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9 Events in June in the Pink City that cannot be missed!

June, the month of holidays and relaxation (well, for most of the people), is too precious to be wasted by sitting at home in front of your air conditioners and drowning in a puddle of gadgets. Some people might want to sit and watch repeated episodes of their favourite TV series, trying to avoid the heat, while some look for opportunities and events around the city to go out, have fun and beat that heat. So, if you are one of the people looking for a month full of diverse activities, here’s a list of events happening around Jaipur that you might want to explore.

  1. A Night at Stardust

Give it up for Gajendra Verma, making a grand musical appearance in Jaipur, on June 1st8 p.m. onwards at Stardust.  To get the live experience of having fun with amazing DJ, drinks and food, get your gang to attend this event which will make you have the best weekend of your life.

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1st -gajendra-verma-live.jpg

  1. Jaipur Book Lovers 100th MeetUp

What can be a better evening for all the bibliophiles than Jaipur Book Lovers Club MeetUp, at Krishnayan- Jawahar Kala Kendra on June 2nd from 5 p.m. onwards. So, mark the date on your calendar for the 100th MeetUp of JBL!


  1. Saanjh Open Stage

An evening full of poetry, music, fun, art and more! Saanjh Open Stage is a charity fundraiser event on June 2nd, at Yellow House Global Bistro, Silver Square Mall, M.I. Road. Do not miss as the event will only last from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Not Just Baniya, Stand Up Comedy

If you’re tried clubbing and partying then this is what you can do next. Not Just Baniya is a standup solo by Gaurav Gupta live on Sunday, June 2nd at 7 p.m. organized at Idiot Box. Now you know what are your Sunday evening plans.

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4th -not-just-baniyastandup-solo-by-gaurav-gupta-live-.jpg

  1. Half Day Tour to Amber Fort

Taj Rambagh Palace is commencing half day private tour for 8 hours from June 3rd onwards of the architectural and cultural highlights of Pink City. The tour will last from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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5th half-day-tour-of-jaipur-city-with-amber-fort-and-elephaant ride.jpeg

  1. TEDxTaxilaBusinessSchool

Jaipurites, gear yourself up for TEDxTaxilaBusinessSchool, where leading thinkers will be gathered to give you a unique experience in Taxila Business School, Mansarovar. Jaipurites witness speakers from multiple vertical like authors, CEOs, entertainment and more on June 8th at 9:30 a.m. onwards.

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  1. Rooh Open Mic

A dawn of poetry, melody and humor. An overwhelming experience, for the budding poets of Jaipur on June 14th at DeckedUp by Garden Café from 4 p.m. onwards.

For tickets –


  1. Art of Film Making

The workshop of Art of Film Making Chapter II by Harshit Walia is an 8 hour immersive workshop for amateur photographers or filmmakers and for those photos fanatics who want to get the best from the pieces of equipment they own. The event is on June 30th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the venue is yet to be decided.

Tickets –

8th Art of Film Making.jpg\

      9. Pyjama Party with Wonder years

Don’t miss this fun opportunity!
Wonder Years, Vaishali nagar is hosting an overnight pyjama party for children from Saturday 1st June, 6 pm to Sunday 2nd June 9 am for the children from 5-10 years. The Activities would include Splash pool, Charades, Fun games, stories, music, dance party, yoga, gazing the stars. Dinner and breakfast would be included
Fee: 1200/-

Contact – +91 9672974963

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-30 at 1.54.47 PM.jpeg


Events in Jaipur · Jaipur · TEDx Events

Inspiring Speakers to look forward to at TEDx Jaipur

Jaipurites, gear yourself up for TEDx Jaipur, where leading thinkers will be gathered to give you a unique experience in Jaipur. Witness the most engaging, highly curated sessions, speakers from all over the world, cocktail dinner and music at nowhere other than TEDx.

