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Jaipur Hotels Spreading The Warmth Of The Festive Season With Traditional Cake Mixing Ceremonies!

Just as the Sawan is the month for devouring into Rajasthani delicacy Ghewar, the start of harvest season in the month of November is the time for the preparation for traditional cakes. The festival of engulfing into mouthwatering Christmas cakes is just a month away and Jaipurites live by all the traditions and cultures with great zeal. The preparation for traditional cakes has already begun in the city. Every hotel is catching on with the trend of Cake Mixing Ceremony enthusiastically.

christmad fever_i love jaipur.jpg

History- Cake mixing ceremony is a part of age-old traditions. During the harvest month, lots of fruits and nuts were harvested and the same were used in the making of traditional plum cakes.  The ingredients of the cake are mixed in advance so that at the time of Christmas they can develop aroma and taste. When the soaking period is over then these fruits are sent for the final mixing and cake baking procedure.

The Christmas cake mixing ceremony is a great way to celebrate happiness and spirit associated with the great event of Christmas. Let’s see where in Jaipur the Cake Mixing ceremony was held or about to happen so that you can get a chance to be a part of the social fare.

  • Rambagh Palace- The traditional Christmas cake mixing recently took place at the iconic Steam restaurant of Rambagh Palace. The in-house guests, as well as the socialites of Jaipur, participated in the ceremony with verve and gusto. Clad in aprons, Santa caps and gloves – the guests had a field day mixing ‘spirits’ with fruits and nuts. Then the mixture was tossed and turned till they were drenched in the spirit. Christmas décor, psychedelic music as well as sumptuous drinks and snacks added immensely to the gaiety of the event.

cake mixing_Rambagh.JPG

cake mixing_rambagh _1


  • Café Samsara- Situate in the Royal Heritage Haveli, Cafe Samara had a funfilled Christmas cake mixing ceremony.

Cafe samsara.jpg

  • Four Points By Sheraton- All set to for mixing a melange of exquisite flavours for the finger licking and lip smacking cake. Join them on 19th November.

four points.jpg



Le Meridien Resorts & Spa –Celebrating the teh joy of the festive season on their cake mixing ceremony.

As the fruits and liquor soak up the spirit, spices and love, stay tuned for the finest Christmas cakes in the city.

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PUBG Fever Hits Jaipur City!

“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!”

We all know where this is going, right?

The newly inaugurated PUBG themed café in town is becoming the heartthrob of the city. Along with the interiors done on PUBG theme, the name also confirms with the game- Player Unknown’s Belly Grounds.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a viral online multiplayer survival game where you can team up with your friends and win the battle and with a café themed on it, Jaipur Beat just had to take you through it!

As you enter the café you realize that although it is not very big, but holds in itself the true essence of the game.

Instilled and embellished with features from the game including tables that look like the “Drop” and “jeep”, the café is a true imitation. Moreover, an entire wall has been painted to look like the cover of the game itself.


Another wall has the logo of the game painted on it along with “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, the ultimate motto of the game besides it. Also, the ceilings are painted to look like people jumping down from the plane, just the way it is in the game graphics.

To spice it up even more, they have props like the jeep, the Ghilli suit, a machine gun AKM and a sniper gun AWM that look straight out of the game!

1540885075289_InstgramPhotoDownloader (1)

1540885059405_InstgramPhotoDownloader (1)

The cover of the menu looks like the name cover of the game, and even the font used in the menu is that of PUBG. Although it includes separate PUBG meals that also have “Chicken Dinner” and “Chicken Dinner Squad” as options, the rest of the menu is pretty plain and as common as that of any other café.

1540885122324_InstgramPhotoDownloader (1)

The overall feel of the place teleports you to the much-celebrated survival game and adds up to a must visit for the PUBG fans!

Let’s wait and watch how the new theme holds on to the heartbeats of Jaipurites.

Address: Panchsheel Colony, Sushilpura, Ajmer Road, Jaipur.

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“The GT Road”- A 2600 km Gastronomical Journey in Jaipur

At times, a simple road trip to nowhere is the solution to overcome every problem. Well, we are taking you on a new journey and to the new destination that introduces us to new ways of celebrating- The GT Road. Here, we’re talking about a new restaurant which has been recently launched in Jaipur with a very novel concept, based on a 2600 km long highway known as ‘The Grand Trunk Road’. The Grand Trunk Road is considered one of Asia’s longest roads ever constructed in the era of Sher Shah Suri. As The GT road starts from Chittagong, Bangladesh and ends at Kabul, Afghanistan, the restaurant offers specialities of all those cities that are covered by GT Road. Isn’t it, interesting?

the gt road1.jpg

The exciting part is that it genuinely makes you relive the bygone era that it is based upon. Let us give you an insight of this beautiful gastronomical journey

As you enter, there is an eye-catching Victorian century’s polished Rolls Royce to welcome you. Inside the restaurant, the charm of the antique shotguns, rifles, and other artefacts like utensils give you a sneak peek into the chronicles of the old days.

rolly royce.jpg

Moving on, let us take a look at the food.

