Review: Barista Lavazza, Some More Coffee?

The coffee culture is not so new yet not so old in Jaipur! Perhaps it’s the coffee magic, that even our paas n mamas talk about their coffee day out while we might be planning our coffee treat as well! Interesting!!

There was a time when drinking coffee meant going to the Indian Coffee House on M I Road in Jaipur, but now it’s the new ‘Barista Lavazza’ experience that is sending the vibes around the town. It had to be a sure drop in café, as the winding up of the Barista Lavazza at mall 21 was really disappointing.

Ok, first let’s just get over with his Lavazza thing and let me tell you that Lavazza is Italy’s largest coffee company and sixth largest coffee roaster in the world, operating in over 80 countries! So the term ‘Barista Lavazza’ is making a mark as a pioneer in the Indian café culture.


Arriving at the much awaited destination, all of us were really very excited regarding the new Barista Lavazza that has opened up at Opposite LBS College, Tilak Nagar, Raja Park, Jaipur, and hence we, Jaipur Beat decided to grab a coffee at this new-fangled lounge.


The exteriors are still on their way to perfection but the wooden barricades brought in a different feel all together.The catch for all eyes was the poised guitar placed inside the café, offering a glimpse of interiors, yet, managing to let the people inside, indulge in their own space for chit-chats and lovey-dovey talks ;).To savor our coffee enamored souls as soon as we entered, a sweet and warm smell of brewing coffee and cheese preparations tempted us to order for our menus. Holding on to the etiquette  we dropped in for the couch instead of chairs as we were in the odds of three, and were lucky enough to sit next to the charming guitar (ask the passionate how it feels!).The ambiance offered warmth and comfort much needed to unwind interesting conversations over a cup of coffee.


At Lavazza the menu ranged from hot brews, cool sips, big bites with some relishing quick bites, sandwiches, ice-creams and soups as well! Options were sufficient enough to avail. By the time one of the smiling staff placed our orders we were checking out the well-thought concept and the interesting ways to engage the customers. Some nice reads like Othello etc along with magazines like India Today etc. were placed siding the counters.

IMG_3406 (1)

The music was soothing when we arrived though it ranged from some rock and metal versions to the melodious acoustics. Nonetheless, the cherry on the cake was the Guitar, tagged as ‘PLAY ME’ and it would have been dark as sin to ignore and let go of the opportunity! (Did you hear your heart sing-along?!!) So, one of our friends hovering over her skills went on to play a soothing track by Adele-unanimous favorite!

It seemed like we orchestrated our otherwise dull afternoons to the tune of coffee!! We were already enjoying the musical afternoon with flavoring over the brewing melted Swiss chocolate, indulgent Barista blast, some big bites of chilli cottage cheese carne calzone (one dish, great taste!) and classic paneer tikka. We wished our coffee breaks lasted just a little bit longer as it was a mind-soothing classy ambiance that lingered on just like the taste of coffee here, but soon we realized that as evening was setting in,groups of mirthful youngsters were heading towards the café (no doubt, puzzling over the view of guitar!)For us it was truly a Lavazza Experience: Authentic, Passion and Pleasure!


So when are you dropping over for your cup of joy ??

Overall Rating:

  • Ambiance : 5/5
  • Coffee and Food : 5/5
  • Concept : 5/5
  • Service : 5/5
  • Value for money : 4.5/5

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