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Diwali: Then Vs Now

Nostalgia is a beautifully relaxing feeling. Every time we think of the good old days, they leave our faces with a chipper yearning grin. Now is the time for Diwali, we want to take you back into the good old days – we want to make you smile, enjoy and laugh. We want to remind you of how celebrating Diwali with family was as compared to what it is now. So, let’s reminisce the memorable moments and see how amusingly life has changed, and how adulting has changed us:

Freedom to eat- 

Then: Literally gorging on every other mithai.

Now: No more sweets please for me! I am on the Keto Diet.

sweets at holi

Celebrating with family

Then: Looking like a family straight outta Hum Saath Saath Hain.

Now: Trying to juggle between marriage/work/college life and family life.

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Enjoying Holidays

Then: At least 10 days holiday from school.

Now: Getting barely 3 days holiday at work.



Bursting crackers

Then: Bursting crackers till 2:00 am.

Now: Realising we were unaware of the environmental damage it did and shifting to No crackers wali Diwali.


Receiving gifts 

Then: Receiving lots of chocolates and sweets from all the uncles, aunties and padosies.

Now: Worrying about giving gifts to everyone!


100 metres away from Rangoli rule

Then: “Do not play near the rangoli!”

Now: “Rangoli banane mein madat karna zara”


No-makeup rule

Then: Dreaming of wearing mom’s makeup.

Now: Wearing your own collection!


No tension of cooking snacks and decorations

Then: Playing in the streets.

Now: “Beta baazar jaakar 2 kilo gende ke phool le aa!” or Let’s do some decorations


Buying earthen diyas

Then: Buying earthen diyas and decorating them at home.

Now:  Buying readymade fancy diyas. Who has got that much time?



Visiting family and friends

Then: Being dragged to others’ homes by mom and dad for Diwali Milan

Now: Sending WhatsApp wishes.



Times may have changed but we still cheer up when it’s Diwali time while fondly cherishing some old memories.

Tag your family and remind them of your beautiful festive journey! 😀


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Explore This Wonderful Poolside Place for your Diwali Party in Jaipur – Devraj Niwas

October + Diwali = Our favorite time of the year. The changing weather, nip in the air, smell of the leaves and a hope for life getting better from here on, makes this time even more special. Well, one more thing that it does is awaken the party animals in us and thus begins the Diwali special celebrations cum parties with relatives, friends and loved ones. However, such special events need a venue that adds to their appeal and we have zeroed upon Jaipur’s premier boutique hotel, Devraj Niwas as the ideal place for your Diwali parties this year !

The hotel’s banquet and poolside have the right kind of vibes for all your celebrations. The poolside of Devraj Niwas gives that aesthetic touch, you so love. Calm blue water, twinkling fairy-lights, lush green garden and music of your choice- all these create the ambiance conducive to a gala event. If you wish for an indoor party, the hotel has a charming banquet hall, perfect for intimate gatherings.

diwali party at devraj niwas jaipur (2)

When you celebrate with Devraj Niwas, you don’t need to worry about finding accommodation for your guests. There are 21 elegant rooms at the hotel that your guests would love to stay at. The rooms are not only tastefully designed, they have all the comforts for a great stay. Each room has its own private sit-out in the shade of verdant trees. The hotel’s polite staff makes the experience more memorable.

diwali party at devraj niwas jaipur (3)

Food is the most important part of any party and this hotel more than takes care of it as it has two well-known restaurants of Jaipur- The Forresta Kitchen and Bar & Jai’pour Café and Bar. These places serve the most appetizing fare and your party will be served with exquisite delicacies that you and your guests would love to gorge on. A variety of drinks including all the popular cocktails and mocktails are served at the hotel so be assured that your bash will have plenty of drinks too.

diwali party at devraj niwas jaipur (4)

diwali party at devraj niwas jaipur (5)

Devraj Niwas is that venue which has everything a host and guests want. When you are getting everything at one place, there’s no need to look for another party spot. We recommend that you pick this hotel for an unforgettable Diwali party.

Contact- Devraj Niwas

Near Moti Mahal Cinema, Khasa Kothi Crossing, Jaipur – 302016 INDIA

Telefax: (+91) 2200550, 2200660 ,9001277333

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8 Places In Jaipur You Must Visit To See Diwali Lighting

Diwali is just 2 days away and we know you are busy with cleaning, shopping, getting houses renovated/painted, or organizing Diwali parties 😉 In this busy schedule of yours, pause for a second and think what makes Diwali so special. New clothes, a nip in the air, the faint smell of crackers, noise and excitement all around, and …lights !! We all light up our houses on Diwali in different ways, but every city has its own way of lighting itself up every year. Among all these cities, Jaipur shines in a way that it feels like it’s truly welcoming Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile and dancing in joy and festivity. So let’s look at few places in Jaipur that you must not miss to see this Diwali 🙂

  1. Johri Bazaar

    Johri bazaar, the market that is famous all over the world for its scintillating jewellery, especially made and found in Jaipur, is seen gleaming with lights on Diwali.


