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A New Sensational Resto Bar and Lounge in The Town | Jaipur Beat

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Valentines’ Day is right here and you’re still unsure of your plans? Well, we got you sorted as we have something new to introduce. Yes, another Booz hub in the town!

Jaipur’s coolest city bar BEERLICIOUS needs no introduction and is one place that has never left you disappointed. It has got one more address now- Beerlicious CentralBeerlicious Central at Okay Plus Tower, MI Road.

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We can’t wait to cover this newly opened Beer Lounge and share it with you all beer lovers. Here we go!

Comforting Ambience

Offering a contemporary feel and quite soothing and welcoming vibe this place feels like somewhere you can think to plan to spend some rocking time with your gang. It has indoor seating, outdoor seating and rooftop with a spectacular view of the Pink City and revolving tower at the front.

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Rooftop of Beerlicious

Well, the interiors of the place have been done very tastefully and designed in an enduring way that brings in expertise and makes you comfortable at the same time.

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The wooden wall of the indoor area has a quirky beer frame and the other side gives you the view of the outside area. The outdoor area gives a pleasant view and captures the essentials of the Pink city and is mystical at night adding up to your happy hour.

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Savoury Dishes

They have quite an interesting menu that covers up everything from Indian fusion, Continental, Italian, Pan Asian Starters and what not. They even have Continental Mexican Italian from around the world from which we tried Chicken Roulade and believe us it was damn good. It had chicken rolled with cheese, spinach, mashed potatoes served with garlic sauce.

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Chicken Roulade

Tagliatelle Polo Fungi Pasta is another dish we tried which was creamy enough to make you fall in love with it in the first bite. For those who don’t know tagliatelle is pasta variety which was cooked with mushrooms in a cream sauce served with garlic bread.

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Tagliatelle Polo Fungi Pasta

And lastly, we had Egg Benedict which is an American breakfast that consists of eggs, English muffin and hollandaise sauce. All in all, we liked all the three dishes and so we are pretty sure their rest of the menu must be delicious too. We have to leave some stuff for our next visit too 🙂

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Egg Benedict

So people here’s another addition to the top resto-bars in Jaipur that looks promising in food, party and great hospitality. Go ahead and treat yourself to fusion food, crazy drinks, good music and the most romantic view.

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Call your gang along to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in an all-new Beerlicious Central and make it a weekend to remember.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

If you have been to this place already or planning it soon, do share your reviews with us!

Opening Hours- 4pm- 2pm

Location- Beerlicious Central

10th Floor, Okay Plus Tower, MI Road


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Home Cafe by Mr. Beans – The pioneer of cafe culture in Jaipur City

If we rewind the timeline of Jaipur almost 13 years back, we will find that the pink city has already had a rendezvous with its first café, Mr. Beans. No doubt that in a very short while, Mr. Beans became the most famous place for young generation to hang out with friends while munching on their favorite snacks and having great coffee. Fast Forward to 2017 Mr. Beans has converted itself into Home Café by Mr. Beans, a full-fledged diner where along with an amazing Tea Parlor and mouth watering snacks you can also have a full meal if you choose to.



Very recently Home Café by Mr. Beans introduced a winter menu to their list and Jaipur Beat got a chance to be a part of the tasting session for the same. Now we couldn’t be happier as we at Jaipur Beat are big foodies however we got even happier once we reached Home Café and saw the menu, as some of the most delicious dishes were mentioned on the menu and we couldn’t just wait for it to start.

As if somebody just heard our tummies talking, we were immediately served with very delicious carrot and ginger soup and what next the appetizer did its job and we became hungrier to binge on all the delicacies that were coming our way.


Among the starters we were served with amazing Gouda Chilli Jam Crostini, Grilled Chicken Sausages, the oh so delicious Baked brie Parcel and truffle wedges. Winters or no winters, we could munch on these amazing dishes in every whether.


The starters were then followed by scrumptious main course. Now, there are only two moments when your heart skips a beat one is when you see pizza coming your way and second is when you see pizza coming your way…we mean nothing else can ever make you feel so happy then Pizza. In our case, Pizza is Bae, stands true. So, when the classic Pizza Margherita was served, everybody had their eyes on it and we bet you that Home Café by Mr. Beans is one of the finest places to have it in the city. Along with it we got to taste Funghi & Cheese Ravioli, Herbed Risotto with Cherry Tomato and Basil, Grilled Rosemary & Thyme Chicken with Ramekin Eggs.


By the time we finished our main course everyone realized that we had eaten more than we could. Nobody seemed to regret that because as soon as we were asked for desserts everybody was ready to taste their Belgian Waffles served with honey and cream and not to forget the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Yes and unfortunately there was an end to eating after that but not before we tasted their amazing Organic rose Tea. The best end one could have ever imagined.


By the time you come to this section of the blog we are sure most of you must have already rushed out to visit Home café to munch on their new dishes and indulge yourself in the most sought after luxury called food. For those of you who haven’t please do so if you do not wish to miss out on one of the best cafes in Jaipur.




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Jai’pour Café & Bar – A new rooftop in Pink City

The denizens of Jaipur, who have always wanted to spend their winter vacations at an exotic foreign location, have been granted their wish. The recently opened Café and Bar, Jai’pour at Devraj Niwas is here to the rescue all pink city dwellers, who have long been looking out for the perfect place to spend their winter evenings. Jai’pour brings Greece to the pink city with its charming blue & white interiors that transport you to the transcontinental nation of Europe and since we heard so much about this place, Jaipur Beat decided to give it a visit.


