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“The GT Road”- A 2600 km Gastronomical Journey in Jaipur

At times, a simple road trip to nowhere is the solution to overcome every problem. Well, we are taking you on a new journey and to the new destination that introduces us to new ways of celebrating- The GT Road. Here, we’re talking about a new restaurant which has been recently launched in Jaipur with a very novel concept, based on a 2600 km long highway known as ‘The Grand Trunk Road’. The Grand Trunk Road is considered one of Asia’s longest roads ever constructed in the era of Sher Shah Suri. As The GT road starts from Chittagong, Bangladesh and ends at Kabul, Afghanistan, the restaurant offers specialities of all those cities that are covered by GT Road. Isn’t it, interesting?

the gt road1.jpg

The exciting part is that it genuinely makes you relive the bygone era that it is based upon. Let us give you an insight of this beautiful gastronomical journey

As you enter, there is an eye-catching Victorian century’s polished Rolls Royce to welcome you. Inside the restaurant, the charm of the antique shotguns, rifles, and other artefacts like utensils give you a sneak peek into the chronicles of the old days.

rolly royce.jpg

Moving on, let us take a look at the food.

This place is one of Jaipur’s rare live food counter providers. There is barbeque available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The options here vary from Aatishti Paneer Tikka of Panipat, Mughfali Aloo Masala Tikki of Ambala to Panch Puran Kumbh of Amritsar, Chilli Potato of China Town Kolkata in vegetarian section and in non vegetarian there is lehsooni Murg Tikka, Burra Kabab, Gilafi Mutton Seekh of Lahore to Macchi ka tikka of Kolkata to satiate your taste buds. And that’s not it, there is a separate chaat counter for all the chaat lovers. The chaat options vary from Dahi Bhalle, Papdi Chaat to Raj Kachori, Palak Patta Chaat.


chaat corner

But wait, don’t overindulge as there’s still more to come in the buffet and later in desserts, cause we know you would not want to miss anything ☺

The buffet options here are selective and will change after every 15 days (YAYY!). The beautifully laid buffet counter with metal utensils preserving the age-old charm undoubtedly creates the traditional warmth in the atmosphere. On the buffet counter, in vegetarian from Dal Makhani of Amritsar, Kadi pakoda of Jalandhar, Pindi chole of Rawalpindi to the garlic noodles from China Town of Kolkata and Biryani of Allahabad.  There was a whole variety of Non-veg delights- Aloo Gosht from Lahore, Murg Makkanwala from Kabul, Machar Jhol, Murg Masala of Delhi to Murg Dum Biryani of Lahore to Baluchi Gosht Biryani of Kabul.


non-veg main coursemain course

No doubt, the food is well researched and well crafted. Even basic ingredients and recipes are paid attention to. The chef told us that a recipe as simple as Sirka Pyaaz has been researched and brought from Ludhiana. For desserts, there are tiny portions available so that you can easily try all of them even after an almost full stomach. As a matter of fact, the chefs themselves have visited cities like Delhi, Panipat, Kolkata, Kanpur, Aurangabad, Varanasi etc. in order to bring authenticity to the meals.

dessertsdesserts 2

The restaurant also has a full bar offering a good range of cocktails.

The pleasant music, antique décor sets the perfect mood for indulging into a food journey covering 2600 km long Grand Trunk road. The delectable Barbeque and Buffet’ is what makes The G T Road so special amongst food connoisseurs.

So, the next time you feel or wish to go for a road oops food trip, you know where to head to ☺

Bon Appetit!


The GT Road, Mango Hotel

Govind Marg, Saket Colony, Jaipur



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Molly Moo-Now In Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

We never hesitate to appreciate and showcase our love to the food joints that serve us delicious and literally jaw-dropping food. But these days our demands for Ice Creams and desserts have risen and to satiate the sugary pleasures, we are always there to welcome new Ice Cream Café or dessert parlour in the city. Jaipur Beat believes it is our responsibility to let Jaipurites know about such relishing and worth money-spending franchises in town.

So this month, after receiving immense love from the people in C-scheme in a very short span of time, Molly Moo, an ice-cream parlour has opened its new franchise in Vaishali Nagar.

Molly Moo- outdoor ambience.JPG

The ambience of the ice-cream parlour is elementary yet appealing. The outside fence gives the feel of entering into an actual dairy farm. The simple wooden furniture and not so crafty lights make it subtle and simple. There are two separate seating areas indoor and outdoor for those who simply wish to sit in an open space and enjoy the weather.

Molly Moo-ambience.JPG

The ice-cream parlour received a great response from the people of the town on its first day. “We expect an even more high number of walk-ins in future”, said one of the brothers who own the place, Mr Ashish Sangwan. This is what made the Jaipur Beat team rush to the place and do a tasting session for its audience.

Asked on how is the parlour different from other parlours in Jaipur, Mr Ashish replied, “We have an extremely wide range of flavours, some of which are not available anywhere in Jaipur”. Molly Moo has a set of extremely fresh, eggless and natural ice-creams. The unparalleled quality would make you scream in joy. They are genuinely extremely toothsome and delightful. From ice-creams, sorbets to parfaits and waffles, and ice-cream rolls, they have it all in store for their customers.

Molly Moo-waffle.JPG

Molly Moo- candy bar

Molly moo ice-cream

If you visit the place, do try our favourite Chocolate Bourbon Whiskey, Red Wine Cheese Cake, Pineapple, and Lemon Cheesecake and the Jamun sorbet.  And we bet that the single scoop of delicious ice-cream will make you feel good instantly! Speaking of their heavenly taste, do not forget to try their signature Belgian Waffles! 

