Sky Waltz Review: A city getaway on Jaipur Delhi Highway

Sky Waltz cafe

On a weekday, we left the office early to find-out a restaurant getaway for Jaipurites. Something which involves a weekend and a drive away from the city, good-food and a serene classy ambiance overlooking the highway and the hills.

Sky Waltz cafe

Just a kilometer or two’s drive from Amity University and NIMS institute, Sky-Waltz Restaurant cafe on 228 KM Stone Delhi Jaipur Highway is half an hour’s drive from the city and its hustle-bustle. The white picket fence and the freshly-trimmed greens make it for a very cosy entrance. Overlooking the Aravalli Hills, the seating outside is nothing short of a refreshment and romance therapy! As you open the doors to India’s Only Aviation themed cafe, you seat yourself in a very eccentric ambiance that celebrates the art of flying machines. From a hot-air balloon casket in one corner, hanger lights, sturdy metal chains to hold the furniture in place to the chance of dining in raised mid-air swing style, everything about the ambiance of the cafe spells exclusivity.

Sky Waltz cafe

We ordered for a spinach, sun-dried tomato, corn, olives & feta pizza, fish & chips for our non-veg loving colleagues, and Wok-fried wild mushrooms & sesame chilli sauce. The drinks included coffee, and vanilla & caramel milkshake. Even their open-kitchen we noticed had an interesting interior. Good-food, rather great food makes the whole trip worthwhile. The chef comes with some covetable culinary experience and the Continental food is surely their USP.


Come with your friends, colleagues, partner or just anybody, you will love the place. They have lots of interesting theme-based stuff to look around and a board games corner too.


All-in-all, it is a thumb-up from us to the Sky Waltz Aviation cafe. With the arriving monsoons, Jaipur surely has found an intimate getaway with the right scientific appeal for the ones interested. The really intriguing part about the place is that the owners of the place plan to make seasonal introductions in the cafe’s ambiance and menu to keep the visitors hooked.

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