Social Symphony Awards

SSANothing stops a creative mind from being outstanding even in the most crucial times that others are saying “That’s Inspiring” about them in the near future.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer for many of us. This unforeseen and adverse circumstances in life, business and mindsets have also impacted a majority of brands and businesses heavily. As we know, “Change is constant; embracing it wisely is in our hands.” Despite the bad hit there are some who have stood the time and risen to success with their exponentially positive and inspiring presence in the digital scenario.

Jaipur Beat is proud to announce the “Social Symphony Awards” an initiative to recognize and honour such inspiring brands and individuals of Jaipur, who have leveraged their greatest strength of adopting digitalization, who have observed the new trends and amazed digital wizards with their dynamic adaptability and creative decision making in these harsh times.

Social Symphony Awards promises a power-packed online award ceremony where various individuals and brands from around 15 categories of different industries will be judged based on their excellence.   The nominated brands will get to be featured on Jaipur Beat, which is one of the leading Digital Magazine of Jaipur. Further, a jury of industry experts will judge these nominated categories on various parameters, whilst the selection of jury members from different backgrounds will ensure a fair judgment.  The winners of the Social Symphony Awards will be felicitated on our digital media platforms.

Hold your breath as the Pink City’s first and the only social award is here to celebrate the innovation, creativity and originality of the brands and people that entertain and inspire us and have a positive mark on social media.

Our Mission
Our mission is to give recognition to the brands and individuals who were not shaken by the crises and made a remarkable comeback.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see Social Symphony Awards as one of the most authentic and respected awards known for being the pioneer and the only-cross industry award in Jaipur.


The Social Symphony Awards unveil 12 categories to celebrate the most creative content on social media.

We aim at creating a symphony of brands and creators from different industries which have outperformed in the ever-evolving social media industry.


  1. The Sweet Tooth’s Club (Dessert Place)

You can never have too much dessert!

This award celebrates the most drool-worthy Dessert Places in the city which satisfy your sweet tooth in real and reel.

2. Nurturing Hubs (Educational Institutes)

E-learning or online learning is the new normal now!

Here are the top Nurturing Hubs recognized for using the power of social media to boost student engagement and raise their profile credibility.

3. Smart Forks (Food Blogger)

The Smart Fork Award is for those bloggers who took over social media to showcase their gastronomic journey.

4. Shutterbug on Backpack (Travel Photographer)

Have you ever experienced a place just by a photograph?

Here are the nominated Photographers who have filled our feed with travel inspiration despite being indoor.

5. Palatial Abode (Heritage Hotels)

The Palatial Abode Awards is all about royal experiences and stunning architecture.

Here are the nominees that know how to digitally promote beyond the four walls.

6. Aesthetic Cafes (Cafe)

The Aesthetic Cafe Award recognizes cafes that are delivering the right mix of content to keep their customer attention off the COVID outbreak.

7. Haute Couture (Fashion Label)

The Fashion Labels that has put their best and fashionable foot forward, even when things were going downward.

8. Home Kitchen Palette (Home Chefs)

This pandemic turned many foodies’ world upside down, that’s when the Home Chef industry evolved with èlan! Once limited to their kitchens, these culinary masters fed us with wholesome taste and goodness when all the restaurants were closed.

This award honors the Home Chefs who used social media to deliver food from their kitchens!

9. Wrap-A-Love (Gift Packaging)

The lockdown has forced people to stay indoors but not stopped them from being compassionate!

Wrap-a-love Award honors those gift saviors who have turn their passion for gift packaging into a business despite the tough times.

10. News Feed (Digital News)

If newspapers have not reached you on time or you were afraid of virus spreading through the paper in the lockdown, you have definitely consumed digital news more than ever!

Here are the nominees that have been on their toes to update regularly with news on social media.

  • Rajasthani Tweet

11. Exotic Eateries (Restaurants)

In this new era of dining, which of the nominated Restaurants would you prefer for your dine outs?

With a promise of unforgettable culinary experiences, here are the nominees for Exotic Eateries- Social Symphony Awards!

12. Jeweller’s Gallery (Jewellery House)

Though the pandemic has locked our jewels in boxes but our fixation for these dazzling designer bijoux is well take care of by some jewellery brands & houses.

The nominated Jewellery Brands in this category not only present the best of Jewelry but also keep their followers hooked on to their social media with scintillating feeds!

The Jury

  1. Shutterbug On Backpack

We are delighted to present the jury for the Shutterbug on Backpack category for the Social Symphony Awards. The esteemed personalities making up this judging panel have contributed tremendously to the art of photography.

  • Sudhir Kasliwal
  • Umesh Gogna
  • Anudeep Mathur

2. Palatial Abode

We are excited to announce the jury of Palatial Abode category for the Social Symphony Awards who will review the social media of the nominated heritage hotels and will pick the best out of all.

  • Dharmendra Kanwar
  • Dr. Edward Dickinson
  • Sanjay Kaushik

3. The Sweet Tooth’s Club

We are pleased to announce The Sweet Tooth Club’s jury for the Social Symphony Awards, which is composed of three brilliant women who share a particular fondness for sweets.

  • Esmaa Agrawal
  • Sharon Alexander
  • Tusharika Singh

4. Nurturing Hubs

The esteemed jury of the Nurturing Hubs category for the Social Symphony Awards is entrusted with the key responsibility of together screening the online presence of the nominated institutes.

