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Things every brother and sister can relate to-Happy Rakshabandhan!

There’s no better bond than of a brother and sister who have grown up together with lots of fights and being each other’s partner in crime. Every year on this auspicious occasion sister ties a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist and he vows to protect her from all adversity.

This festival celebrates the bond of siblings that holds a special place in our heart despite all the fights. But, are we celebrating it the right way or just carrying on the old tradition?

Happy Rakshabandhan

Over the years we have been fighting over the patriarchy and making this world a gender-neutral place, so how can we celebrate this festival that goes against the will of women empowerment. Through this festival, we are setting an example for our children of how women will always need a man’s protection. Raksha Bandhan needs to move on from the old age tradition to a non-patriarchal and gender-neutral way.

Happy Rakshabandhan

This year tie a rakhi on your sister’s wrist and the two of you can take a vow to love each other & have each other’s back and can exchange gifts between the two.

Happy Rakshabandhan

Let’s make this festival a celebration of sibling love!

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This Rakshabandhan pamper her with the makeover!

The festival of eternal love, care and promise is here and not to miss this is also an occasion to brainstorm with a little thought about the unique gift to your sister. The love and affection between brother and sister are universal. Their bond is considered pure and unconditional but yes, the receiving and giving of gifts can not be ignored at all.

From a dress to the book, to take her out on a dinner or for a movie all this you ‘ve done several times before. But that’s not an excuse to escape 🙂

Presenting a unique Gift to your sister can be the best way to make things jolly. Although it can be a challenging task and we have got you covered.

This Rakshabandhan pamper her with the makeover and get an appointment for her in her favourite Sizzlin Scizzors Salon where she can get eyebrows, waxing, haircuts, hair treatment, makeup, body spa or body treatment or any other services she wants.

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The chilled-out atmosphere makes for a session of pure relaxation for your sister— a place where you’re sure she will feel relaxed and in good hands.

DSCF6816 copyDSCF6762 copy

Buy her a Rakhi Gift Card by Sizzlin Scizzors:

1. Gift Card Worth 1100/- INR: Avail services worth 1400/- INR

2. Gift Card Worth 2100/- INR: Avail services worth 2700/- INR

3. Gift Card Worth 5100/- INR: Avail services worth 6200/- INR

Gift cards can be redeemed till 31st August. Get it soon!

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Gift her what she loves!

Just pamper her with a makeover from Sizzlin Scizzors this Rakhi!

Location- Plot no. 16, Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar
Contact Details –  0141 491 7006
Timings- 9 am- 9 pm
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9 Perks of having a brother

Brothers are so annoying and dominating. They’re always fighting over something or the other. Be it over the TV channel, for sitting in the passenger seat or over that last piece of chocolate. It’s so difficult to tolerate them. But then, you really can’t live without them. Can you? If one of you moves out of the city, you know you are going to miss not only the fights but also those cute little moments that you both have shared. So we’ve listed out a few things that make us grateful to have them as our brother.

1.  Permission Problem? Solved

Want to go out for that party with your friends but your parents won’t allow? That’s when your brother steps in and convinces your parents to let you go. “Aaj Aaj jaane do papa, time pe aa jayegi !!”


  1. Secret Keeper

There are times when you have so much going on in your life and you are not able to share it with anyone. But somehow your brother manages to get it out of your system. Be it your boyfriend problem, career problem or maybe some problem at school, he’s always there to listen. And it’s an unspoken pact “Kisi ko mat batana” because it’s something between just the two of you.


  1. Movie Buddies

He’s the perfect movie buddy. You watch lame movies together, dance around like retards, laugh your ass off and still not get judged for it.


  1. Is some guy bothering you?  *Bhaiiii*  

Have you ever been stalked by a guy? Your bhai is the first person with whom you’ll be sharing it with. And your work is done. Now it’s his duty to keep that stalker far, far away from you.


  1. Late night snack party

He’ll never say no to a midnight treat. Maggie, Bread n Bhujiya , Ice Creams,  these are our all time favorite midnight snacks. But the only problem is ‘Kitchen se kaun layega?’


  1. Wearing his long t-shirts and hoodies

One of the perks of having a brother, be it elder or younger, is that after a point of time you can wear his long t-shirts and hoodies and he won’t stop cribbing about it, which makes us want to do it all the more.  😉


  1. Gadget Guru

In some of our cases, the only reason we know anything about gadgets is because of our brothers. Want to buy a new phone, laptop, hard disk or be it anything? You’ll ask your brother even before you Google it.


  1. “How dare you say that about my brother?”

You consider it your birth right to call him donkey, monkey and all sorts of names but the moment a third person starts insulting your brother, the person has to run for his life. After all, you’re the only one who’s allowed to insult your brother and no one else.


  1. Getting jealous of his friends.

Admit it, we’ve all been jealous of our brother’s friends because we’re not the only one with whom he shares his feelings, thoughts or secrets. We learn to accept this fact that we’re not his only friend, but it does hurt. After all, sharing your best friend isn’t easy.


So this is for all the brothers out there. We might not say it often, but we love you. Happy Rakshabandhan!  😀

Written by our intern : Avni Mehta