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Confused 2 States: Movie Review

After an over-dose of elections and politics, team Jaipur Beat was more than excited to get a chance to watch a movie and that too the very first day. Making a movie on a fairly successful novel is always a challenging task, as there is always a parallel comparison going-on, but Abhishek Varman’s attempt is creditable in that aspect.

The movie is about Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) from Delhi and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhat) from Chennai. It’s about how they meet during IIM Ahmedabad, how they fall in love, how they convince their parents and finally, despite hiccups, how they eventually manage to get married. The movie reflects varied Indian culture quite powerfully, typically the gap between north Indian and South Indian one.


The initial one-hour showcases IIM Ahmedabad as more of a festival celebration location, dating and time pass kind of venue. It also emphasizes more on physical aspect of a relationship between a boy and a girl. In fact at times you are made to believe that this is the only thing in the couple’s mind.

Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy play the role of Malthotras whereas Revathi and Shiv Kumar are Swaminathans. The story very clearly depicts that in India it’s one thing for boy and girl to fall in love and entirely another thing to get married. Amrita Singh as over the top possessive Punjabi mother is hilarious, and Revathi as a subdued and silent South-Indian parent is equally effective.

Arjun Kapoor gets chunk of the role in the movie. For a newcomer, this surely is big-big break. But does he deliver? Made to act as a Delhi ka Punjabi who himself claims to be over-the-top kinds, his character was too docile (like Amol Palekar) for this claim. Arjun is quite subdued; not reflecting the true Punjabi boy wala feel. He cannot dance, never over-flows with emotions unlike his mother and in fact fits the bill of a of a south Indian, rather than a north Indian. He also fails in most critical scenes especially while proposing or while dealing with his parents. You can’t, but have to believe that IIT-IIM combo actually possess low self-esteem and poor decision-making skills. If the movie ‘Two States’ does not get 4+ rating, it’s largely due to this guy.


Alia Bhat continues to be the breath of fresh air in the film industry. She looks totally stunning, delivers yet another powerful performance after Highway and convinces you to be a fair Tamilian. Her portrayal as loyal daughter, as would-be daughter-in-law and as a lover are very well dealt with. What really appeals to you is her fantastic wardrobe. She has worn some really beautiful and pretty kurtas and south silk sarees and despite minimalistic exposure she still looks very sexy and hot.


Ronit Roy as an alcoholic father who abuses his wife to the core and treat her really bad is highly impressive. His expressions are very powerful and even though he is not made to speak much, he delivers a power packed performance. The scenes between father and son are intense and very realistic. Amrita Singh as loud mouth Punjabi mother is very authentic. In fact you can’t help but remember the character of hers from the movie Chameli ki Shaadi. She proves that given a role, she is very versatile in delivering it to aplomb.

Some of the scenes are really funny such as the interview scene or the plug point one. Some arguments our Son’s choice here (a Tamilian girl and her cooking skills) gives the true flavor of typical punjabi MIL. In fact the entire scenes when both the parents meet and try to get along are hilarious. There are some really illogical scenes as well; a guy using laptop and Samsung smartphone still uses a typewriter to write his book! A senior manager in a Bank is still far away from what digital presentations are all about?

The music has its bright moments however Arjun Kapoor disappoints in the dance sequence. Mast Magan, Chaandaniya and Locha-e-ulfat are melodious. Cinematography is very impressive especially during the proposal scene in the hostel, in the beaches of Chennai and the last marriage scene in the temple.

If you have read this novel, you are bound to be disappointed with the movie. However its must watch at least once because it does offer some really powerful moments. The entire movie was so faithful to the novel that the director totally missed any chance to experiment with something new & original. Probably the director didn’t take the dialogue of the movie “story mein hero na ho lekin story hi hero honi chahiye” seriously himself.

Rating 3.5/5

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5 Reasons you should only watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects on a DVD


1. The funny parts (tauliye ka ulta side, Mili ko bhook nahi sardi lag rahi hai, tum rehne do Shekhar hai na, doosron ke bachhe and kutte sabko ache lagte hain, when I make a mistake, I say sorry; and when my wife makes a mistake, I say sorry!, and many such more) will seem funnier.


2. Since all the supporting actors (Purab Kohli, Ila Arun, Vir Das, Ram Kapoor, Rati Agnihotri) in the movie are very talented and funny indeed, you can derive fun from every actor’s presence, without needing a theatre screen for it.

