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Witnessing vintage wheels is nothing short of an experience!

For some of us, cars are probably just vehicles that take us to our desired destination every day, but today, it was different as Jaipur was charmed with the glorious tale of Vintage cars.

Narrating a legacy which just couldn’t be ignored, the motive force in the mission to uphold quaint old cars, Rajputana Automotive Sports Car Club enamoured the Pink City of Jaipur with historical and exotic cars from the past, all at one place for display at the 18th Vintage and Classic Car Rally 2016 at Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. Organized in association with the Department of Tourism, Rajasthan, the two days’ event brought together the aristocratic car collectors and owners in Jaipur. The 18th Vintage and Classic Cars Rally is an annual event which takes place in the capital city of Rajasthan having participation of iconic cars that dates back to the early century. Sparkling bright in their full glory, the Royal and Vintage Cars in Jaipur was a feast for the eyes of the common people.

With more than 100 participants, the Vintage and Classic Car exhibition was inaugurated for display by Hon’ble Minister of Public Works Department & Transport, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Yunus Khan at Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur.

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The car present at the exhibition are Austin, Chevrolet, Didge, Mercedes, Morris, Studebaker, Cadillac, Jaguar, MG TC, Rolls Royce, Buick, Rover, Humber and many more, the list is endless.

Let’s take a glimpse of the 18th Vintage Car Exhibition held at Jai Mahal Palace today-














Wait.. It’s not over! A truly enchanting day awaits as tomorrow all these Vintage queens will be on Jaipur roads. Witness the cheerful fête between vintage and heritage

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4th Raj Car Rally for visually challenged persons on 24th March!


Raj Car Rally with visually challenged persons has now become an annual event in Jaipur that contribute towards raising awareness about the abilities of the persons with disabilities.

In association with Team Jaipur, Himalayan Motorsports and Eye Bank Society, each year a Motorsport rally is being organised with a difference; where blind and visually impaired navigators will direct sighted drivers around the bustling streets of Jaipur.

This becomes a unique car rally in which the sighted driver virtually becomes “blind” and his blind navigator becomes “sighted”. Driving instructions will only be given in Braille, so it is up to the navigators to ensure the drivers know when to speed up, slow down, turn the right way and ensure their team crossed the finish line.

Picture:Third Raj Car Rally
Picture:Third Raj Car Rally

This rally works on the format called Time Distance and Speed (TDS format). The tulip chart (driving instructions chart) is given in Braille which a sighted person cannot read. So the blind navigator reads out the instructions on the speed, directions, etc which guides the car through the streets of city to the finish.

The rally will not only help in showcasing the potentials of the visually impaired persons and their talents but also demonstrate the solidarity from the citizens of Jaipur. 

This year 50 plus cars are participating  and the Technical support of the Rally will be provided by Himalyan Motor Sports Club 

The rally will starts  from Jai Club at 9.00 AM on 24th March, 2013 and will ends at Vatika Town Ship on Ajmer Road.

Scrutiny will be done on 23rd at Ashok Club form 9.30 AM onwards.


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Glory of Vintage and Classic Cars in Jaipur

15th Edition of Vintage and Classic Car Rally kicks off today at Jai Mahal Palace Jaipur. The rally was organized by Rajputana Automotive and Sports Car Club in association with Government of Rajasthan, Tourism Department. This two day event was inaugurated by Honorable Governor Smt. Margaret Alva followed by the flag off ceremony on 3rd March 2013 by the Chief Guest in Hotel Clarks Amer.


To make this a fun packed Saturday, Jaipur Beat visited this vintage ramp to witness some of the iconic automobiles and to praise the owners who have strive for years to maintain the glory and dignity of their vintage queens and will undoubtedly continue in years to come. Vintage Cars are the old cars which were manufactured by the auto industry and later on is preserved and maintained by the car aficionados.


The cars which are the main highlights of this event are 1923 Austin 7 Chummy, a 1956 Thunderbird and a 1941 Packard that happened to be the first AC car and the list is endless. We were thrilled by the classic curves of vintage queens which were enough to take a deep sigh of desire.


The glory and the royalty at Jai Mahal Palace were witnessed by number of people today. It was really a privilege and an opportunity to witness the engineering and designing of that era under one roof. Participants from Kanpur, Chandigarh, Mumbai and other place showcased their rare collections during the event.


The highlights of the show are 1947 MG-TD, 1959 Daimler SP250, 1954 Baby Hindustan, 1931 Chrysler, 1935 Buick 90 Series etc



The Vintage and Classic Car Rally in Jaipur has developed a sense of enthusiasm in those who are crazy behind car rallies. It is a matter of pride and honor to welcome the participants across the country. This activity has become an annual event due to its increasing importance especially in the city of royal i.e. Jaipur. This Vintage and Classic Car Rally is surely a treat to eyes and ensures to evoke a desire to get one 😉