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Ranthambore Festival- a melange of euphonious Music and Melodies

Jaipur Beat is excited to usher you into the Ranthambore Festival, which is scheduled to take place at the Nahargarh Palace– a splendid property of the Thakurs of Alsisar in Ranthambore forest! Ranthambore  is a wildlife enthusiasts’ paradise and a perfect weekend gateway from Jaipur.


Now, imagine an exciting weekend replete with the strains of folk music, majestic performances by music and dance luminaries, an open-air wildlife film festival on a giant screen, tiger safaris, fantastic interactive talks on conservation success stories by wildlife conservationists, music workshops, yoga & meditation camps, all in the stunning Nahargarh Palace in Ranthambore Forest. January 27-29 2017. It’s long weekend – you know what to do.  And here we have a list of the globally acclaimed artists who are going to perform at the Ranthambore Festival!

Mallika Sarabhai


Best known as a dance legend, Mallika Sarabhai has inspired generations into carrying our cultural legacy of movement proudly into the future. Her Dance performance with  accompanying artists will enthrall you at the Hathi Kund in Nahargarh!

Zila Khan


Popularly known as the Ustad Ma, the Sufi legend Zila Khan will take the class on the basics of appreciating traditional Indian music, as well enlightening the audiances on the history and legacy of classical Indian music in ‘The Grammar of Music’ workshop on the second day of the festival.
She is the Ruhani Beghum from the movie Bajirao Mastani 🙂

Maati Baani


Be it folk, jazz, world music, blues or rock, Maati Baani seamlessly blends these styles to bring together diverse listeners from across genres and nationalities. Their new video-album series is the first of its kind in the world, featuring more than 70 artistes across 20 countries collaborating with them via internet.

Ustad Hakim Khan 


Ustad Hakim Khan is one of the last and the most prolific Kamaicha players left in the world. He has also trained his son, Bariam Khan, who was also one of his first students.
Kamaicha is a string instrument made of mango wood, featuring a round resonator covered in goat leather. His 400 year old instrument is fashioned simply, yet capable of a rich and complex depth of sound. While the maestro lives a humble life in Hadwa today, he once resided in Paris and travelled the globe, imparting his wisdom and prowess to students from around the world. Are you excited to hear the maestro’s Khamaicha?

Rajeev Raja Combine


Rajeev Raja, who holds this ‘huge’ name in the world of musicians, is one of the best Jazz and Fusion flautists in India. His fusion band with elements from various styles like Jazz, Indian classical, Latin, etc is something not to be missed. They are coming to Ranthambore to enthrall you with the powerful rhythms and spontaneous syncopation.

Gafoor Khan– the Khartal king


India’s foremost Khartaal performer, Ustaad Gafoor Khan is the name no unknown. The palm-sized instrument, forged in his own family creates the  ‘Heartbeat of the Desert’, when played!
Dive into the sea of music and get smitten by the tales of centuries past as this celebrated folk musician puts on a mesmerizing performance with his vocals, harmonium and khartaal’s mastery.

Fabrizio Cassol 


Born in Ougrée, Belgium, Fabrizio Cassol is a celebrated saxophonist and composer, whose work spans opera, theatre and dance. Cassol is the true pillar of the Belgian jazz scene, when plays with the chords, leaves everyone in love with saxophone and the saxophonist.

You’ll get to experience the mesmerizing convergence of East and West, when Zila Khan & The Nomads join forces with The Rajeev Raja Combine, along with Fabrizio Cassol for a riveting performance that will take the listeners on the journey to the best of both worlds.

Folk Music Performances by the Folk Artists discovered by Ranthambore Festival team


Ranthambore Festival is promoting the unidentified talent of folk artists from the remotes of Rajasthan’s desert. It is to provide them a platform to showcase their skills. You’ll get to listen to the Tales from the tribe by Hakam Khan, Lalu Khan, Kutla Khan Mansamram and many others and Indigenous Folk Music by Latif Khan, Adrim Khan, Ramzan Khan and other musicians.  Get ready for an euphonious experience!

Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café


Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe is a five piece, neo-fusion band that includes a folk singer, a Carnatic violinist, a freestyle drummer and a self-taught mandolin player. Each member contributes his disparate musical background to create their unique contemporary fusion sound. Together, they revive the timeless verses of the great poet Kabir by weaving them together with rock, fusion, pop and reggae styling. They released their debut album Pancharang last year to much applause.

Sufi Performance by Rajasthan Police


Last but never the least! Rajasthan Police’s Sufi avatar is back again to steal the show. Their performance in the  South Asian Sufi Festival at Jaipur can still be cherished :), but this time they are promising it to be entirely different from the usual!

So what’s still keeping you at bay? Get your passes and plunge into the magic of world’s greatest musicians, for the course of  three days of celebrating the music, literary sessions and wildlife. Register here:http://ranthamborefestival.org/register/

Email: info@ranthamborefestival.org
Telephone: +91-9969976419 |+91-9320038513 | +91-7506300883

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Breathe in the Aroma of Colors at Alsisar Mahal this Weekend!

The best aspect about living in Jaipur is that, there are a lot of locations around Jaipur that you can visit for a small and relaxing weekend. After all, we all need a short but rejuvenating vacation away from the hustle of the city life. In times like these, we suggest you Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati. The desert town of Alsisar caught our attention for many wonderful reasons!

Just 200 kms away from Jaipur city, Alsisar offers a life that is unhurried, a town, un-spoilt by modernity. The real charm lies in visiting its quaint village and experiencing a feel of authentic rural Rajasthan with all its charming eccentricity, where the ray of sunshine beaming down on you.

Roof Wide

The 17th century battle hardened Alsisar Mahal after renovation stands tall in the desert and exudes a glorious history.

Alsisar Mahal1.jpg

A marvelous blast of colors in the barren land of Rajasthan, Alsisar Mahal bears jaw dropping frescoes and paintings; each speaking with full-throated ease about the grandeur of royal Rajasthan. The palace holds some mesmerizing settlements and arcades to magnificently define the illustriousness of colors in this oasis.

Mirror Gallery

Badal Mahal or “Palace of Clouds”, which is festooned with bright and vibrant hues of paintings, glass chandeliers, vivid lamps and numerous window glasses in almost all luminous colors.  A first glance at Badal Mahal, will transport you into an arena of magical colors, like those in fairytales.

Dining Wide

The impressive dining hall within Alsisar Mahal renders some supreme display of colors! Embellished with intricate, rich gold work and time honored paintings of the medieval heroes on the walls are amazing 🙂

Dining Close up

When you gaze your eyes through hand painted rooms, vibrant courtyards and hand knotted rugs each delivers an extraordinary display of colors with different moods. Then be it a jail themed slightly spooky Dungeon Bar, the World War II Lounge replete with a half cut US Army Jeep and British flag with influenced artifacts or the canvas of multiple colors at Badal Mahal, Alsisar Mahal is a mesmeric, unbelievable and fascinating blast of colors in the barren land of Shekhawati, Rajasthan!

Dungeon BarUS Army Sitting

Folks get ready to discover all that mystical about Alsisar at the heritage hotel Alsisar Mahal. And believe us, they  welcome guests with open arms.

So, be there and live a life like never before…

For details- visit their website


FB- https://www.facebook.com/alsisarhotels/

Blog- https://alsisarhotelsrajasthan.wordpress.com/