TEDxJaipur is one such platform that continues to spread incredible and worthy ideas.  Entering its 7th year, TEDx Jaipur has hosted 9 various TEDx events in the city of Jaipur since 2011 and has provided a platform to more than 70 speakers and thought leaders from all over the world. If you are open minded and curious to listen to the bright minds that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects, join one of the biggest TEDx events of the region where more than 12 Speakers & Performers will get together in the city of Jaipur for a full day of event at Marriott Jaipur at TEDxJaipur 2017 on 16th Dec 2017




28 year old Aafreen is fighting for the women who are divorced via triple talaq. . Aafreen became news when she moved the Apex Court after receiving ‘divorce remotely’ via speed post. Her fight continues even after the SC verdict. Her speak is to motivate many women who are still struggling and fighting their own fights. oin us for a very special TEDx Talk with her:

2. Akkai Padmashali


Meet Akkai Pamashali, a male to female trans-woman, who for over a decade has been fighting for the rights of sexual minorities. Her vision is to see a gender-just world. Her journey has been challenging. But her message is inspiring. Join us for a special session with Akkai at TEDxJaipur. To register, visit

3. Dr. Vishal Rao- Cancer Specialist

DR Vishal

Dr. Vishal Rao has vast experience in the field of Oncology and Head & Neck Surgery and has been trained in Oncology at one of the most prestigious cancer institutes of India, Tata Memorial Hospital at Mumbai. As a self-motivating medical expert, Dr. Rao has invented the AUM voice prosthesis to help throat cancer patients get their lost voice back, at an affordable price. Learn more about his invention at TEDxJaipur on 16th of December.

4. Faisal Ali Dar- Sports Coach


Recipient of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Award in ‘Sport and Peace’, Faisal Ali Dar, the trainer of wunderkinds Tajamul Islam and Hashim Mansoor, runs the most celebrated sports academy in one of the terror-affected areas of Kashmir. Faisal has persevered in the face of every difficulty – political, social and economic. Even during the unrest, he is training these kids at Ali Sports Academy’ for free of cost. What’e his motivation, need to listen at TedX.

5. Harshwardhan Zala-Innovator. Child Prodigy


A 10th grader genius, working in the area of robotics and drones since the age of 10 is an inspiration itself. Can you believe he has already worked to develop 16 robots and 8 drones? At the age of 14, he set up his own company Aerobotics7 . What’s the story behind this wonder kid, to meet him visit:


6. Kamakshi Khanna-Singer



A Delhi Based Singer/Songwriter who believes she is an old soul, Kamakshi Khanna is an effervescent voice that brings life to experiences and stories through her songs. Meet one of the leading next-gen musicians of India at TedX

7. Prateek Sharma -Innovatorprateek sharma.png


A IITan and an entrepreneur who has received ‘Startups National Award’ of the year 2017 from President of India for his revolutionary innovation of Nasofilters. Get inspired and listen him speaking at

8. Prateek Sinha-Founder of

pratik sinha.png

Pratik Sinha is an ex-software engineer. Along with two more co-founders, he launched Altnews – a fact finding website – to combat the phenomenon of fake news.  Alt News has crossed more than five million views in the past seven months. Meet Pratik Sinha, the co-founder of Alt News, a website that routinely debunks viral fake videos, images and forwards.

To book your tickets, visit:


Date: December 16 2017

Venue: Marriott Jaipur

Timings: 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM


This year



Jaipur · TEDx Events

7 Powerful Speakers at TEDx Jaipur

It’s important to remember that setbacks, failures, and tragedies are a part of life. But finding joy and success in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent on our ability to persevere through even during the toughest adversity without ever giving up.

Jaipur witnessed various stories during TED’s first Global , ‘TEDx Anchor event in Jaipur –The Unseen’  by speakers who were in Pink City for the event at Hotel Clarks Amer on Saturday 25 Feb, 2017. They tried to tackle society’s toughest questions, answering with innovation, and optimism. Let’s meet top 7 speakers who have embraced the pain and burnt it as fuel for their journey called LIFE.

  1. Harsh Songra- Different Ability harsh

A 20-year-old founder of My Child App, an app that screens developmental disorders in 10 seconds was developed by Harsh, who himself was Diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 9. It took years for parents to understand their boy is suffering from. Having a child with disability and dealing with the stigma in our society is still a big deal. For a 10 year boy, not going to play outside, not being able to eat noodles on his own and repeatedly told by teachers to parents to look for some school for disabled children for their son was neither easy to understand nor to deal with. But for some there is positivity in everything and here he was ; who became best friend with his computer and at the age of 19, Harsh created ‘My Child’ App to help parents diagnose developmental disorders in their children in just 45 seconds. The app helps in connecting those millions of parents who had similar questions about their children suffering from development disorders.

