Bliss & Charm of ‘Navratra’ will continue till 9 days!

All blessings and goodies coming along the way!

According to Hindu calendar the ‘NAV SAMVATSAR’ started from 11th April 2013 with which commenced the Chaitra Navratre which will lasts till 19th April.  This day is regarded as the first Navratri of Chaitra Shukla Paksha and is followed by an important ritual of ‘ghat stapana’. So the celebrations have already set in.

Throughout these Nine Days, all nine incarnations of Goddess Durga are worshiped. As the name indicates, it is observed during the Chaitra month (March – April) as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and three of her most popular forms– Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati – are worshiped during the period. It begins on the first day of the Chaitra and ends with Ram Navmi. In short the coming days are going to be absolute “Discount on studies” days! 😀


Also the minute observation brings in the fact that it is the time of change in weather so Chaitra Navratri is observed when Mother Nature undergoes an important climate change (Oh yes, I feel a bit sleepy & lazy on books). Thus, marking the beginning of the summer season! There is even a very popular belief that the fasting during 9 days of Chaitra Navrati is to prepare the body for the ensuing summer season!!

And of course! Not to miss out the feasting delicacies after fasting. (Here comes the reason for loving Navratras) :p

It includes sabudana vada, sabudana khichadi, Makhane Ki Sabzi, sawakh ke chawal, Dahi Pudine Wale Aloo, Makhane Ki Sabzi, Sabudana Khir Shakarkandi Ki Chaat Sabudana Papad Banana Raita, and Aloo Raita Banana Chips Singhare Ke Pakode Kaddu Ka Raita Malaiwale Kofte Fruits/Fruit Juices. All YMM, ymm mm…!!

Ommigod, and then people say they are fasting!:p

But, whether you are fasting or feasting during those wee hours of the morning, at a five-star buffet or gorging on junk food on the busy streets of the city, indulgence comes easy during this festive season!

With young girls, women and even men observing fast during the festival, there is a huge variety of starchy foods like buff vadas, sabudana khichdi, mithais while the rest (like me) are happily gorging on junk food, aerated water, ice-creams, snacks and high calorie food to keep the ‘show’ going for the 9 days!

Meanwhile don’t forget-Health Is Wealth-So caution all you people! Keep a proper sleep cycle . Getting up early in the morning would cut down the hassles and thereafter sleeping on proper time would help you energize and refresh for the coming morning.

Also keep yourself hydrated with required intake of fruits, juices, water, dry-fruit tossed Lassi and other beverages. So, it’s necessary to keep a check on your food and see that your energy levels are maintained well!! 😉

Pray for Health and Wealth with all Smiles and Shines. 🙂

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