As we entered this fascinating café, located on the rooftop of Forresta Kitchen & Bar, its ambiance left us charmed. The white seating covered in blue covers and cushions across the café were in a beautiful contrast with fresh bougainvillea plants. It will not be wrong to say that it was a well spent late evening under the starlit sky.


Another amazing element in their perfect setting was this beautiful, cosy and spacious enough to accommodate a whole gang swing that made all of us go crazy about this place. What better then swinging along with your friends while playing a tic tac toe game with a Vodka twist.


All we can say to those who wish to spend some quality evenings with friends and family, enjoying some mouth watering delicacies and having their favorite drinks; Jai’pour is the place to be. While binging on their wood burn pizza, kebab platter and delicious Tacos all we were thinking was when can we come back to visit this place again.


Now we all know that there are these places that we go to for a drink and then there are some that we go to have a nice meal and people are always divided on where to go when. To our pleasure, Jai’pour Café & Bar, turns out to be a place that doesn’t only serve you the best food in town but brings in amazing options for the drink lovers of the city. Imagine having your favorite drink in a Chuski, well if you are done imagining you can now go to Jai’pour and have it for real. Not only that, their alcohol Buntas were equally amazing and not to forget their amazing cocktails that left us all wanting for more. It is because of these blissful drinks that the café is named thus (Jai’pour is derived from the name of our city and pour indicates towards amazing drinks by the café).


This new Café’ & Bar is one of a kind place that has something or the other to offer to everybody. Whether you are a food lover or somebody who is on a look out for a perfect ambiance to spend good time with friends or somebody who just wants to enjoy a drink, Jai’pour lets no one down.


Going to Jai’pour is not just about hanging out it is all about experience, an experience that delights you, pampers you and leaves you wanting for some more. With this we believe that the search to your next hangout ends right here.


Jaipour Cafe & Bar, Devraj Niwas, Near Moti Mahal cinema, 

Khasa Kothi Crossing Jaipur, India.
Mob. +91-90012 77666

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Jaipur’s Famous Pandit Pav Bhaaji

You say Pav Bhaaji, I say Pandit Pav Bhaji!

No matter where you come from, no matter where you live; if you are in Jaipur and want to have the best pav bhaaji that is being served in the city, Pandit Pav Bhaaji in front of Birla Mandir is the name that you’ll get to hear from a true Jaipurite. A place that needs no introduction, it is a true paradise for all the foodies and especially pav bhaaji fanatics. 😉
The love of spices, mouth watering Bhaaji and the finger licking buttery pav served with the zest of sizzling hot chutney and lemon are only a few of the major reasons that attracts people to hang out at this amazing food joint.
IMGA0443 (1)
What can be better than hanging out with your friends or loved ones outside the beautiful Birla Mandir and having the time of your life enjoying the most heavenly pav bhaaji of Jaipur? A bingo combination of a perfect location and amazing food, Pandit Pav Bhaaji has it all. Something a true foodie and pav bhaaji maniac would never be able to resist! 😉
Started with the love and passion of serving people in Mumbai, Pandit Pav Bhaaji was able to create magic in Jaipur as well and has been doing it since the last 25 years. Bringing all the generations together, it has been a hub for family outings, selfie corner for friends and a joint to bring lovers together.
IMGA0452 (2)
Whether it is hot sunday afternoon of May – June, or pleasant evening in the month of October, the streets of Jaipur are flooded with tourists from all across the world. Nothing will be able to stop you from visiting this food joint and you cannot leave the place without having a bite. 😉 Believe us, once you have a bite you will not be able to leave before having the entire plate full of the divine pav bhaaji of Jaipur.
One of the major reasons behind the success of Pandit Pav Bhaaji apart from the irresistible pav bhaaji, is the love with which it’s prepared and served from morning till evening to every single Jaipurite. And this is something that will compel you to visit the joint again and again 🙂
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Review: Ramganj Restaurant, Jaipur

After team Jaipur Beat got an invite from the Ramganj restaurant to review their eponymously named eatery after the classic area of the Pink City extremely famous for its non-vegetarian food, we were really looking forward to a delicious dinner. Except for Sundays, when they also open for lunch, Ramganj serves dinner from 7:00 pm till 11:00 pm every day.


As we arrived, we were welcome by their staff dressed in pathani suits, and in the background was playing qawwali music. That quite set groove for us, before we proceed to the menu. The furnishings and cutlery are quite basic, and the major emphasis is on the quality and flavour of the food.

They serve chicken and mutton recipes, in flavours of Stew, Korma and Nahri. The names reminded us of old-and-famous dishes of the Ramganj area restaurants, like Kallu and Samrat! We ordered mutton stew and chicken korma, which they serve with breads. Since one of our team-mates was a vegetarian, we ordered a cottage-cheese (paneer) sabzi and egg curry on the side. The food was sumptuous, especially the mutton stew. Mutton preparation is a tricky culinary exercise, and very few chefs do it well; Ramganj’s chef is certainly one of them!


If you are not averse to extremely rich desi-ghee preparations, then Ramganj certainly makes a pocket-friendly and delicious non-vegetarian visit. A modest yet themed ambiance, an excellent accessible location, and living-up-to its name recipes has earned it a go-again tag from us!

Food score: 4/5

Over-all (includes ambiance, concept, service, value-for-money) score: 3/5


@Barista, opposite LBS College Raja Park, Jaipur 9887009990