The best part, however, is that they have low sugar and protein ice-creams too. It is because of this, now you can drool over ice-creams and at the same time stay healthy.

Molly Moo- different flavours

Furthermore, Jaipur Beat asked Mr Ashish why he preferred joining the Molly Moo venture instead of any other older established and successful venture. To which he said, “It is because I fell in love with ice-creams since the inception of the brand”.

The location is undeniably easy to find. Not only has that, the fact that it is situated in a decent locality, makes it even greater. The desserts here are assuredly amazing and worth a try.

Address—Molly Moo Ice Cream Café

180, Amrapali Marg

Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Picture Credit– Kratika Jain

Content Credit– Neha Mantri

Edited by team Jaipur Beat

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Indulge In The Weekend Buffet At JW Marriott, Jaipur

Who doesn’t dream of a luxurious, peaceful, relaxing weekend with some serious eating goals? After trying Sunday brunches in cafe and restaurants, it’s time that we explore something more indulging.  A new entry to the city’s offbeat weekend destination, we got a chance to spend a day in the calm ambience away from the hustle bustle of the city life at JW Marriott, Jaipur.


Right from the grand palatial entrance to the way of your resting place or even the restaurant, everything draws inspiration from the city it now hails to. Like the grand getaway to the vast arches, it also has a vast menu on its weekend buffet.


We were lucky enough to be a part of their weekend buffet launch and got a chance to savour some of the finest artistic meals from their menu. Especially and focusing mainly on international cuisine – it had an array of dishes to satiate your weekend hunger and vibes. Appetizers are a must to begin with a 3-4 course meal. From shrimps to salmons for non-vegetarians to stuffed tomato and vegetable salads for vegetarians, the menu looked just too way colourful and so did it taste.


To start from salads rich with some best quality of cheese especially imported from Italy to a large number of assorted bread it was indeed confirmed that you will not stay starved.


Drawing a little inspiration from the western world food – it had all types of meat to settle the non-vegetarian cravings. But not to forget the little specially done vegetarian dishes with some extra cheese were definitely not to be missed.


But being in the princely state of Rajasthan how can one miss out to its very own Dal Baati Churma and some Laal Maas. Well, they didn’t. A live station to satiate the dragon from China, they served some hot and spicy fried rice and noodles.


After eating a lot from this, we still had to make our way to the dessert collection. Presented with finesse, were some really mouthwatering and jaw-dropping desserts and we couldn’t simply keep ourselves from gorging into some. The Classic Millie Feuille done in several layers or the Eclairs, Mocha Pot for the coffee lovers and the Blood Orange Parfait were some outstanding ones.


But don’t worry they also had something for all those sugar conscious people – the Raspberry and Coconut Pannacotta and some specially made sugar free ice creams.


So if you haven’t yet planned what to do this weekend get going to this place and binge into the weekend buffet specially crafted for you all.

Happy eating!



Kitchens of India Meet Streets of Italy at ongoing Food Festival ‘Go Indiano’ in Jaipur

What happens when two of the most popular and loved cuisines come together ? It’s a gourmet’s paradise ! And this paradise is currently finding its abode at The Lalit Jaipur with its ongoing food festival – Go Indiano.

One of the top luxurious 5 star hotels – The Lalit Jaipur is hosting a food festival with a menu that has inhaled the spices from kitchens of India and picked some flavors from streets of Italy to put them all together in a way never done before. You must all have had paneer on a pizza, and love it, but this menu at Go Indiano goes beyond the cliches and fuses together the most eccentric veggies of both countries to create dishes you would yearn to give a try.

Pumpkin Canneloni with Makhani Sauce

When Jaipur Beat had a word with Executive Chef Lenin Sreedharan, his expertise in Italian cuisine could be tasted in his knowledge of ingredients and spirit to experiment by mixing the most unusual vegetables, fruits, sauces and the like to form the menu of Go Indiano.
The recipes were as interesting to hear about as they were while eating. One of them was ‘Bharwan Kumb‘ – Kumb meaning mushroom stuffed with spinach ricotta and mushroom soil, fried artichoke & parmesan fondue.

Our favorite among all these was the Uttapam Lasagne ! It has layers of Uttapam because ‘Lasagne’ means layers of pasta sheets mixed with sauces, here it were the Uttapam layers topped with curry leaf pesto, loaded with cheese and served with the tri-color sauces.

The menu is a concoction of flavors of all parts of India i.e. East, West, North, South blended with those of Italy therefore giving your tongue a tour of both countries. With interesting choices like Kadai Paneer Pizza, Spaghetti with Almond Paste, Parmesan Creme Brulee (A mix of sweet & savory), the menu of Go Indiano is a well-thought and quite a daring one when it comes to experimental cuisine.

After a whole-hearty full meal, it’s time to entertain your sweet tooth, but there is no place for a simple & usual dessert in the dictionary of Go Indiano ! So last but not the least, the most creative dish of the menu – Tea-Ra-Misu was served. The popular coffee-flavoured Italian custard dessert – Tiramisu is made at The Lalit Jaipur with strong Masala tea flavors – just like an Indian likes it. Chai flavored dessert, what else could you ask for ?

The food festival is on only for 5 more days. So this week, don’t just go Indian or Italiano, Go Indiano  😀


Go Indiano Food Festival
Date –
18th August – 27th August, 2017
Time – 7 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
Venue – 24/7 Multi Cuisine All Day Dining, The Lalit Jaipur
Pocket Pinch – Starting at Rs. 425 plus taxes