Movie Review: #WelcomeBack

welcome Back

Not every sequel is as good as its prequel, but you can find some witty flashes in Welcome Back. Actually a comeback for Dimple Kapadia and Shiny Ahuja. No doubt the movie missed Akshay Kumar though it had few funny moments but nothing like the first one. The story goes like-

Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) and Majnu Bhai(Anil Kapoor) starts their search for the ‘ache khaandan ke shareef ladke ke ‘ yet again for Udai’s sister. Both were stressed for the two things- one is to maintain their being good image and another finding a life companion for themselves.welcome-back_640x480_41436252147

Paresh Rawal as Goongroo was disturbed with his wife’s character “Jab maine chunav main vote dala hi nahin to mukhyamantri hamara kaise hua” where she had a son out of wedlock but this time it is not someone like Akshay Kumar but the notorious Ajju ( John Abrahim)


Udai Shetty’s sister Ranjana (Shruti Hasan) fell in love with Ajju.


Naseeruddin Shah as ‘Wanted’ top most goon was playing altogether a different character in this movie which was actually difficult to understand that why he chose for such a comic role at this point of his career “Mazak Tha Ye” literally. And his Son Shiney Ahuja, a drug addict was in love in his imagination with Ranjana. It was ‘Na Dekha Kabhi Na Jana khabi types Pyaar’

dimple naseer

Dimple Kapadia (Poonam) as con women was unable to do any justice to the role. Boasting in colorful robes Dimple was very happy with her own come back to movies, which she was enjoying but was torturous for audience.


Rajpal Yadav was given a short role though. Not a single song of the movie is worth listening. The lyrics were truly cheap and mindless “main bubbly hui, tu bunty hua..bandh kamre mein 20-20 hua. That can be well taken as washroom break. Antakshri at the graveyard was something that gives you some funny moments. The one individual who was most irritating, be it a for dialogue delivery or for her skinny show (which was not required at all) was Ankita Shrivastav another con women.

Climax indeed makes up for the good laugh. Shot in grandeur in Dubai’s desert, posh hotels, choppers, skydivers, spinning toys that shiny spins in the air, sandstorm, John jumps over the camels, people flying.

Few funny moments, but nothing like the first Welcome. Though it does not have an interesting and fresh story but if you can leave your brain behind then you can enjoy this. Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal will not disappoint you.