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Rurban Khurjan -A Photography Exhibition by Jaipur based Artist to begin in New Delhi!

“She sends me to fetch water very early in the morning Oh! Grandfather it is very difficult for me My pot never fills up fully the water is so deep, that my rope hardly reaches it the sun rises and also sets by the time, I return unable to collect even one pot-full of water” – A folk song of Rajasthan tells the story of scarcity of water in Rajasthan and even decades after Independence the issues of potable water is the major faced by thousands of villagers.


Jaipur based independent filmmaker and photographer Abhishek Kumawat chose photography as a platform to show how the scarcity of water has eventually led the migration of villagers in Rajasthan.

This exhibition portrays the life and spaces of people who migrated from villages to city because of water scarcity, lack of jobs and identity crisis. Rurban as a word is fusion of rural + urban. It’s important to explore the interactions and conflicts of this amalgamated space. The migratory bird “Demoiselle Crane” in winters, migrates from Central Asia and Siberia to Rajasthan and popularly known as Kurjan in local culture and folk songs – a symbol of migration.


In this exhibition, my interest is to understand the psychological and geographical aspects of this shift, especially shift in their consciousness when they migrate to city/cities for survival and not because of any aspirations.


Medium: Black & White

Exhibition Venue: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

Dates: 28 April – 4 May

The solo photo exhibition, Rurban Kurjan beginning from Sunday at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.

Photography Exhbition

Photographic Exhibition ‘Khushboo e Jaipur’ inaugurated at Jawahar Kala Kendra today!

The city today witnessed the launch of ‘Khushboo-e-Jaipur’ an online photography contest initiated by Jairangam 2014, Jaipur’s theatre festival in association with Jaipur Beat, an online blog. The theme of the contest was flavors of Jaipur city depicting its culture, glory and rich heritage. The exhibition was based on the photographs submitted during the online photography contest held on Jairangam’s Facebook page between 1st -25th November 2014.

Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal, passionate photographer and owner of Gem Palace.
Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal, passionate photographer and owner of Gem Palace lighting up the inaugural lamp.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the jury of the contest consisting of Mr. Sudhir Kasliwal, Mr. Ajay Chopra, Mr Sanjay Kothari and Mr. Gaurav Hajela.

Mr. Gaurav Hajela, professional photographer and founder of Jaipur Beat lighting the inaugural lamp
Mr. Gaurav Hajela, professional photographer and founder of Jaipur Beat lighting the inaugural lamp
Mr. Deepak Gera from Jairangam
Mr. Deepak Gera from Jairangam
Mr. Ajay Chopra, Director of Crayons Advertising Ltd.
Mr. Ajay Chopra, Director of Crayons Advertising Ltd.

“Photography is not just a hobby but it has its uses which can be implied in every profession and such events are great motivators for photography enthusiasts”, says Sudhir Kaslliwal.

The top 15 photographs from Camera category and top 10 photographs from Mobile category were displayed during the exhibition. The zeal of the participants was beyond expectations as they could see their clicked picture being displayed in the art gallery.

“Having seen the response of this year ‘Khushboo-e-Jaipur’ will be much bigger next year, where we will be expecting participation from all over Rajasthan or even from other parts of the country” –
speaks Gaurav Hajela-

Apart from the cameras, the event also covered Mobile Clicks that are being heavily used by everyone these days. Certificate of participation will also be awarded to each qualified contestant apart from the cash prize.
Winners in each category will be announced on 14th or 15th December at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur.