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Review Dear Zindagi- Alia, SRK and Goa to charm you!

Last fortnight was indeed the tough one with lots of uncertainty around and that calls to love our Zindagi much more! Jaipur Beat thought to make our Sunday the Happy One 🙂 and we head for the movie on a Sunday evening at INOX Pink Square.

Here’s our take on the recently released movie- Dear Zindagi 

Direction: Gauri Shinde

Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Angad Bedi, Ira Dubey


With a team of Gauri Shinde, Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, Dear Zindagi has every thing going for it even before the titles start to appear. Kaira uff Koko (Alia) is a cinematographer who is supposed to be great in her job. Her producer Raghu (Kunal Kapoor) has hots for her although she is dating Sid (Angad Bedi). She breaks from Sid by disclosing that she slept with her producer. Now Raghu offers her great job for a film to be shot in New York and also proposes her which she some how ignores.

The first one-hour of the movie moves real fast and rapidly. You like the pace as too much is happening too soon. It’s after that, that the movie begins to slip a bit. So Kaira is forced to leave Mumbai and come to Goa to stay with her parents. And like all the parents, her parents start to preach her about life and marriage. Kaira realises that she is losing her mental peace and is unable to sleep. Enters Jehangir Khan (SRK), her therapist. Dr Khan has a perfect bungalow in Goa with old age charm; he is witty and wears different shades of linen shirts.


Their sessions start inside the four wall and slowly the rules are broken and the outdoor sessions at beach, while cycling etc also takes place. Kaira opens up with Dr Khan, she starts to trust him and she feels good just to be with him. She shares her secrets and fears with him. Over here we come to know about her traumatic childhood,reasons for her stressful relationships with parents and failed romantic relationships. Dr Khan teaches Kaira to live for today “Don’t let the past blackmail your present”. He develops her self-confidence, asks her to forget her past and also let her cry. “Agar tum khul ke roegi nahin to hasogi kaise ?


This part of the movie is very slow, full of gyaan, drags and misses the point. This is where Gauri Shinde does injustice to the script and lead characters. The foundation of Dr Khan and Kaira’s relationship is not very convincing and it rather looked fake. And while this relationship was developing in comes Rumi (Ali Zafar) whose contribution to the script is singing few songs.

A take on today’s generations multiple relationships was put up very aptly in the movie with a very fine example of comparing it to choosing a chair. You try multiple chairs but buy just one and the same goes with choosing a partner so there is nothing wrong if you get in and out multiple times to find that perfect partner.

 The movie carries a message, which is so relevant in today’s world. What memories from the past we should carry with what and us we leave is a very important decision and hence one must not carry excess baggage in their life. The entire movie rests on Alia’s tiny shoulders and it’s delight to see King Khan agreeing to play second fiddle to her. Alia is terrific and simply excels in emotional scenes. Shahrukh Khan’s is an extension to the role in Chak De. But the sad part is that out of all the three Khans (Aamir, Salman and him) he is now the oldest looking Khan for sure. Probably those packets of cigarettes are beginning to play a role now. The balance and control shown in the relationship between Dr Khan and Kaira is surely the best part of the movie. No over the top emotions yet subtle and strong bond. Like in English Vinglish, the music is very good.  Would suggest one time watch as it is a very brave movie in lot of respects.

Rating : 3.5/5

Review posted by Gaurav Hajela

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A Filmy Week To Begin In Jaipur Tomorrow

As theatres keep overflowing with new movie releases, Jaipur brings for you a pool of sensible cinema that you have never experienced before.

Yet another Film festival is opening in Jaipur from Sunday named “16 International Film Festivals”. It is being organized by the internationally acclaimed Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) from May 15 to 22 at the Nile screen of the prestigious Golcha Cinema. Festival films would be screened daily in the evening from 5.00 Pm to 9.15 Pm.


Film personalities from India and abroad have started arriving at the Pink City to participate in the simultaneous 16 film festivals.

Bilal Taheri from Iran, Stela Pelin from Romania and Hasan Nazar from Afghanistan are among the prominent personalities reaching Jaipur who would be taking part in the inaugural session of the festival.

‘Special Talks’ would be held daily at 5 PM which would be followed by film screenings from 6 PM.

jaipur international film festival

Different subjects like women issues, human rights, democracy, politics and corruption, and development issues, art and culture would be discussed and films based on these themes would be screened besides Children and animation films. Cine goers in Jaipur would have a chance to watch world’s top selected films in the festival.

films in 16 iff

A total of 975 films were submitted for the festivals from 60 countries of which top 65 films have been elected for the screening. Among them are seven feature films, five documentary feature films, nine documentary short films, 28 short fiction films, two animation feature films, seven short animation films and seven Advertising films.

film festival in jaipur

The event will be opening with Political and Democracy Film Festival. The schedule of JIFF will be as follows-

On 15th May senior journalist Tribhuvan would talk on democracy.

