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7 Things We Find During Diwali Cleanliness Drive At Home!

They say Diwali is all about lights, festivity, and celebration. But is it just about that?

Diwali is also about cleaning the whole house like never before; it is also about nostalgia on finding out old stuff, and about remembering the old Diwali days. Jaipur Beat takes you on a trip to find the lost treasures that we only find out and remember about in “Diwali ki Safai”. Here follows a list of things that we find during our Safai Mania!

  • The Memories!

There are always some pictures from childhood that our parents took of us having made the mess. There are also the pictures from family trips to hill stations or simply to Amber Fort in Daddu’s lap or papa’s shoulders. Good times!


  • The Money

We all have that secret place for keeping extra cash that we never told anyone about. Moreover, we ourselves forgot about having kept it there! And Tada! It pops out of nowhere during Diwali Safai.

  • Toys

Those childhood treasures, miniature cars, teddy bears, dolls, planes and whatnot. Those toys are just there to stay and be admired year after year, and you smile thinking about the tantrums you used to throw at losing them for the shortest span of time.

  • Clothes

The long forgotten dress that used to be your favourite but you grew out and eventually forgot about it. It’s about time you donate them at the Mother Teresa Home or Neki ki Deewar in Jaipur

neki ki deewar



  • Home Décor Items

Year after year we buy new stuff to decorate our house on Diwali, and the old stuff just gets dumped in the storeroom, only to be noticed on next Diwali safai!

  • Cards

Birthday cards, wedding cards, written letters and messages that you kept under the mattress and forgot about.

  • Trivial things

That lost jewellery piece that you kept safely in your drawer only to take it out now, or the coins and pennies in nooks and corners.


Diwali is the biggest festival of the year and the most exciting one too, but the “Diwali Safai” also has its own advantages, that bring along a lot of things that we loved and lost, or forgot about during the year!

Did you start your Diwali Safai yet? What did you find? Let us know in comments!

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5 Trends Of Festive Shopping That Changed With e- shopping

Along with all the other trends that keep changing every season, there are some trends that are not just changing every day, but are actually introducing us to a whole new world, the world of Internet and e-shopping. With Diwali right around the corner, let’s take a look at how all of us have a different definition of shopping these days !

1) Traffic jam / Server jam

While getting stuck in traffic jams before and after shopping was a regular experience, it has been now replaced by the internet server crashing right when you are placing an order and about to click on the purchase button ! And guess what, it irritates us almost as much getting physically traffic jammed 😉

2) Pamphlets with Newspaper / Advertisement on your timeline

Know the feeling of picking up a newspaper filled with advertisements front & back in the festive season and a pamphlet falling off it? The same happens as soon as we log in every morning on any website or facebook as our timeline is flooded with advertisements of online sales !

3) Sales girls / Chat window

The pleasant experience of a beautiful sales girl or a handsome sales boy pursuing you to buy a few things has turned into an anonymous chat window popping up every time you go on an online shopping portal, and they are always too busy 😉

4) From shop to shop / From page to page

From walking from one shop to another to look for a better and probably cheaper product, it has now come to doing it just by a click to jump from one page to another ! This surely gives our lazy legs a little break :p

5) Spending time / Saving time

Going out to shop also termed as ‘Retail therapy’ by some which basically includes spending time with shopaholic friends is not the same anymore. We have a short cut now ! All you have to do is go online, click on a few things, just sit back & wait till your shopping comes to you in your comfort zone !


Pics via Google and

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Save Your City- Go Green, this Diwali!

Diwali Festival spells sparkle, festivity and fire crackers. But the joy of diwali celebration could actually be damaging our planet in the long term!

So this year, why not “Go Green”?

We don’t mean to stop celebrating the festival but we actually mean to change the way we  celebrate this festival of lights…

It’s not as difficult as you thought, just a bit of efforts will make your city free from environmental hazards.

Go for fresh flowers, daals Rangoli

Colourful rangoli is synonymous with decorating the house for Diwali. Colours used to create these magical rangolis contain harmful chemicals.

So why not opt for fresh flower petals or can even consider using colourfuldaals/ beans or even spice powders off the kitchen shelf.

Decorate with your imagination and play around like-

yellow- haldipowder, orange peels-orange color, beetroot peel for magenta, blood red chilly powder, green moong daal or an orange masoor daal.

Avoid fire crackers that pollute the air…
It may be fun to watch the fire crackers light up the dark sky on Diwali,, but have you spared a thought for the fact that this temporary joy actually causes air and noise pollution?

Avoid fire crackers this Diwali or minimize lighting up if you must, and contribute towards  keeping the planet green!

No fancy lighting; go for diyas
Avoid using wasteful electric illumination or fairy lights to brighten up your home or establishment. Opt for the traditional earthen oil lamps, which actually create a magical effect.

Earthern diyas are a zillion times better and more beautiful than fancy lights!


Let’s celebrate an eco-friendly diwali with your friends & family!