  • Amita Jain
  • Anshu Harsh
  • Dr. Anita Hada

5. Smart Folks

The respected jury of the Smart Forks category for the Social Symphony Awards is entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing the digital presence of the nominated Food Bloggers.

  • Doorva Sharma
  • Kartik Bajoria
  • Marcela Baur

6. Aesthetic Cafes

We are delighted to present the jury for the Aesthetic Cafes category for the Social Symphony Awards. The judging panel will pick the best out of nominated cafes from their aesthetic knowledge of diverse background and their fine taste.

  • Anju Jain
  • Rajan Bhatt
  • Sandhya Paisley

7. Haute Couture

We are excited to announce the Haute Couture jury for the Social Symphony Awards who will pick the most engaging label that has spun in the passion of fashion.

  • Abhishek Sand
  • Apra Kuchhal
  • Wandana Parnami

8. Home Kitchen Palette

We are delighted to present the jury for the Home Kitchen Palette for the Social Symphony Awards. The judging panel comprises a talented sister duo and an impassioned biker who share a mutual love for food.

  • Ria & Richa Kumbhat
  • Shekhar Verma

10. Jeweller’s Gallery

The jury of Jeweller’s Gallery Award for the Social Symphony Awards comprises of 3 trailblazing women who are forging their own path by constantly developing their creative spaces.

  • Divya Choudhary
  • Preeta Agarwal
  • Renu Choudhary

Social Symphony Awards powered by Jaipur Beat honours the champions of Social Media in Virtual Award Ceremony

Social Media Heroes from the Pink City acclaimed at Social Symphony Awards

On Friday, September 4 2020, Pink City’s first ever virtual Social Media award ceremony left everyone mesmerized in the digital circuit. Social media experts and enthusiasts from different cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi connected together for Social Symphony Awards that was held live on Facebook and Youtube.

The grand gala of Social Symphony Awards was a power packed one-hour event, held fully online using the latest video streaming app along with stellar visual effects and engaging presentations of the different categories. The event was hosted virtually from Bangalore by renowned TV anchor Akanksha Saxena who kept the audience gripped with her witty humour.

The judges included the crème de la crème of Jaipur and other parts of the country who notably appreciated the concept and the process of Social Symphony Awards.

“The jury judged the categories after a deep insight into the social media profiles. It was not just creativity but consistency, number of followers and the engagement were also important considerations.” Said Dharmendra Kanwar, one of the jury member.

Another Jury member, Abhishek Sand affirmed that this was a very unique and motivating idea conceived by Jaipur Beat especially during these challenging times.

With the resolve to promote domestic businesses through #VocalforLocal, Jaipur Beat has introduced this pioneer platform by recognizing Jaipur’s social media champions.  Nearly 82 profiles were scanned, covering a range of sectors and industries in the city, in itself reiterating the fact that social media became an integral part of people’s life during testing times. The first of its kind Social Symphony Awards recognized 12 exceptional brands and individuals for their creativity and dynamism on their social media platforms during the complete lockdown.

Winners of the Social Symphony Awards are as follows

Shutterbug on Backpack
Shubham Mansingka

Special Mention-

Rashmi Singh Choudhary

Chetan Singh Rathore

Palatial Abode
Samode Hotels
Special Mention: Shahpura Hotels

The Sweet Tooth’s Club
Winner: Nibs Café

Nurturing Hubs

Winner: Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Jaipur (IIGJ Jaipur)

Special Mention- The Open Space Society (TOSS)

Smart Forks
The Foodie Devi

Aesthetic Cafes
Café White Saga
Special Mention: Half Light Coffee Roasters

Haute Couture
Ambraee by Palak Agarwal & Vasansi
Special Mention: Mayori

Home Kitchen Palette
Cauldron Sisters
Special Mention: Soul Food Jaipur

Jeweller’s Gallery
The Gem Palace

Exotic Eateries
: La Palma
Special Mention: Jaipur Adda

News Feeds
: First India News
Special Mention: Himanshu Vyas (Digital Photo Journalist)

Smita Jaipuria

In addition to the outstanding performers, the Social Symphony Awards also honored the NGOs and Individuals who selflessly dedicated their time and resources towards helping and uplifting the challenged section of society.

Through Social Symphony Awards, we are hereby trying to recognize NGO’s, individuals who have worked really hard towards the underprivileged during the pandemic crises- Said Anisha Hajela Co Founder Jaipur Beat

The Honorary Awards were given to

Rays Aasha Ki Ek Kiran– For their treatment, care, and support to HIV+ children in Jaipur

Viren Sharma– For leading as a canine counselor and pet-nutritionist in Jaipur

Praveen Lata Sansthan – For empowering women and girls from poor and marginalized communities in Jaipur

A special mention award felicitated the most legendary brands and businesses that we all regard as revolutionary and inspiring! The names which made it to Social Symphony Awards’ ‘Special Mentions’ are

Niros Jaipur

For being the choice of domestic and international travelers for continental food in Jaipur


For being the choice of authentic non-vegetarian delights in Jaipur

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar

For being the choice of authentic sweets in Jaipur

Tapri- The Tea House

For being the pioneer of cafe culture in Jaipur

Closing the award ceremony, Mr. Gaurav Hajela Co-Founder Jaipur Beat, congratulated the winners and thanked everyone for their contribution in making Social Symphony Awards a success, with a promise to come back with even bigger and grander Social Symphony Awards next year!