On 16th May Chairperson of FICCIFLO Preeti Saboo and film maker Gajendra Shrotriya will discuss the subject “Women in Current Era with special reference to Science and Environment” with Ritu Verma and Pragya Rathor.

On 17th May Hariram Meena and Dr. D.P. Agrawal would discuss the subject “Tribals”.

On 18th May there would be open dialogue on “Rajasthani Cinema : Film Makers, Audiences and Government.

On 19th May Dr. Dushyant and Ish Madhu talwar will discuss “Love and Romentic Cinema”, while Gagan Mishra will discuss Children films, Dr. Vibhuti Pandey and Devesh Sharma would discuss with Ritu Verma and Pragya Rathor the subject of increasing scope in Animation films.

On 20th May Dr. M.K. Devrajan, Kavita Shrivastava and M. Hasan would discuss Human Rights.

On 21st May Ranveer Singh, Dharmendra Kanwar, and Sarvesh Bhatt will discuss with Vinod Bharadwaj on Art and Culture.

16 iff

People from all age group can attend the festival. The only film for adult only is ‘Project Marathwada’, based on suicides of farmers. Om Puri plays the lead role in the yet unreleased film.

Founder of the JIFF and 16IFF Hanu Roj said the main objective of the simultaneous film festivals is to create awareness about the issues raised in the selected films. Discussions during the festivals have been designed taking into account intellectual needs of film-goers of all age groups.

16 iff jaipur

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6 Reasons Why You Must Watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Some of you must have thought it’s another baseless Salman Khan movie, and the rest of you must have thought ‘Bhai ki movie hai, it’s a must watch’ 😉 But the truth is, that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is more than meets the eye. In case you are still planning to miss it, here are 6 points which will surely change your mind !

  1. The story line
    Surprised? Yes, it has one, and make no mistake, it’s quite a different and a beautiful one. A journey of a lost mute girl from India to Pakistan, reminding a teenie-weenie bit of Gadar, with some emotional jerks and humorous moments, will make it a roller coaster ride for you !Story line
  2. Little Harshaali
    The reason why we went to watch the movie, and were not let down. This little girl, Munni a.k.a Shahida with no dialogue in the movie, acts with her eyes and steals your heart with her innocent smile and perfect expressions.Haarshali
  3. Kashmir 
    Have you ever been to Kashmir? If not, your soul would call out to you and beg to visit and behold this heaven at least once in a lifetime, and if the answer is yes, you would want to go there once again and get soaked in the dreamlike snow peaked mountains and the beautiful valley.kashmir
  4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui 
    One of the most under-rated actors of Bollywood, once again proves his fine acting skills and superb comic timing even though he enters post interval !Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  5. Parallel World of India-Pakistan
    Watching this movie will transport you to the parallel world which you still dream of. A world very vividly created by the director and the writers of this movie, where goodness, peace and purity resides in every human heart, be it Indian or Pakistani.Bajrangi
  6. Salman Bhai
    Last but not the least, to watch Salman Khan on the screen with minimum shirtless scenes, no unnecessary action scenes, no overacting, and using his eyes to express affection, anger, sympathy, love and every emotion that his character Bajrangi Bhaijaan is made of.Salman khan


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Love Actually Comes In All Sizes In ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’

When the trailer of ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ came out, it definitely looked quirky and intriguing enough to draw attention. But what surely came as a surprise was that without too many promotions and hype, this Yash Raj production was out in the theatres.

We went to watch it thinking that this might be another funny cum sad story where the conventionally good looking Prem (Ayushmann Khurrana) would get married to an overweight girl Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) and they will just eventually accept each other. But we were completely wrong. Even though the movie reminded of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in some parts with the narrow streets and a mismatched couple, it unfolds in a tale that moves closer to reality and fonder to your heart.


The movie is set up in 1995, where a submissive 10th fail boy-next-door Prem, who lives in Haridwar, is forcefully married to rotund Sandhya because she is far more educated than him and an ideal future bread earner for the family. Conflicts arise when Prem realises that this is not what he deserves, and becomes a rebel which compels Sandhya to file for divorce. When the court orders them to give 6 more months to their marriage, they aren’t left with any option. Will they survive this? Watch it to find out.