Purab Kohli
Vir Das

3. Vidya Balan should look bearably slimmer on a small screen. Trust us, she is too big for the big screen now 😉 Farhan Akhtar would look as good!


4. You can fast forward a little through the slow and the spoiler 2nd half of the movie.

5. It is hard to miss the brands (Royal Enfield, Samsung, Volkswagen, etc.) they are endorsing in the movie; they won’t let you 😀

In short, we think you are in for a good time if you choose to watch it on a DVD. Let’s accept it that, if you don’t have to spend so much money on the movie tickets, an average movie looks above average 😉

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(The Hot) Gunday

Main Poster
If drama, bromance, pouty lips and most of all apply-no-brains entertainment is what you are up for, Gunday is for you! If substance and twists to a 1970’s tale that’s been told enough number of times in the 70’s itself is what you are expecting, you are in for some extremely predictable, sometimes non-sensical, and a loud background score for 160 minutes of your time.

Arjun Priyanka

Having warned you of that, we think Gunday is not so bad after all (we belong to the 1st category). When was the last time we saw people hooting, whistling and speaking the patent dialogues before the actors, in a very modern theatre with a decent audience? If you weren’t a part of the 70’s generation, then you haven’t witnessed it (we certainly haven’t), and taken in a good spirit, it is fun: D Gunday makes you do that.

Priyanka’s lip job and Arjun baba & Ranveer baba’s metro-sexual love is the highlight we must say. So utterly funny is the movie (it is not their idea though) that a good actor like Irrfan Khan is a waste-of-talent here.
For the timing of its release, its ruling-the-current-silver-screen but yet largely unexploited for their talent actors, a desirable Priyanka Chopra, and some foot-tapping music the movie will do decently well, despite the hopelessness of its content!

Arjun Ranveer

In the end, we want to sign off saying, ‘Beta agar jigar ki jagah jigar hai, aur jigar mein dum hai, toh ek baar toh dekh hi aa yeh picture’!!

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Hasee Toh Phasee: Parineeti steals the thunder


From mental to sentimental?? Na !! Parineeti just goes from being crazy to being super awesome as Hasee Toh Phasee moves on its plot of a boy-meet-girl romance where the nikamma Nikhil (Sidharth) meets the on-the-run drama queen Meeta(Parineeti) and does not fall in love with her.


Reminding us a little of Hum Tum, the movie jumps to a leap where Nikhil, who is into event management (although he forgets his ring on his own engagement). He is shown moving around in a big car and residing in quite a luxurious apartment in Delhi struggling to arrange this big amount of money for his wedding with his lady love Karishma (wanna-be hot Adah from 1920) that is just 7 days away. Yes he has been dating a girl for 7 years now.


You all can guess what will happen next right? Yes he runs into the lunatic chemical engineer Meeta and hereby begins a tale where he is seen tossing and confused between these two extremely opposite girls.


While Sidharth struggles to express what he is feeling, what keeps you attentive in the movie none other than the Bollywood newbie Parineeti Chopra who in her ‘crazy with brains’ avtaar, pops pills, eats toothpaste, sticks her tongue out, rolls her eyes and makes you laugh with her very natural looking gibberish and impeccable comic timing.


Except for Shake it like Shammi, the director saves all the songs for second half cause of which the movie seems to slow down a little but once again Parineeti comes to rescue and brings a smile on your face.



As far as the movie is concerned, the music makes you nostalgic as there is nothing very original about it. While Manchala reminds you of Ilahi from YJHD, the romantic n light Zehnaseeb sounds like Shaan’s Besharam from the movie Nasha. However, Drama queen and Punjabi wedding song pep you up quite a bit with the upbeat music and will surely make it to a few sangeet functions this year.


If you are looking for a tight plot and well done direction by the debutant Vinil  Mathew, then this is not the movie to watch. But if you are in and sporty for a non-stop laughter, different type of romance, some shaadi drama and feel-good music, this one is surely your cup of tea.

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A not so crazy Dhoom !!


When Aamir (Sahir) makes his entry running down on a bank building’s wall in Chicago, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That’s right, Spiderman it is. The next mind blasting entry is our very efficient ACP Jai Dixit (Junior Bachchan) who makes you jump off your seats as he crashes a village road in an auto rickshaw to fight a bunch of local Mumbai goons who have no connection to the rest of the movie whatsoever.

