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9 Benefits of Coconut in our day-to-day life

All of us use coconut or its byproducts in one way or another in our routine life. But we’re not fully aware of the miracles this fruit can do. So let’s take out a few minutes to know about the good things that Coconut can do for us. This World Coconut Day, we would like to give it all due credits that it deserves by telling you few of its many magical effects on our body.   

1. Weight Loss
It’s super beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight as coconut helps treat the undesired abdominal fat and also increases your metabolism rate which makes the fat-losing process faster. Have around 200g of Coconut daily and you’ll be good to go.

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weight loss

2. Immunity
Have you ever noticed that when someone in the family falls ill, the doctor generally adds coconut water to their diet? The reason being coconut water is really helpful in strengthening our immune system, which in turn helps our body to fight the bacterias that can cause diseases, and hence making the recovery faster.  


3. Prevents Tooth  Decay and Bad Breath
The antibacterial properties of Coconut Oil helps keep the mouth healthy and it is many a times used as an ingredient in toothpastes. It not only fights the tooth decay causing enzymes but is widely used as a mouthwash for getting rid of bad breath.

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4. Refreshing and rejuvenating
Coconut water can be a perfect substitute for soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi which have a very high sugar content. It not only feels good to have Coconut water on a hot, sunny day but it also keeps you energetic and makes you more alive and fresh 🙂

5. Helps in healing scars
Haven’t our grannies always recommended applying coconut oil on scars for making them heal faster? They we’re right all along. Coconut oil is proven to have anti inflammatory properties which makes the scar tissue fade faster. Vitamin E present in it, which is an antioxidant, is also known for speeding up the healing process 

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6. Development of healthier bones and teeth
Eating coconut enables your body to absorb calcium which helps in improving the density of your bones and also keeps your teeth and bones stronger and healthier.

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7. Clean and youthful skin
Drinking coconut water not only helps in keeping your skin hydrated, adds the required moisture and gives you a flawless, glowing skin. Applying coconut oil on your skin will give you the same results.


8. Beautiful Shiny Hair
Drinking Coconut water or applying its oil to your scalp can do wonders to your mane. It not only adds shine and luster to your hair, but also helps in making them stronger and healthier !!

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9. Flushes the toxins out
Coconut helps in flushing out the toxins out of your system and thus giving you a healthy, clean and a youthful body. Its antioxidants properties helps purifying your skin and makes you look younger.

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These are a few reasons why you should start having more and more of coconut in your daily life. It’s a gift of nature for a healthy and beautiful you and you should be grateful for it. Happy World Coconut Day 🙂

Written by our intern : Avni Mehta


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Refreshing ‘Wonder Drink’ for Hot Summers!

This summer to beat the heat just sip refreshing coconut water to rehydrate your body naturally. The juicy water from a tender, green, healthy, and undamaged coconut, is one of the nature’s most refreshing drinks consumed  for its nutritious and health benefits. It not only acts as a natural diuretic for your heart, liver and kidney disorders but also washes out toxins from your skin and body.

And the best part is there are no known side effects !!

The liquid inside a young coconut is plentiful, sweet, and nourishing.


  • Dehydration: Coconut water is a very refreshing drink, especially during summers to beat tropical summer thirst and replenish hydration levels in the body.
  • Diarrhea: Coconut water has been generally offered to patients with diarrhea. Coconut water contains a very good amount of electrolyte potassium.
  • Digestion: Coconut water helps in digestion and metabolism. It is also an immunity booster.
  • Urinary disorders: The coconut water is helpful in curing problems of urinary disorders.
  • Toxins: Drinking coconut water washes out toxins from human body. It acts as a natural diuretic in heart, liver and kidney disorders.
  • Kidney stones: Coconut water helps in eliminating kidney stones.
  • Virus: Helps your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
  • Cancer: Helps keep the pH balance in check, thereby reducing the risk of cancer
  • Cardiovascular health: According to researchers, people with high blood pressure usually have low potassium levels. Therefore, drinking coconut water can be quite effective at regulating blood pressure. Coconut water can help in maintaining good cardiovascular health.
  • Weight Loss: Coconut water is a natural electrolyte and isotonic beverage which help increase the body’s metabolism. Therefore, it can greatly help people who are struggling with weight issues.
  • Cholera: Tender coconut water is very useful in cholera. Give eight to 12 ounces of coconut water mixed with a teaspoonful of fresh limejuice to the patient.

Coconut Water for Skin

  • Coconut water fades off pimple marks. Dab on a cotton ball and use it three times a day.
  • For people suffering from chicken pox drinking and dabbing coconut water on the boils offers relief.
  • Coconut water is used as a natural medicine to re-hydrate the body and to have a glowing and flawless skin
  • If you have blackheads and other types of acne then you can also use coconut water as a mask. If you don’t want the coconut water to rest on your face then you can simply wash your face with it.
Best of all, it is:
  • 99% fat free
  • Cholesterol and gluten free
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Rich in antioxidants, potassium and B-group vitamins
  • Safe for children and pregnant/breast feeding women

Use a strong, sharp knife to whack off the top of the coconut, poke a hole in the top, and insert a straw. You’ll be surprised at just how much thirst-quenching, delightfully sweet liquid is inside.