  2. World Trade Park

    Not a newbie anymore, World Trade Park stands as one of the most posh places in Jaipur to shop, eat, watch movies, hang out and what not. However, it comes as no surprise that WTP wraps itself in the spirits of Diwali in its own elite and glittering way.


  3. Trimurti Circle

    The circle dedicated to the martyrs of police force, is decorated subtly with flowers and is not to be missed as it is one of the most famous landmarks of pink city.


  4. Motisons Jewellers

    Having one of the fanciest buildings in Jaipur, Motisons Jewellers leave no stone unturned when it comes to the festival of lights. Just like their gorgeous jewellery and interesting building, their Diwali lighting also stands out and makes a lot of heads turn !


  5. Amer fort

    Although Amer fort is well lit all year round and stands as a symbol of pride and history in Jaipur, it oozes a different level of aura altogether on Diwali with its yellow sandstone shining brighter and looking like a golden castle in pink city.


    6. Raja ParkAn always crowded area of Jaipur, because of its versatility as it has the power to provide anything to a person ranging from a basic panipuri to a perfect wedding dress, Raja Park gives the feel of a beaming street lit on the festival of Diwali.


    7. Albert Hall Museum

    The State museum of Rajasthan is lit in all the colors that one can only wish to see in a rainbow and even the pigeons that love to rest here are compelled to sit down and admire this exquisite architecture.


    8. GT Bazaar

    The gem of Malviya Nagar for all the foodies and shopaholics, GT Bazaar is lit up and glowing like a thousand stars are falling from the sky to bless the earth this Diwali.

    So keep all things aside, and take out some time to soak into the actual essence of Diwali – the festival of lights 🙂


Festive Season in Jaipur – A tale of Nostalgia !


The season of festivals is already here; the happiness is in the air! The weather is pleasant enough with mild showers allowing you to switch off your air conditioner for some time. No doubt, the month of October brings a much welcome change not to just the weather, but also our lives.  Starting from observing Navratre to Dussehra , Karva Chauth and Diwali celebrations, this is going to be the time when Jaipur gets transformed into the one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

How delightfully we remember cherishing old times when during Navratre, a visit to Shila Mata temple at Amer fort to take her blessings for the happiness and well being was an obvious ritual followed by one and all.

We still ponder about the long disorganized queues we had to take to reach the Amer temple. But over the time, all this was so effectively controlled by administration and today going to the temple is such a comfortable experience allowing us to watch religious faiths and fêtes from very close corners.

When festivals knock your door, the first thing you do is run to shop ! Also, after a long pause of ‘Shraad’ when shopping is considered inauspicious, this season brings a sigh of relief to all the shopaholics and the ones who truly need it. Much before the introduction of “Mall Culture” and the ‘Big Online Sales’, the biggest shopping festival that used to happen in Jaipur was “Jayanti Bazaar Shopping Carnival” where huge set of people used to shop for electronics. Then happened ‘A Touch of Class Exhibition’ a shopping fair at Amroodon Ka Bagh where all and sundry can pamper themselves with fancy shopping.

Coming to the social side of the season, Raas Garba that was predominantly an affair of Gujarat slowly immersed in Jaipur’s own ethnicity. The craze has gone so far now that all open lawns/grounds have converted into Garba ground. One could see the vibrancy and euphoria when men & women of all ages and groups gracefully move on the beats of music in honor of Goddess Durga. No doubt, Jaipur airs beauty and splendor at this time.

We still remember the dramatic representation of Ramayan during Ram Leela in each and every corner of the city with loud speakers on and that aroma of ‘Baad Ki Bhuni Moongfali’.  Who can forget the long wait for the Chief Guest so that Ram ji can conquer Raavan at the Adarsh Nagar Ramleela ground followed by amazing firework show?

Jaipur’s night view has its own charm since times immemorial. Every year on Choti Diwali/Roop Chaudas, we are excited for a late night drive in the walled city to see the Diwali decorations, even if it means being stuck in traffic jams for hours, it is always worth the hassle.  Keeping alive that tradition, decorations at few new buildings such as World Trade Park and Motisons are the added attractions that we have started fancying over the years.


Alas! The only thing that has not changed is the wait for ‘Diwali Milan’ or ‘Diwali get-together’ where we catch up with all our friends and relatives over a taash game, chitchat, leg-pulling while enjoying the feast.

So guys, best of the year is right here 🙂