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Captain Marvel Movie Review: Brace yourselves, she’s coming.

A decent set up for bracing the audience for something much bigger coming up.

Captain Marvel fills plenty of story gaps, of which the fans were craving throughout the Marvel movies, the movie sets it up just right as an origin story as well as being a predecessor to the release of one of the most anticipated films in the world. We understand the set and setting of the 90’s era gets exceedingly difficult, especially when the target audience is the millennials, and you need to connect with a feeling of nostalgia. Whenever you are handling something of this stature, things ought to be too much or too less, but Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck sure knows how to make the movie subtle yet intriguing.

Visually, the movie is a complete feast (and we aren’t even talking about Brie Larson 😉). The 3-D was completely worth straining our eyes for, beware as somehow many of the scenes were set up in low light and complete darkness, and quite a few moments were captured in space. The pace of the movie is consistent towards the end, and of course, you need to watch the post-credit scene as it’s a major plot point (and might make you jump) for ‘End Game’. There were less than even a few errors as we have witnessed in most Marvel movies and the movie gets a 100 marks for the character build-up of the most formidable Avenger yet, Captain Marvel.

Image Courtesy: Disney

With equal amounts of Whoa! Whoa! Woah! and an equal amount of Laughs’, Captain Marvel stays true to the signature portraying style of Marvel. The story although spirals backward, we believe there’s going to be a similar resemblance in ‘End Game’ one way or the other. Do make sure to watch the post credit scene, and you can skip the second one, it ain’t that great.

Pretty sure you have heard the phrase “way worse than Wonder Woman” by now, but what most people fail to recognize is that Wonder Woman didn’t have a complete cinematic universe on its shoulders. Take people’s advice with a pinch of salt and go watch the movie, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 4/5

End Game’s Anticipation after watching Captain Marvel: 1000000000/5

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Review Dear Zindagi- Alia, SRK and Goa to charm you!

Last fortnight was indeed the tough one with lots of uncertainty around and that calls to love our Zindagi much more! Jaipur Beat thought to make our Sunday the Happy One 🙂 and we head for the movie on a Sunday evening at INOX Pink Square.

Here’s our take on the recently released movie- Dear Zindagi 

Direction: Gauri Shinde

Actors: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar, Angad Bedi, Ira Dubey


With a team of Gauri Shinde, Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, Dear Zindagi has every thing going for it even before the titles start to appear. Kaira uff Koko (Alia) is a cinematographer who is supposed to be great in her job. Her producer Raghu (Kunal Kapoor) has hots for her although she is dating Sid (Angad Bedi). She breaks from Sid by disclosing that she slept with her producer. Now Raghu offers her great job for a film to be shot in New York and also proposes her which she some how ignores.

The first one-hour of the movie moves real fast and rapidly. You like the pace as too much is happening too soon. It’s after that, that the movie begins to slip a bit. So Kaira is forced to leave Mumbai and come to Goa to stay with her parents. And like all the parents, her parents start to preach her about life and marriage. Kaira realises that she is losing her mental peace and is unable to sleep. Enters Jehangir Khan (SRK), her therapist. Dr Khan has a perfect bungalow in Goa with old age charm; he is witty and wears different shades of linen shirts.


Their sessions start inside the four wall and slowly the rules are broken and the outdoor sessions at beach, while cycling etc also takes place. Kaira opens up with Dr Khan, she starts to trust him and she feels good just to be with him. She shares her secrets and fears with him. Over here we come to know about her traumatic childhood,reasons for her stressful relationships with parents and failed romantic relationships. Dr Khan teaches Kaira to live for today “Don’t let the past blackmail your present”. He develops her self-confidence, asks her to forget her past and also let her cry. “Agar tum khul ke roegi nahin to hasogi kaise ?


This part of the movie is very slow, full of gyaan, drags and misses the point. This is where Gauri Shinde does injustice to the script and lead characters. The foundation of Dr Khan and Kaira’s relationship is not very convincing and it rather looked fake. And while this relationship was developing in comes Rumi (Ali Zafar) whose contribution to the script is singing few songs.

A take on today’s generations multiple relationships was put up very aptly in the movie with a very fine example of comparing it to choosing a chair. You try multiple chairs but buy just one and the same goes with choosing a partner so there is nothing wrong if you get in and out multiple times to find that perfect partner.

