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8 Cool Escapes To Beat The Heat

Jaipur experience all the season in their extremes. With the temperature being 46 degrees Celsius the heat is unbearable. But we, Jaipurites know how to enjoy the best of both worlds, no matter how extreme it gets. Summers in Jaipur is the warmest times usually extending from April till July. But summer is also that time of the year when we can socialize, unwind and relax cause summertime is vacation time. Most of the schools are on break and colleges are mostly inactive. Therefore, as soon as summer approaches we all start making plans for the vacations, deciding the next spot we want to visit, relishing over all things cool or having a water gun fight with your pals. Ah, summer is fun. But we all know Jaipur can get all heated up during summers and if you staying in the city like us then Jaipur Beat will help you beat this heat with these cool escapes.

1. Pool Parties

A pool party is always a good idea in summers, the best place to chill around with your family and friends. Splashing water all over the place and dancing to your favourite beats. Pink City has quite a few options for all the party-loving Jaipurites.


2. World Trade Park a.k.a my second home

Experiencing an electricity cut, worry not. “World Trade Park hai na yarr…” you can go there chill or hang out with your squad, have food at the court and enjoy the window shopping in the air-conditioned malls for as long as you want.

WTP .jpg

3. Water Park

Water Parks are an entertaining place to enjoy your break with your family and friends, you can have fun on exciting rides and slides. Pink Pearl is one the most popular water park in Jaipur and even has India’s first water Disco, though in recent times more water parks have come up in the Pink City which means more fun, you can spend your weekends with your family and friends at a water park and relax.


4. Hawa Mahal

OK! So this is one of my favourites from my childhood. Jaipur is known for its heritage all over the world. Thousands of people visit it around the year. Hawa Mahal is the spot you cannot afford to miss be you’re a tourist or a localite. Here’s why, Hawa Mahal’s architectural feature allows cool air from the Venturi effect to pass through, thus making the whole area more pleasant during the high temperatures in summer.

Hawa mahal.jpg

5. Jal Mahal

Talking about heritage with cool escapes, you cannot skip the list without Jal Mahal. Walking past the ‘Paal’ of Jal Mahal is how you want your day to end as it not only furnishes the cool breeze but also provides a picturesque sight.

jal mahal.jpg


6. Staying home and lazing around

Since its summer you get a chance to stick to your lazy bed/sofa and play games on your mobiles and laptops as your parents would be scared to send you outside due to the loo. And the best part is you can stay in your pyjamas the whole day, cause no leaving home.

7. Relish over ice cream/cold drinks

Who can say no to ice cream/cold drinks in summers? What are you even talking about, I survive on ice cream/cold drinks in summer.

Ice cream parlours in Jaipur serves many inviting flavours. Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlor has some refreshing options on their menu that will make your taste buds go gaga with joy.

Ice creamJuice

8. The perfect excuse to run through sprinklers in the garden

Remember when you were a kid and use to play with water balloons, relive those moments, let the child inside you jump out and run through the water sprinklers till you are drenched. It’s one of the best things about summers.

Girl jumps through water sprinkler.

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Molly Moo-Now In Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

We never hesitate to appreciate and showcase our love to the food joints that serve us delicious and literally jaw-dropping food. But these days our demands for Ice Creams and desserts have risen and to satiate the sugary pleasures, we are always there to welcome new Ice Cream Café or dessert parlour in the city. Jaipur Beat believes it is our responsibility to let Jaipurites know about such relishing and worth money-spending franchises in town.

So this month, after receiving immense love from the people in C-scheme in a very short span of time, Molly Moo, an ice-cream parlour has opened its new franchise in Vaishali Nagar.

Molly Moo- outdoor ambience.JPG

The ambience of the ice-cream parlour is elementary yet appealing. The outside fence gives the feel of entering into an actual dairy farm. The simple wooden furniture and not so crafty lights make it subtle and simple. There are two separate seating areas indoor and outdoor for those who simply wish to sit in an open space and enjoy the weather.

Molly Moo-ambience.JPG

The ice-cream parlour received a great response from the people of the town on its first day. “We expect an even more high number of walk-ins in future”, said one of the brothers who own the place, Mr Ashish Sangwan. This is what made the Jaipur Beat team rush to the place and do a tasting session for its audience.

Asked on how is the parlour different from other parlours in Jaipur, Mr Ashish replied, “We have an extremely wide range of flavours, some of which are not available anywhere in Jaipur”. Molly Moo has a set of extremely fresh, eggless and natural ice-creams. The unparalleled quality would make you scream in joy. They are genuinely extremely toothsome and delightful. From ice-creams, sorbets to parfaits and waffles, and ice-cream rolls, they have it all in store for their customers.

Molly Moo-waffle.JPG

Molly Moo- candy bar

Molly moo ice-cream

If you visit the place, do try our favourite Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey, Red Wine Cheese Cake, Pineapple, and Lemon Cheesecake and the Jamun sorbet.  And we bet that the single scoop of delicious ice-cream will make you feel good instantly! Speaking of their heavenly taste, do not forget to try their signature Belgian Waffles! 

The best part, however, is that they have low sugar and protein ice-creams too. It is because of this, now you can drool over ice-creams and at the same time stay healthy.

Molly Moo- different flavours

Furthermore, Jaipur Beat asked Mr Ashish why he preferred joining the Molly Moo venture instead of any other older established and successful venture. To which he said, “It is because I fell in love with ice-creams since the inception of the brand”.

