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Let’s Hear the Tales Behind the 7 Gates of Jaipur this World Tourism Day


The knock knock joke here in Jaipur’s walled city would take on a completely different meaning with its many doors/ Darwazas/gates spread across the city. We asked many denizens of Jaipur to list the Darwazas of the city and though everybody seemed to agree that they are between 7 to 9 gates in the city but the names on everybody’s list were different. So we dug a bit deeper and have put together a small yet detailed guide for tourists and residents of Jaipur alike to know your one exquisite darwaza of the walled city of Jaipur from another and to never again get lost in the city.
Sawai Raja Jai Singh II did half the work with his architect by planning the city in 3 X 3 squares based on the Indian Vastu-Purush-Mandala. These squares and thus all the roads are aligned North-South or East- West. These 9 +1 squares constitute the Jaipur’s walled city. The city is guarded by 7 primary gates or pols which formed the entry-exit points into the walled city. They are a part of the city ramparts and each gate is unique and its name carries a clue to its location and reason why it’s called that. (Yes, our very own Da-Vinci Code!). The very first clue is, when in doubt – Look up!! 

The centermost square of the Old City is the City Palace and Govind Dev Ji Temple and the 7 Gates are:


1. Dhruv Pol
Named after the Pole star or Dhruv tara ( which is used in locating the Direction North ) , Dhruv Pol is the Northern most Gate of the walled city. It is now called the Zorawar Singh Darwaza.


2. Suraj pol
As the name suggests , it translates to Sun Gate , this is the gate to the East of the walled city, towards the eastern hills , in the direction of the rising sun. It also forms the gateway to the famous sun temple built by Sawai Jai Singh and further towards Galta Ji. You can easily identify the gate by the symbol of the 2 painted Suns on the Gate.


3. Chandpol
Chand Pol means the Moon Gate . Along the East-West Axis of the City, it lies diagrammatically opposite to the Suraj Pol and forms the Western Gate of the walled City.Spot the famous and ancient Chandpole Hanuman Ji Temple with its 25 feet high Shikhar abutting the gate, if you are here you know you have reached the western end of the walled city.


4. Ajmeri Darwaza / Kishan Pol
This is the 1st of the 4 southern Gates and as the name suggests would command the westerly road towards Ajmer. Also, this gate takes you inside the city towards Kishanpole market, known especially for tie & dye fabrics.


5. Naya Pol
On the southern end of the Chaura Rasta (or the Wide Road) , this is the 2nd gate of the southern rampart and it means the ‘New Gate’ This gate was earlier a chor darwaza and later increased in size by the Sawai Ram Singh II . The road connects to the City Palace Gate of Tripolia. If you can see Albert Hall through the darwaza, you know you are at Naya Pol.


6. Sanganeri Darwaza / Shiv Pol
Sanganeri Gate is the 3rd Gate and is located in the southern Ramparts of the Jaipur’s Walled city. This gate governed the route southwards towards the town of Sanganer. It is called Shivpol after the Shivmandir which the royal family would visit during Mahashivratri.


7. Ghat Darwaza / Ram Pol
The last of the 4 Gates, the Ghat Pol is named after the easterly road towards the Ghat ki Ghuni. Inside the city, this is the way towards the Ramchandra Ji Chowkri and Ramganj Bazar.


This World Tourism Day know your city a little more with these amazing stories behind the 7 mesmerizing gates of Jaipur.

Happy World Tourism Day!

World Tourism Day

Vivid Cultural Celebrations On the World Tourism Day!

With the multitude of colors and vivid shades of its rich culture, Jaipur once again gears up for celebrating the World Tourism Day on 27 September, 2015. The historical monuments and sites located in the Pink City needs to be protected and this can be only done with collective efforts. The objective behind this day is to create awareness among the common people for conserving and protecting our heritage.

On this day Pink City is going to bathe in the beauty of music, dances and various cultural events as number of events are lined up to delight tourists.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort

On the occasion entry to the fort is free for all. Tourists will be greeted with a warm traditional welcome.


7.30 am to 12 noon- Folk Cultural performances to be held at (Jaleb Chok- Ganesh Pole)

Flute Recital and Shehnai Vadan performance will be held at Chandpole, Singhpole and at Hathi Stand,

At the same time Painting Competition will also be going on. In association with Drona Foundation a Heritage Walk at Amber will start at Varahi Gate that will end at Sagar. To capture the beauty of Jaipur, a Photography  competition will also be held.

2.30 pm onwards at  Kesar Kyari, there will be Still Photography by Foreign Tour Operators. Archaeology dept to install telescopes atop the Amber and Nahargarhforts for stargazing.

Jawahar Kala Kendra


There is going to be a bonanza of Rajasthani folk music and dances for music lovers at the open air theatre in Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in the evening. Between 4.30 pm- 6 pm there will be the opening of exhibition by Drona on Gangiyasar Village- Shekhawati which will continue till 30 Sept, 2015

Hawa Mahal 


At 6 pm Postage Stamp kiosk opening in association with Postal Deptt along with Philately (Postal Stamp Collection) Exhibition at Hawa Mahal. A mellifluous strains of the Shehnai can be enjoyed at Hawa Mahal alongside folk performance.


  • Albert Hall

Albert Hall

10 am- Sketch activity by NIMS students

5 pm: Presentation of Cycles by RATO to TAF personnel for patrolling.

There will also be Shehnai Vadan at Albert Hall.

A world of perfect memories awaits you at the royal city of Rajasthan!