2. Mallika Ahluwalia– Preserving Memories


For all of us history is all about the rulers, the monuments created by the ruling king but Mallika is one such person who made us realize that history all about the people who lived during those times and who have no mention in history books. When we read about the History of partition, it is only about Jinnah, Nehru or other political leaders but what about the people who lived during those times? During India Pakistan partition, the people living at both sides just moved leaving their past behind holding no future in hands. This thought led Mallika to create the world’s first museum to remember the Partition of India. The Partition Museum has opened its doors at the Town Hall in Amritsar. She shared her heartwarming story about her own great grand father and other family members who had shared the trauma of displacement when they left Lahore packing life in one suitcase with a thought that they will soon be back and the rest is history. The memories they never shared with anyone. Now the museum treasures memories of migrated families who braved themselves to stand up again from scratch after migration.

3. Manisha KoiralaTake Life as God’s Gift, value it


She was the face with which we all were familiar. Dressed in long dark brown frilled kurti with neatly tied hair in a bun, she looked strong and content. Her success story we all have seen and heard but what she shared was her battle for life, for career, for health. Manisha Koirala lost everything. It was a trying time, when she was diagnosed with cancer, and it was this battle with cancer, which caused her to look deep within herself & find a new way of living, the way of joyful living.

She further shared- During her illness, one lady used to visit her in the hospital everyday, she asked her the reason for her regular visits, knowing she is not even her fan or family or friend. Her answer touched her –so that you too can do this for someone one day. She realized and made it a point to be with the person who will be happy to have you on your side especially during the troubled times. As that is the one way you can give back to the society.

4. Nidhi Chaphekar – An eye for an eye is not the answer


Nidhi, a Jet Airways Crew member became one of the most iconic images of the Brussels Terror Attack. Overcoming the horror of that fateful day, Nidhi believes that the attack made her rethink and discover the true meaning of life. Though she cannot forgive the attackers but she strongly advocates that revenge is not an answer. When for the first time she looked in the mirror after the terror attack she couldn’t believe that it is her face. The trauma was enough to think it’s better to die than to live. But with family support and her own will power, she gathered the strength to live and today her words were more than inspiring to motivate all of us present at TedX.

5. Jagdeep Chhokar Truth about democracy

Former Director – in Charge of IIM, Ahmedabad and co-founder of Association of Democratic Reforms


Prof. Chhokar has been central to ADR’s success in bringing political parties under the ambit of RTI and the Supreme Court ruling barring convicted criminals from contesting elections. He talked about the grave issues like black money, to improve governance and strengthen democracy by continuous work in the area of electoral and political reforms.

He talked about the legitimacy of our elected representatives. Do our elected representatives really “represent” us? In his speech, he insisted, if you favor none of the party during elections don’t compromise select ‘NOTA’ as that will force political parties to bring worthy candidates for contesting elections.

6. Vikas Agnihotri – Decoding Human Behavior 

Vikas Agnihotri .JPG

Google search is nothing new for any one of us but what insights came from Vikas was really mind boggling depending upon the human behavior. At the time of New Year, googlers were more specific to what should be their New Year resolution, followed by Diet, health and Exercise in the first month of the year, the online behavior keeps changing with changing month and with Valentine month the googlers were inclined towards – How to Kiss, What to gift … itwas seriously hilarious but true.

7. Laxmi Aggrawal – Stop Acid Attacks


She was just 15 years old when attacked by a 32 year old man. An acid attack survivor, Laxmi took the cause and struggled to win the case in Apex Court on restrictions on the sale of acid. Despite the regulations, not much changed on ground and acid continues to be available in open market. Laxmi is now fighting another battle by means of Right of Information Act and acquiring data concerning acid sale in each district in India. She aims to apprise the Supreme Court of the actual ground situation with this data.


The ideas shared have the power to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world!