The location is undeniably easy to find. Not only has that, the fact that it is situated in a decent locality, makes it even greater. The desserts here are assuredly amazing and worth a try.

Address—Molly Moo Ice Cream Café

180, Amrapali Marg

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Picture Credit– Kratika Jain

Content Credit– Neha Mantri

Edited by team Jaipur Beat

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4 Food Delivery Apps That Are Just A Click Away In Jaipur

Day or night, hunger can strike at any time! Being in the state of Rajasthan where you get enormous variety of food, you can’t resist yourself from having it. If you are a student who is studying till late night or an employee who is stretching his work hours till midnight, the chances of your hunger pangs reaching its peak at around midnight are at its highest. Here, we, Jaipur Beat bring to you the top food delivery apps that can make your life simple.

  1. Foodpanda

With its extensive offers and schemes and tie ups with about 71 food outlets that offer not only North Indian cuisine but continental, Mexican, South Indian, Chinese, and many more, ordering from Foodpanda saves your time and money. Order from here and make your life easy !


  1. UBER eats

Launched quite recently in the city of Jaipur, UBER eats has captured every Jaipurites attention. Right from juices to main course and not to forget the most awaited desserts, everything is just a tap away.


  1. Zomato

Impressive food menu along with massive collaboration with around 2800 food restaurants, Zomato is one of those few food delivery apps that can be trusted blindly. Try it to know it!


  1. Swiggy

Game night? Order from Swiggy which has no-minimum order policy and has lightning-fast delivery that will make your game night more hip and happening !


Happy food ordering 🙂

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6 Must-Visit Ice Cream Places in Jaipur

”Life is Unpredictable & Short – Eat the Dessert first!” 

Jaipurites! Whether you are celebrating your birthday, or a work-promotion, or a special occasion or even a breakup! A single scoop of sinfully delicious ice-cream is a one-stop solution to make you feel good instantly!! Here, we are sharing the top 6 ice cream parlors in the heart of Pink City.

Molly Moo Ice cream Farm

molly moo ice cream

Just within months of its opening, Molly moo has managed to be one of the most happening ice-cream parlors in Jaipur. Whether it’s your regular vanilla or the exotic Kala Khatta, Molly Moo has something for everyone! Want to maintain your diet? The low fat ice-creams are for you. Having cold, try their Liqueur flavored ice-creams. And for your lactose-intolerant little ones, Molly Moo even has the non-dairy ice-creams.

molly moo

Speaking of their heavenly taste, one should not forget to try their signature Belgian Waffles! Eat them once, and you will be thinking about them for days to follow.

Where: Subhash Marg, C Scheme

Naturals Ice Cream



If you want to taste the best natural flavor ice cream- Naturals is undoubtedly the place to-go-to! Mumbai’s favorite, Naturals is equally popular amongst the Jaipurites! Recently, Naturals has also expanded its chain to one of the most happening areas in the city-Vaishali Nagar. Catering flavors like Sitaphal, Chikoo, Melon, Mango, Coconut, Kala Jamun are beyond brilliant. The texture of the ice cream is light, fruity and less creamy.

Apart from the lip-smacking Coffee-walnut flavors, one also need to try their heavenly tasting shakes. The creamy texture along with tiny chunks of fruits makes these milkshakes divine to slurppp! Great for family hangouts, Naturals is an affordable, delicious and natural option for any sunny day!

Where: Subhash Marg, C Scheme  


Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda



If you are tired of shopping at Bapu Bazar and want to cool off with some Kulfi-Rabdi or the humble Matka-Kulfi, head straight away to the ‘Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda’. Continuing the legacy for years, this famous Faluda Kulfi has always been every generation’s favorite. 


Whether it is their Rooh Afza loaded Faluda kulfi or Kesar Pista Rabdi Gola, each and every bite of it will give you a straight ride to the heaven!

Where:  Link Road, Bapu Bazar

Giani’s Ice Cream Parlour


A famous North Indian ice cream brand, Giani’s has set yet another foot in Jaipur to rock the moods of Jaipurites.Serving wide varieties of heavenly ice-creams of various natural and exotic flavors, sundaes, stone sundaes, mousse, gelato and sorbet, special sodas, cassatas, stick kulfis, fruit shakes and special shakes.


And of course, you cannot miss trying their Chocolate Earthquake and Red Velvet ice creams.We guarantee you just won’t settle for a single scoop at Giani!

Where: Hotel Devraj Niwas, Bani Park.

Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour

jalmahal3-copy (1)

Speaking of ice-cream joints in the Pink city, how can we not mention Jal Mahal? If you’ve lived all your life in Jaipur you probably have dropped to their parlor at MI Road for an ice cream or two growing up.


While, If you are new to the city, we suggest to try their Brownie hot fudge with ice cream! Jal Mahal’s tempting menu includes fresh fruit ice creams and chocolate flavored ice creams’ which are loved by people of all ages!

Where: MI Road



First of its kind in the Pink City, Papacream is famous for its unique and magical experience of making ice creams with liquid nitrogen. Catering a very one-of-its-kind menu with flavor combinations that are unheard of—Pani puri sorbet, hummus ice cream, bubble wrap waffles, Horlicks Nutella pancakes, cookie sushi roll and so many more.


Their premium flavors include Bournvita, salted caramel popcorn and chocolate ginger creme brulee among many others.

One visit to Papacream is must for all!

Where:  MI Road

Happy Friday and Happy Binge!