What makes the movie so special and different is the pragmatic nostalgia of 90s with audio cassettes, old libraries, printed pullovers, Kumar Sanu’s voice and a shop playing Shahrukh Khan’s Darr in a scene. It is their super dramatic families and the refined actors which make the movie funny and adorable at the same time. The innocent chemistry between Prem and Sandhya is very well mixed with tasteful humour like the scene where they express their spiteful feelings by switching Hindi film songs on the transistor one after another.


Ayushmann Khurrana finally steps out of ‘Vicky Donor’ avatar, leaves his comfort zone behind and delivers a performance that justifies his talent and essence in Hindi cinema.  But what truly stole our hearts was the newbie Bhumi Pednekar aka Sandhya, who shows no sign of self pity because of her weight and is a woman who is clear headed and ready to fight for what’s hers to have in society.

The direction by Sharat Katariya is smooth, could have been more fast-paced in the second half, timings are flawless, music is a mix of soothing numbers like Papon’s  with a funny twist like Sunder Susheel and Kumar Sanu’s Dard Karaara is truly an ode to the 90s !!

dard karaara

Watch it if you are a fan of 90s and need a break from the conventional cinema.

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Is Haider Really A Bang Bang ?

Already riding high on expectations owing to its intriguing and spine-chilling trailer, Haider finally hits theatres. Is Haider really a bang-bang? Let’s find out.

Is Haider Really A Bang Bang ?
Being a hallmark for an exceptional story- telling, the director Vishal Bhardawaj loves translating Shakespeare’s work on screen. This time he creates magic with ‘Hamlet’. The hamlet here is Haider (Shahid Kapoor). Haider is a poetry student who returns his hometown, Srinagar from Aligarh on receiving news of the destruction of his family home and disappearance of his doctor father, Meer. Not only does he learn his father was abducted by security forces for harboring injured militants , but also about illegitimate relationship of his mother, Ghazala (Tabu) with his own uncle, Khurram (Kay Kay). Twist comes in the story when a stranger named Roohdar (Irrfan) passes a message to Haider from his father. What follows next, form the rest!

Is Haider Really A Bang Bang ?
Movie is set in gloomy & tumultuous Kashmir valley and looks at the harsh reality of militant Kashmir of the time 1995, when the value of human life was zero. Director has skillfully fused the greys of personal agony with the black of politics. Full score to the way Kashmir has been depicted. Use of Kashmiri & Urdu accents creates a realistic background for characters. Movie remains breathlessly intense throughout. Stuffed with tense moments, the movie has several dramatic scenes that may give you goosebumps . Despite having all the ingredients right, a confusing screenplay may let you down a bit. Music has a traditional Kashmiri influence, and is totally engaging.

Is Haider Really A Bang Bang ?
The film casting is perfect. The ease with which Shahid plays the role of Haider, is sure shot to win your heart. Tabu, as usual is brilliant and brings out the credibility to her role as Shahid’s mother. Irrfan’s role is small but impactful. Kay Kay Menon is amazing. Shraddha Kapoor is equally superb as Shahid’s love interest, Arshia. The pitch perfect performance of every actor does every bit of justice to Haider.

Is Haider Really A Bang Bang ?
Overall, the movie offers a delightful cinematic experience. If you are accustomed to watching typical Bollywood masala movie, Haider may not appeal to you. But if you admire mature cinema, you won’t be disappointed. For its impressive cinematography, brilliant direction & flawless acting performances, we give Haider 4 STARS.

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Khoobsurat : A Disney Tale


Expecting this to be as good and as funny as original Khubsoorat would be unfair, expecting the lead actress of this movie to match the skills and spontaneity of Rekha would be too much to ask for. So now that we have set your expectations in right perspective let’s start with this journey called Khoobsurat.

When 50% of the hall is empty on the first day evening show of a movie, you surely have a reason to worry about as to what is there in store for next 3 hrs and also when you have already seen lot of youngsters heading towards having a “Daawat” in another Hall of the multiplex. The movie starts with a trailer of Bang Bang and boy you just can’t miss the hot screen presence of Hrithik and Katrina. And immediately a decision to watch Bang Bang on the very first day was taken, like this decision of watching Khoobsurat on the very first day was taken after watching its trailer.

When you see Sonam talking about how she felt like a princess working in a Disney film in the very beginning, you know where the bucks are coming from as Disney is the producer of this movie. Movie starts with Sonam wearing oversized glasses acting as a physiotherapist who claims to have cured Sehwag and Dhoni through her skills. She belongs to typical Delhi Punjabi family that has over the top mother (Kiron Kher in her patent role), a young brat of a brother and silent Bengali father and they will always have chicken shiken for dinner.