 The movie carries a message, which is so relevant in today’s world. What memories from the past we should carry with what and us we leave is a very important decision and hence one must not carry excess baggage in their life. The entire movie rests on Alia’s tiny shoulders and it’s delight to see King Khan agreeing to play second fiddle to her. Alia is terrific and simply excels in emotional scenes. Shahrukh Khan’s is an extension to the role in Chak De. But the sad part is that out of all the three Khans (Aamir, Salman and him) he is now the oldest looking Khan for sure. Probably those packets of cigarettes are beginning to play a role now. The balance and control shown in the relationship between Dr Khan and Kaira is surely the best part of the movie. No over the top emotions yet subtle and strong bond. Like in English Vinglish, the music is very good.  Would suggest one time watch as it is a very brave movie in lot of respects.

Rating : 3.5/5

Review posted by Gaurav Hajela

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Movie Review #Tamasha

In today’s world majority of us don’t know what exactly we want from life, what is our interest and passion and what makes us happy. This is a very serious aspect which is addressed and showcased in Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha. Constant struggle to be what you always want to be, to accept your dark desires and try and achieve them and to leave behind something which is well established is what Tamasha showcases.

When I went to watch the movie Shandaar, in first 7-10 minutes I knew that we have a dud in offering. Almost the same thing I felt when Ramlila begins. Tamasha also starts in such a manner and you can see the entire cinema hall becoming restless. But somehow I had faith; a faith on one man called Imtiaz Ali. One reason why lot of people didn’t like Rockstar was manner in which Imtiaz Ali used the narration and shift between flashback and present. Tamasha takes you even further, it has layers of flashback and it has layers of present. It takes some doing initially to understand director’s manner of storytelling. Trust me this will be one of the reasons too why some will not like this movie as it’s complicated and complex.


Ranbir Kapoor is Ved who meets Tara on an international holiday trip at Corsica. Both decide not to disclose their identities and continue to have fun together. In these scenes you will find lot of similarity coming from YJHD and Jab we met. The way they talk to each other, the way they entice and tempt each other resembles from earlier movies. The cinematography is simply mind blowing in this section of the movie and so are the songs.

After coming back from the trip both move on in life without meeting each other. But even after 4 years Tara is unable to forget Ved and hence she decides to hunt for him. She finds him eventually and both are ecstatic and start spending time together. But much to Tara’s dismay, the Ved she meets here in city is entirely different person from the one she fell in love with. He is a typical corporate employee who lives a run of the mill kind of life and believe in doing things as per the books and perfectly. Now he is not that carefree and fun loving story teller she met at Corsica. And from here the movie starts to talk about the struggle and fight of dual personalities, what were the reasons for Ved having such dual shades of personality, Ved’s struggle to break free from a typical urban corporate lifestyle after meeting Tara and Tara’s patience and pain in seeing Ved’s  fight back and struggle.


Any movie with Deepika in it is bound to have a substantial role for the heroine but not this one. Tamasha is about Ved and his struggle to fight his dual personalities. I am sure when Ranbir would have read this script he would have realised the risk he was taking. And with two earlier failed experiments of Roy and Bombay Velvet, it takes a lot of courage to continue experimenting. Tamasha gives you same Ranbir that we left in Rockstar. He is intense, he is fun loving, he is passionate and he is pained. Deepika is ravishing in the first part and very powerful in the second part. Her expressions in the second part are  a treat to watch.


Unfortunately A.R.Rahman’s music is not as good as in Rockstar, however the background music is very powerful. The song Tum saath ho is melodious and is beautifully shot. Heer to badi sad and Safarnama are also good.

Make no mistakes this is one complicated and complex movie and just like Rockstar some will like this and some will just not like it. Imtiaz Ali’s story telling is not too viewer friendly and he expects his audience to be a bit more intelligent and proactive. The chemistry of Deepika and Ranbir is fabulous. The second half of the movie is intense and a bit heavy. If only Imtiaz could have cut down the Corsica and some songs and got back straight to the point this would have been more gripping. Plus he totally missed showing the role of Tara during Ved’s fight back and how she was the sole reason behind it.


Watch it for Imtiaz Ali, watch it for Deepika and you cannot miss it at any cost for Ranbir. And don’t feel bad if you don’t like it, sometimes it’s better to see something intense and meaningful than ride a Chennai Express or finding Prem Ratan Dhan.

Rating 4.0/5.0 


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Movie Review: #WelcomeBack

welcome Back

Not every sequel is as good as its prequel, but you can find some witty flashes in Welcome Back. Actually a comeback for Dimple Kapadia and Shiny Ahuja. No doubt the movie missed Akshay Kumar though it had few funny moments but nothing like the first one. The story goes like-

Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) and Majnu Bhai(Anil Kapoor) search for the ‘ache khaandan ke shareef ladke ke ‘ yet again for Udai’s sister. Both were stressed for the two things- one is to maintain their being good image and another finding a life companion for themselves.welcome-back_640x480_41436252147

Paresh Rawal as Goongroo was disturbed with his wife’s character “Jab maine chunav main vote dala hi nahin to mukhyamantri hamara kaise hua” where she had a son out of wedlock but this time it is not someone like Akshay Kumar but the notorious Ajju ( John Abrahim).