This place is one of Jaipur’s rare live food counter providers. There is barbeque available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The options here vary from Aatishti Paneer Tikka of Panipat, Mughfali Aloo Masala Tikki of Ambala to Panch Puran Kumbh of Amritsar, Chilli Potato of China Town Kolkata in vegetarian section and in non vegetarian there is lehsooni Murg Tikka, Burra Kabab, Gilafi Mutton Seekh of Lahore to Macchi ka tikka of Kolkata to satiate your taste buds. And that’s not it, there is a separate chaat counter for all the chaat lovers. The chaat options vary from Dahi Bhalle, Papdi Chaat to Raj Kachori, Palak Patta Chaat.


chaat corner

But wait, don’t overindulge as there’s still more to come in the buffet and later in desserts, cause we know you would not want to miss anything ☺

The buffet options here are selective and will change after every 15 days (YAYY!). The beautifully laid buffet counter with metal utensils preserving the age-old charm undoubtedly creates the traditional warmth in the atmosphere. On the buffet counter, in vegetarian from Dal Makhani of Amritsar, Kadi pakoda of Jalandhar, Pindi chole of Rawalpindi to the garlic noodles from China Town of Kolkata and Biryani of Allahabad.  There was a whole variety of Non-veg delights- Aloo Gosht from Lahore, Murg Makkanwala from Kabul, Machar Jhol, Murg Masala of Delhi to Murg Dum Biryani of Lahore to Baluchi Gosht Biryani of Kabul.


non-veg main coursemain course

No doubt, the food is well researched and well crafted. Even basic ingredients and recipes are paid attention to. The chef told us that a recipe as simple as Sirka Pyaaz has been researched and brought from Ludhiana. For desserts, there are tiny portions available so that you can easily try all of them even after an almost full stomach. As a matter of fact, the chefs themselves have visited cities like Delhi, Panipat, Kolkata, Kanpur, Aurangabad, Varanasi etc. in order to bring authenticity to the meals.

dessertsdesserts 2

The restaurant also has a full bar offering a good range of cocktails.

The pleasant music, antique décor sets the perfect mood for indulging into a food journey covering 2600 km long Grand Trunk road. The delectable Barbeque and Buffet’ is what makes The G T Road so special amongst food connoisseurs.

So, the next time you feel or wish to go for a road oops food trip, you know where to head to ☺

Bon Appetit!


The GT Road, Mango Hotel

Govind Marg, Saket Colony, Jaipur



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6 Places in Jaipur Where You Can Relish Bar-Be-Que

Who doesn’t love smoky barbeque evenings and relaxed gala time amidst the hectic weekday chores? We Jaipurites being hardcore foodies surely do! And with ‘Barbeque Day’ today we have a perfect excuse to celebrate it. Right?

The floating whiff and the tempting orange flairs coming from the live coal grill will definitely tempt your palette and senses even before it is served to you. Here we have, Jaipur’s best Bar Be Que places, to delight you.

  1. When it’s barbeque, it is Bar Be Que Nation! Exclusively serving barbeque, this restaurant chain is famous amongst Jaipurites for its unique ‘in- table’ live grill and a European style ambience. Their crispy corn- fitters and unlimited platter of veg and non- veg starters is worth to fall for which makes it one of the best restaurants in the city.

bbq nation

Where- MI Road

  1. Grill and chill in a blissful setting at Handi Vaishali which serves Jaipur’s best non- vegetarian platter. Finger- licking tikkas and tandoori chicken are on their hit list. And yes! It is definitely a delight for the vegetarians as well.


Handi pic.jpg

Where- Vaishali Nagar

  1. Amidst the happening nightlife of Malviya Nagar is located OTB- On The BarB-Q, a vibrant rooftop restaurant. Serving a lavish platter of barbeque al- carte and buffet, chicken lollipop and chilli mushroom are worth to die for. Go and check out it today as you won’t get a better combination of barbeque with alcohol and live music in the bliss of fresh air elsewhere.


Image via Google

Where – Malviya Nagar

  1. A huge shoutout for hardcore carnivores! Celebrate this world barbeque day with Sethi Bar- Be- Que which serves delicious varieties of non- veg and veg food. Although having a small and cozy ambience, yet this place is loved by Jaipurites who relish here the smoky aroma of spices and the desi Mughlai food.



Where- Panchwati Circle, Adarsh Nagar

  1. Talk Of The Town, as the name suggests, this takeout place has been close to every Jaipurite’s heart since ages. With mouth-watering heavenly tikkas, it is a must go to package for the foodies.

