food joints in Jaipur

7 All Time Favorite Food Joints In Jaipur

Be it scorching summer, blooming spring or any time of the year, you’ll always see Jaipur eatery shops flooded with people. We take you around some of the best food outlets/joints where you can find the best of the snacks not bothering how hygienic and healthy it is. 1)      Rawat Mishthan Bhandar Garam-garam pyaaz ki […]


Get The True Mumbhai Feel In Jaipur !

Mumbai street food is famous not only in Maharashtra but throughout the country. Who doesn’t love a plate of hot and spicy Vada Pav along with some Cutting Chai ?? So put on your shoes and dash out of the door to reach Jaipur’s newly opened street eatery at Raja Park, ‘Mumbhai Express’. If you […]


Quench your thirst at Lassiwala

Ah! What if you been to Jaipur and not tasted its famous Lassi, Lassiwale ki Lassi. The Lassi wali ki shop at MI Road is the oldest and famous Lassi shops of the city. “The Lassiwala”  Kishanlal Govind Narayan Agarwal  at Panch Batti Chowk, MI Road is a well known face here or say an institution in Jaipur. He […]