Udai Shetty’s sister Ranjana (Shruti Hasan) fell in love with Ajju.


Naseeruddin Shah as ‘Wanted’ top most goon was playing altogether a different character in this movie which was actually difficult to understand that why he chose for such a comic role at this point of his career “Mazak Tha Ye” literally. And his Son Shiney Ahuja, a drug addict was in love in his imagination with Ranjana. It was ‘Na Dekha Kabhi Na Jana Kabhi types Pyaar’

dimple naseer

Dimple Kapadia (Poonam) as con women was unable to do any justice to the role. Boasting in colorful robes Dimple was very happy with her own come back to movies, which she was enjoying but was torturous for audience.


Rajpal Yadav was given a short role though. Not a single song of the movie is worth listening. The lyrics were truly cheap and mindless “main bubbly hui, tu bunty hua..bandh kamre mein 20-20 hua. That can be well taken as washroom break. Antakshri at the graveyard was something that gives you some funny moments. The one individual who was most irritating, be it for a dialogue delivery or for her skinny show (which was not required at all) was Ankita Shrivastav another con women.

Climax indeed makes up for the good laugh. Shot in grandeur in Dubai’s desert, posh hotels, choppers, skydivers, spinning toys that shiny spins in the air, sandstorm, John jumps over the camels, people flying.

Few funny moments, but nothing like the first Welcome. Though it does not have an interesting and fresh story but if you can leave your brain behind then you can enjoy this. Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal will not disappoint you.

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10 reasons why Ek Villain is likely to cross the 100 crore mark soon

  1. The trailers are more thrilling than the movie and hence the audience are drawn to the theaters.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  2. You get to watch the only experiment done by Mohit Suri in the movie ‘The chocolaty Siddharth Malhotra playing an angry bird’.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  3. Our obsession with the concept of terrorist turned lover and a psycho killer.
  4. Shraddha Kapoor’s pretty wardrobe and zaroorat se zyada happy & dreamy character as she’s dying of …oops ! The film did not care to mention the disease as she’s anyway going to be murdered later.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  5. The jokes told by the kuchi koo couple that are as old and obvious as the plot of revenge.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  6. Ritesh Deshmukh’s debut in a negative shade where you won’t get a chance to pity or laugh at him.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  7. The audience feels equally and at times more intelligent than the movie by predicting the next scene and even the climax.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  8. An annoying wife played by Aamna Sharif who you can’t wait to get murdered.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
  9. A couple of good songs which get over before interval and you lose even the last hope you were holding on to for the rest of the movie.
  10. Prachi Desai’s forgettable item number ‘Awari’ where you can easily go out and grab some popcorn.
    Ek Villain Review Jaipur Beat
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A perfect Holiday this summer

While the trailers made us feel that Holiday will be a war movie, the reality is quite different.

With every frame coming straight from the Tamil movie Thuppakki, Holiday does come with a holiday feel where neither the film makers nor the audience takes it seriously. Starring our favorite Khiladi; Akshay Kumar (Virat Bakshi, the never off-duty soldier), the movie comes with mindless action, melodious music and an almost intelligent plot with some loopholes howsoever.

Holiday review Jaipur Beat

Akshay Kumar is an Indian army soldier who has come to Mumbai for a holiday and to meet the prospective girls for marriage, but ends up stalking the girl he rejected in the first place; Sahiba (Sonakshi Sinha) and finding a new mission to save the maximum city from the terror of sleeper cells headed by the newbie Farhad Daruwala.

While he could have worked with the police taking in confidence his bestie Mukund (Sumeet Raghavan: Sahil from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai), he decides to do it all by himself with some help from Rocky (the sniffer dog) because obviously, the movie is about Indian army and not IPS. As this one-man movie proceeds with flashes of humour, action and intelligence, there are times when you feel what’s going on? How can this guy purposely send his own sister to a gang of terrorists? But there comes a justification in the form of a theory called ‘patriotism’ which could have been achieved anyway. Except a few places where it seems dragged(scenes with Govinda as Akshay’s senior in army) the movie goes on quite smoothly without any significant twists and turns and before you feel any thrill or chill, it ends.


Before we forget, amidst all this you get to see glimpses of Sonakshi Sinha who is a boxing champion (justifying her size and muscles). Just like her previous movies, she has got absolutely no connection with the plot of the movie. She occasionally hangs out and flirts with Akki, sings songs and dances in weird and incomprehensible outfits and doesn’t let go of her favourite monochrome dress even in the movie. Somehow, she still manages to look pretty at times.

