she succeed?


Poverty forces little Lilkee, originally from Nainital, to become a domestic help for architect Bela in Mumbai. She has difficulty in adjusting to city life. To add insult to injury she is humiliated by a gang of four girls from a rich family. Later, when the girls come to know of her plight, they not only befriend Lilkee but try to raise money to help her go back to Nainital. But full of self respect, Lilkee politely refuses. One day, the girls ask her to accompany them to the sea during school hours. Lilkee informs her employer but the other girls don’t tell their parents. When the children don’t return for a long time, the parents get worried. After being found, they scold their girls but Lilkee’s sense of responsibility wins over Bela who admits her to a school.

Krish Trish Balti Boy

Discover folk wisdom presented in an artistic manner through magnificent folk art and watch how this magnificent art comes alive through the medium of animation.

Charan Das Chor

Charandas the thief, after swearing to always tell the truth is adamant in his resolve to follow it. Before committing any theft he tells his victims of his true motives. He scolds his loyal partner Buddhu whenever he lies. In the course of his profession as a thief, he encounters rulers and artists, businessmen and religious gurus, each of whom ironically pale before the honesty of Charandas – the thief.

Karamati Coat

Raju is a poor rag picker. One day a magical stranger gifts him a red coat. Raju discovers that whenever he puts his hand in the coats pocket, a rupee appears. Later he realizes an important lesson that easy money comes with its own problems and cannot be enjoyed for long.