So can you think of a better take out place to celebrate than TOTT?


Where- MI Road, Malviya Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Raja Park, Vaishali Nagar, Khasa Kothi

  1. How can we not mention Radheshyam Bhatia when talking about barbeque? This small vegetarian takeout has gathered immense followers addicted to its paneer tikka. The spicy paneer well barbequed into smoky tikka served with onions and chutney is quite irresistible. You definitely can’t miss to crash here today!

radheshyam bhatia21167424_1566371410052202_8682249603542050343_o

Where – Raja Park

Grill! Grill! Grill Jaipurites!


Content credit: Muskaan Kasat (Intern at Jaipur Beat)

Edits By- Team Jaipur Beat


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6 New Haunts In Jaipur

From the love of awe-flavours lingering at every nook of the walled city to spending quality time at cool and exciting cafes, the craze for unique eateries have been stupendously evolving in Jaipur and so with it the fond of bizarre themes. To keep up with the fervour, new peppy cafes in Jaipur have been opening up with vivid concepts and ambience and Jaipur Beat has got some party places sorted for you.

With food for every mood, irresistible foodgasms are coming your way with these cafes listed below-

1. PEPPERAZI ‘engage in retro vibes’ – With many paparazzi gazing at you from their poster stuck on the brick- walls, this American- theme based cafe has assured to make all of us a centre of the attention. This newly opened place in Bais Godam has an electrifying and peppy ambience of the 60s and 70s with flashy red and blue lights for typical retro diner vibes. Mocktails being their starrer, the food quality and taste is also a star mark, making it a must try!

34046275_594607557577551_7141937400955011072_o2. THE LAUGHING B ‘for the happy souls’ – Laugh out your worries with the newly- opened Pan Asian gastro pub in town. A fantastic combination of unique cuisines (Chinese, Asian and Thai), live music and live FIFA screening, this place located at MI Road is a perfect spot to chill and relax with your friends and family. Nonetheless, it has happy lunch hours known as ‘yum cha’ every day between 1 pm to 4 pm. ‘Espresso martini’ is a must try for the cocktail lovers.

32294766_1698783053539217_79241949042704384_o3. PINT PAT ‘classy and elegant’- Engage into pure luxury vibes with PINT PAT, newly opened at Malviya Nagar by cafe Lazy Mojo. With world class liquor on top- notch, swirl and sip the wine exquisites and groove in the charisma of soothing live music. Complimenting the liquor, their food is as amazing and delicious with special offers every Wednesday.

Pint Pat4. ICEKRAFT ‘go krafty on dessert’- Stay refreshed this summer with a quirky palette of self-crafted chilly ice-cream and dessert. This new hub in Bani Park has in store for everyone their personal favourites of weird combinations blended into divine flavours; Tiramisu ice cream tacos and Bigbang friffles are heavenly. Berries, choco chips, kiwi, cheesecake, coffee, strawberry, chocolate, waffles and what not! What makes this place out of the box and in the blue is that they have ice-cream for the sweet tooth and quick bites for the savoury. Quite irresistible!


5. NBC ‘ok, but first coffee’ – If you are looking for a perfect cup of coffee to start your day with, or read a book with then Nothing Before Coffee is the place for you. Who does not love to enjoy an endless variety of coffee, mocktails and shakes and that too at affordable prices? Brew your minds with literally the best coffee in town in a warm and cozy ambience located at C-Scheme.

28166463_540535812997310_3177208252054056185_n.jpg6. LA MASION BLANCHE ‘célébrer l’amitié’ – celebrate the bond of friendship in a decent milieu and fall in love with unconventional cuisines from all over the world. Located in C-Scheme, this place imbibes a pleasant aura and is famous for its Mediterranean and Lebanese paradise. With mouth-watering sea food delicacies, they also have lobster on their platter which is simply WOW. Do check out this new buzz of the town.


Bon appétit Jaipurites!


Images via Google

Content credit: Muskaan Kasat

Edited by team Jaipur Beat.

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10 Places To Enjoy Live Music In Jaipur On World Music Day

Jaipur and music daunt a beautiful blend of ‘sur’ and ‘taal’ and is known for harmoniously expressing hues of its culture and art through the symphony of music. Thus, tunes of melody have always remained close to Jaipurites and have been constantly evolving in taste with the evolution of modern Jaipur. Every soul is attached to music in its own way, maybe in a form of a revival of past memories or an excuse to transcend in a make-believe world of fallacy.

Therefore, on the occasion of World Music Day, cherish, nurture and celebrate this never dying spirit of music and revive the golden moments of happiness with soothing live music and band performances. Here is a list by Jaipur Beat of some amusing cafes and lounges which have live music nights to make you sway on the beats.