This is Dhoom 3, so the entire movie is not as hilarious as the entries of the lead cast. Now let’s come to the plot. As every branch of Western Bank of Chicago is getting robbed very smartly, Jai Dixit and Ali (Uday Chopra) fly to Chicago to probe into this case. Here begins a thrilling tale of Chor Police.

Abhishek Bachchan with Uday Chopra in Dhoom 3

Like it is shown in the trailers, the movie has a lot of circus in it, run by Sahir where he shows his best magic trick. The circus is financed by the banks, obviously through robbery. Behind this unbelievable magic and the impossible robberies (that are never shown in the movie), there lies Sahir’s little secret that the world, audience and ACP Jai Dixit is oblivious to. The question is that why does Sahir rob only this bank? When and how will his secret be out ? Will Sahir be able to achieve his mission impossible or will Jai Dixit destroy his game ? These are the questions that keep you glued to your seats in the entire movie.


Katrina Kaif comes to do a little aerobics to Kamli with a toned body and skimpy clothes to impress Aamir to be a part of his Circus. That’s all she adds to this film apart from a romantic railway station scene straight from Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

aamir n kat



The film has average and minimum music, long bike chasing scenes, some not so great dialogues, in short nothing in front of the previous Dhoom films, but if you’re a hard core Aamir Khan fan, watch it for his yet another amazing performance.

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A bullet or a tablet: what exactly is this Leela ?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of those rare genres of directors who always believed in doing things differently not bothering too much about the masses’ opinion. Whether it was Hum Dil De Chuke, Saawariya or Guzarish, every movie was conceived and treated differently. People were excitedly waiting for Ram leela aka Goliyon ki Rasleela, a movie featuring Deepika Padukone after two back to back successful movies and Ranveer Singh. Shot extensively in Udaipur and Rann of Kutch, the colourful promos of the movie reflected larger than life setup.

Team “Jaipur Beat” yet again took it upon themselves to watch the movie on the very first day and share its review with our audiences. The movie starts off with screen full of chromatically dressed ladies and you are immediately made to realize that you watching a Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie. The movie talks about a town in Gujarat that deals in selling of guns and its people drinking beer on streets where a guy and a girl from two rival, constantly-clashing mob gangs fall for each other while the others are spraying bullets and shedding blood. And yes full marks for guessing that Ranveer (Ram) and Deepika (Leela) belonged to these two communities. The movie starts with a slide stating “inspired by Romeo and Juliet” which in itself is a strong statement.

The two meet at Holi celebration and within minutes fall in love with each other. The lip to lip kiss stamps the official confirmation of their affair. If only rest of the movie was as brisk as their romance. These two decides that the only way their romance can flourish is by putting this enmity to rest. Further story of the movie gets divided into the war and their love story.

Deepika and Ranveer have awesome chemistry to complement frenetic direction of Bhansali and the truly fabulous set pieces. For a change there are lot of double meaning dialogues exchanged and cheesy SMS text by these two. Initially their kisses were seriously giving competition to movies such as Shudh Desi Romance. Ranveer leaves no opportunity to take off his shirt, something director did with Salman Khan too in HDDCS. Deepika looked seriously stunning in typical gujrati ghaghra choli and did justice to the role. Her acting during the later part is delight to watch.

The real star of the movie is Supriya Pathak as a god-fearing matriarchal mob boss with a rascally twinkle that intermittently threatens to turn villainous. From Khichdi to Ramleela is surely a journey for this talented actress. We must say, she should do more movies. Gulshan Deviah, Abhimanyu Singh, Sharad Kelkar have their good moments along with Richa Chadha who was also very powerful in the small role given to her.

The music is composed by Bhansali himself. The hangover of HDDCS in the background track and holi song etc can be easily recognized. The song Bhai Bhai is really interesting but the song that stood out is Laal Ishq.

Bhansali has shot this movie on a grand scale. It looks like one big ‘Bhansalized’ canvas of colourful painting. The sets are huge and at times remind us of Saawariya.

Watch this movie for Bhansali’s dare, for Deepika’s screen presence, for Ranveer attempt to be different and off course for celebrations and festivities India offer. I won’t predict a massive collection like Chennai Express but surely this movie will bring audience to the theatre.

Points : 3.5/5