Alright, Milli (Sonam) gets a job to cure the Raja of Sambhalgarh ( Aamir Raza Hussain) and she decides to take a journey to the place in a camel cart (??) although her 3G connection kept working as she continues to talk to Manju (her mother) , probably Rekha’s namesake after Khubsoorat. The grand palace of Sambhalgarh has every thing immaculate about it, the heritage, the antiques, the grandness and the people. Rani Sa Nirmala Devi Rathore (Ratna Pathak) is a perfectionist with her “dinner at sharp eight” kind of theories well in place. The Raja does have his sarcastic streaks alive while having his favourite wine. The prince Vikram Singh Rathore ( Fawad Khan) is engaged to Kyra (Aditi Rao) . He is a hard core business man who wouldn’t mind getting a seat of his choice in an aircraft just to get his business deal through.


So Milli reaches Sambhalgarh and as rightly addressed by Prince “Aafat” arrives. She believes in breaking every rule, she believes in rubbing too many people the wrong way, she believes in eating rice through her hand and she believes in taking selfies in every corner of this grand palace and chatting with Manju on Skype through her iPad. As expected, things start to change in this silent and subtle palace. The prince despite everything going against him, falls for her. The members start to like her and she herself falls in deep love with the Prince.

The movie that starts at a great pace slows down in between especially during the songs and emotional scenes. The chemistry between the Prince and Milli could have been projected better. Kiron Kher has nothing to do as from Hum Tum to Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna to Khoobsurat she has played the role in exactly the same manner and expressions i.e loud. Ratna Pathak stands out in her role as Rani sa. She carries the role with a lot of grace and composure. She looks royal in her chiffon sarees with matching brooches. Aamir Raja Hussain played the role of Raja to aplomb. He looks so much at ease playing the character.


As regards the lead characters the role of Milli was tailor made for Sonam in this home production like that of Aisha. She looks natural in her Punjabi girl avatar however fails miserably in emotional and intense scenes. Frankly she looks horrible in romantic scenes. And her wardrobe has nothing stylish about it although they are flashy and colourful. The person to watch is Fawad Khan, he is hot and has a tremendous screen presence. The poise with which he plays the role of Prince Vikram Rathore is credible for a person who is acting in his first hindi movie. He looks like a perfect gentleman in his band galas and blazers. It is only for him that the movie continues to hold on to its interest.


The music is average although Engine ki seeti mein is already a rage. The slow numbers are ok but look misfit in the movie. All and all, it’s a good family movie with no vulgar scenes. There are moments that are really funny and then there are moments when the movie drags. Just watch it for Fawad Khan and terrific acting by Ratna Pathak and Aamir Raja Hussain and yes there is Sonam too 😉


Rating 3/5

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13 reasons why you must watch Humshakals

  Despite the terrible reviews and endless jokes being cracked on the latest release ‘Humshakals’ , we have our reasons why you must go and watch this crazy movie by the one and only Sajid Khan.
  1. Your love for Kishore Kumar, Jim Carrey and Peter Sellers will grow many fold after watching this movie
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  2. You will never suffer from constipation. The dance steps in the song “Caller Tune” provides permanent remedy to it.
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  3. You would understand the meaning of the phrase “odd couple” after watching Saif romancing a girl half his age, Tamanna and Ritesh dating a much older looking Bipasha
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  4. Your respect in doctor’s profession will increase after watching all round capabilities of Esha Gupta such as dancing, cooking etc
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  5. You would know what honest confession is all about after listening to Saif sing “ Hum Bigde hue Nawaab hain”
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  6. You will start hating dogs after watching Saif and Ritesh play one
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  7. You will be brought closer to God as after watching Ram Kapoor in Bikini you will end up chanting “Hey Ram” and that too loudly
  8. You would be reminded of Main Hun Na again and again as Satish Shah’s role is just an extension to his role of teacher in that movie
  9. You would stop bothering about lyrics and melody in hindi songs after listening to Himesh Reshammiya’s composition
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  10. You will start treating Himmatwala as a classic after seeing the climax of this movie.
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  11. You will never ever watch a Sajid Khan film after watching this one
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  12. You will stop finding girls in Bikini or sarees as Hot after seeing Saif, Ritesh and Ram Kapoor wearing them
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat
  13. After watching this, you can’t wait to watch Ritesh Deshmukh do his debut as probably a real man in the upcoming movie ‘Ek Villain’
    Humshakals movie review Jaipur Beat