  1. HOP ON- a rooftop lounge has which has spectacular live music nights every Thursday, Friday and Sunday; 8:30 pm onwards along with a scenic ambience of golden lights and cool summer breeze.

HOP 34814401_1315159955285231_2292210568267825152_n

Venue: Las Vegas Hotel, Bais Godam

  1. CLUB NAILA- celebrate this World Music Day with Jaipur’s most happening lounge and recharge yourselves as they have a full weekend package planned for an unforgettable experience.

DAY 1- YES! ‘the local train’, India’s famous Hindi rock band is coming to Jaipur on this Friday at Club Naila.

DAY 2- dance onto the beats of high- spirited remixes with one of India’s most popular DJ Zaiden this Saturday.


  1. ASTERIA- Hues of blue and golden blended along with the tunes of mesmerizing live performances of Bollywood, jazz and pop is a perfect place to spend evenings.


Venue: Tonk Road

  1. CLUB STALLIONS by Polo Lounge,  a royal star mark in the nightlife of Jaipur which has already geared up to scintillate Jaipurites through a dashing Saturday night by DJ Lemon and live music on weekends.


Venue- C- Scheme

  1. REZA-  celebrate this World Music Day with authentic Ghazal nights on weekends and a bliss of tasty flavours. Indeed an unbeatable combination!


Venue- Malviya Nagar

  1. The LAUGHING B- eat, dance, rave and repeat! Please your ears and soul with live music performances at this new pan-Asian gastropub in the city.

laughing b

Venue- MI Road

  1. LIT Bar and Kitchen- As the name suggests, this place is for the ever-young hearts which is indeed lit. Groove with them on Friday with an electrifying live band performance from 9 pm onward.


Venue- C -Scheme

  1. F Bar and Lounge- All day plush dinner with indoor and outdoor setup including the rooftop and pool space for the young and energetic party lovers of Jaipur with melodious live music nights every Sunday.


Venue: MI Road

  1. Zero Gravity- the newly opened casual dinner with a vibrant ambience and rooftop seating area, because who doesn’t like a meal in the cool breeze? The place is hosting a live band performance on 22nd July to give your weekend a musical kick start.


Venue: C – Scheme

So, lose your bodies and engage into Jaipur’s lively charisma of music!

Happy World Music Day!


Content credit: Muskaan Kasat

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7 Places In Jaipur To Take Your Dad Out On Father’s Day

No day could ever be enough to cherish the bond of love with our fathers and reciprocate to what he does for us.  But we can indeed celebrate this heartfelt relationship to honour the superhero in our lives and enjoy it to the fullest with some warm and creative gestures.

Hence with Father’s Day around the corner most of you have already started scratching your heads into thinking of such creative and spontaneous ideas to make this day a memorable one for our greatest dads.

Booze up and be ready as Jaipur beat has already planned a crazy day out for you to celebrate this special bond in a much special way.This Father’s Day give your father a break from his boring routine and make him groove onto the beats of a fun time!

  • Begin this memorable day out by surprising him with a lavish ‘Sunday breakfast buffet’ at Cafe Bae, a perfect place to nurture new memories.

Cafe Bae - Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Image credit: Cafe Bae

  • Treat him with a little twist of kadak masala in his boring morning chai ki chuski at Tapri ashram with their famous maska bun and vada pao. Indian dads always fall for such desi food!


Image credit : Tapri Ashram

  • Is your dad also fond of big fat breakfast with a lavish and an extravagant platter? If yes, then Zolocrust at Clarks Amer is the best destination.


Image credit : Zolocrust

  • Family time seems incomplete every time without a bollywood movie. So ask out your dad on a movie date with the latest blockbuster in town, Race 3 and experience an enthralling trio of fun, suspense and adventure.

Race 3

Image via Google

We’re sure this is the one date you won’t ever hesitate to ask first!

  • Pamper your dad and take the lead! After a thrilling virtual experience, take him on a long drive to his favourite places he loved as a kid like Amber, Nevta, or Kanota or discover a new happening father- daughter/son spot.

Amer fort + car

  • Remember those times when you used to switch off the TV and get angry because dad always watched sports and not your favourite movie? Quite kiddish times must say! It is your time to treat him like a king on this special day. Take him to watch FIFA with you as no bond is stronger than two people cheering the same team. Indulge into sports vibes, gift him his favourite team’s jersey and watch live FIFA on big screen at WTF Jaipur.


  • What else could be more perfect than to end the day with some chilled beer, soothing music in a mesmerizing setting and dad’s favourite food? Well, Forresta kitchen & bar has just the right candlelight ambiance with mouth watering cuisines waiting to make your ending a blast.


Wishing all the fathers  – Happy Father’s Day 🙂


Content credit: Muskaan Kasat