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Jaipur’s Knight gets shining Armor for city’s less fortunate

Many a times, people see others who are less fortunate than them and sympathize with them as well as plan to do something for them one day when they have enough resources. In such times it is great to hear stories about people, who move out of their comfort zone to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters, without any resources but a strong will to bring a change in the society.

One such story is of Ashwini Parashar, a 3rd year medical student of S.M.S. medical college, Jaipur. Recently we learned that he goes around the streets of Jaipur city at night and helps those in need, by distributing clothes among them. Ashwini sources old clothes, gets them cleaned and ironed and then distributes them among the needy.


On being asked how this initiative started he mentioned that while having tea with his friends at a tea stall, late night, he saw a poor man sleeping in his innerwear. He approached him and asked him if he didn’t have clothes to which the guy replied that obviously he doesn’t. Ashwini arranged some clothes for him and that was when it struck him that there may be so many people in the city just like that man he had helped. From that day onwards there was no looking back. Ashwini started collecting clothes and distributing them.


Another reason that has given him encouragement to pursue this is the deteriorating situation of medical ethics. He expresses his grief over the fact that due to certain activities, like strikes by Doctors or greedy practices by a few among this huge community, people have started doubting the integrity of this profession. Ashwini believes that this practice of his can bring about a change in that attitude.


Many people have joined Ashwini’s initiative, after learning about his mission some doctors from Delhi have said that they are happy about it and they will initiate it in the national capital as well. Ashwini himself is very excited that people are coming up to help him in this endeavor. He says that name and fame doesn’t affect him, all he cares about is that this initiative should not stop. He states that he wants to pursue this forever, the arrangement of his service may change in future but he is never going to give up on this ever.

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Serving water to the thirsty!

It is said that the best charity is giving food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. The latter is especially true in the hot summer months, when a parched throat can make life feel miserable, and nothing is more welcome than a glass of cool water.

As a drop of water to the thirsty

All over Jaipur, there are many people who take this literally, and serve water on the roads in summer, free of cost. There are some who place earthen pots of water by the side of the road, under a shady tree and make sure it is re-filled, while others set up water coolers at public spaces. Many even place water-filled earthen bowls for birds in their lawns.

Water-bowls for birdies

You can also observe little bamboo huts all over the place, especially near road intersections with an earthen pot of water inside. There’s a person inside in attendance, serving the people who came to quench their thirst, and re-filling the pot when necessary. These water-serving places are locally known as “Pyaau”.

A “pyaau” on streets of Jaipur

An appreciable way of performing a service to those in need, wouldn’t you agree?