Holiday review Jaipur Beat

Akshay Kumar once again charms with his athletic body and macho moves proving that he’s surely the best looking actor in the 40+ league of Bollywood today. The direction by A. R. Murugadoss stays crisp with all the actors having done justice to their roles except the new guy Farhad who fails to impress and sometimes looks even more clueless than Sonakshi. Music by Pritam especially ‘Tu hi toh haiand Shaayraana are pleasing to the ears while the rest are forgettable.


However, the best part about Holiday is that you can actually send your brain and logic on a holiday, sit back with popcorn and enjoy 3 hours of action, comedy, romance and drama that will bring some relief this summer.

Holiday review Jaipur Beat

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Confused 2 States: Movie Review

After an over-dose of elections and politics, team Jaipur Beat was more than excited to get a chance to watch a movie and that too the very first day. Making a movie on a fairly successful novel is always a challenging task, as there is always a parallel comparison going-on, but Abhishek Varman’s attempt is creditable in that aspect.

The movie is about Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) from Delhi and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhat) from Chennai. It’s about how they meet during IIM Ahmedabad, how they fall in love, how they convince their parents and finally, despite hiccups, how they eventually manage to get married. The movie reflects varied Indian culture quite powerfully, typically the gap between north Indian and South Indian one.


The initial one-hour showcases IIM Ahmedabad as more of a festival celebration location, dating and time pass kind of venue. It also emphasizes more on physical aspect of a relationship between a boy and a girl. In fact at times you are made to believe that this is the only thing in the couple’s mind.

Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy play the role of Malthotras whereas Revathi and Shiv Kumar are Swaminathans. The story very clearly depicts that in India it’s one thing for boy and girl to fall in love and entirely another thing to get married. Amrita Singh as over the top possessive Punjabi mother is hilarious, and Revathi as a subdued and silent South-Indian parent is equally effective.

Arjun Kapoor gets chunk of the role in the movie. For a newcomer, this surely is big-big break. But does he deliver? Made to act as a Delhi ka Punjabi who himself claims to be over-the-top kinds, his character was too docile (like Amol Palekar) for this claim. Arjun is quite subdued; not reflecting the true Punjabi boy wala feel. He cannot dance, never over-flows with emotions unlike his mother and in fact fits the bill of a of a south Indian, rather than a north Indian. He also fails in most critical scenes especially while proposing or while dealing with his parents. You can’t, but have to believe that IIT-IIM combo actually possess low self-esteem and poor decision-making skills. If the movie ‘Two States’ does not get 4+ rating, it’s largely due to this guy.


Alia Bhat continues to be the breath of fresh air in the film industry. She looks totally stunning, delivers yet another powerful performance after Highway and convinces you to be a fair Tamilian. Her portrayal as loyal daughter, as would-be daughter-in-law and as a lover are very well dealt with. What really appeals to you is her fantastic wardrobe. She has worn some really beautiful and pretty kurtas and south silk sarees and despite minimalistic exposure she still looks very sexy and hot.


Ronit Roy as an alcoholic father who abuses his wife to the core and treat her really bad is highly impressive. His expressions are very powerful and even though he is not made to speak much, he delivers a power packed performance. The scenes between father and son are intense and very realistic. Amrita Singh as loud mouth Punjabi mother is very authentic. In fact you can’t help but remember the character of hers from the movie Chameli ki Shaadi. She proves that given a role, she is very versatile in delivering it to aplomb.

Some of the scenes are really funny such as the interview scene or the plug point one. Some arguments our Son’s choice here (a Tamilian girl and her cooking skills) gives the true flavor of typical punjabi MIL. In fact the entire scenes when both the parents meet and try to get along are hilarious. There are some really illogical scenes as well; a guy using laptop and Samsung smartphone still uses a typewriter to write his book! A senior manager in a Bank is still far away from what digital presentations are all about?

The music has its bright moments however Arjun Kapoor disappoints in the dance sequence. Mast Magan, Chaandaniya and Locha-e-ulfat are melodious. Cinematography is very impressive especially during the proposal scene in the hostel, in the beaches of Chennai and the last marriage scene in the temple.

If you have read this novel, you are bound to be disappointed with the movie. However its must watch at least once because it does offer some really powerful moments. The entire movie was so faithful to the novel that the director totally missed any chance to experiment with something new & original. Probably the director didn’t take the dialogue of the movie “story mein hero na ho lekin story hi hero honi chahiye” seriously himself.

Rating 3.5/5